Subsistence as Freedom

The Democrats' political endgame requires citizens to accept subsistence as the new definition of freedom. Democrats created a political and socioeconomic system where citizens are divided into racial, social, and economic classes. Democrats concoct government programs, sold under the guise of compassion and equality, to an unwitting but fully complicit populace addicted to handouts, freebies, and benefits paid for by the sweat and equity of others. Welcome to the 21st-century definition of freedom according to the Democrats.

The United States was founded upon an ideal that each person is free to pursue his dreams to the best of his abilities without coercion from the government. What each person chooses to do with his or her time, physical or intellectual abilities, etc. was solely determined by the individual. Some people succeeded, while others floundered or failed. This was the 18th-century definition of freedom. Nobody expected the federal government to bail him out; provide welfare, retirement, or health care; or intrude upon his individual rights and liberties. I'm confident that Virginia statesman Patrick Henry never said "Give me liberty, or give me health care."

The United States of America was known throughout the world as the land of freedom in which to prosper, where immigrants came to worship and speak freely, assemble and congregate with people of their own choosing, to choose their course in life and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The freedom to achieve prosperity is the reason why immigrants came to the United States. To overcome religious or political persecution and to overcome intrusive government regulations and laws, immigrants risked their lives and possessions to escape to the land of prosperity. Immigrants were not assured anything more than a chance to prosper. No guarantees. No government-provided benefits or welfare. Not only did immigrants accept the risk, but they were grateful for the opportunity.

Freedom and liberty require individual sacrifice and responsibility. Government power and control directly correlate to individual responsibility. As government increases power and control over the citizenry, there is a corresponding decrease in personal responsibility resulting in less liberty, freedom, and variety. Prosperity diminishes while subservience grows.

Recently, President Obama personally appealed to "the Democratic base" consisting of blacks, Latinos, women, and young voters. On MSNBC, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine confirmed that Democrats' plan to retain power is an appeal to the base referenced by Obama. Democrats, led by Obama and Kaine, are compartmentalizing Americans by race, gender, and age. President Obama's demagoguery does not unite Americans -- it divides them. 

Furthermore, Democrats tailor messages to disenfranchised groups explaining why each is not successful in America. The rich people have all the money and take advantage of the poor. Businesses are greedy and driven by profit motives. White people are trying to keep the black man down. There are numerous permutations on this theme.

Ultimately, every variation of the Democrats' message is premised upon removing personal responsibility from the equation and shifting blame elsewhere. Naturally, people feel better when they have someone else to blame for their station in life. It is easier and more convenient to blame a white person or a rich person for your problems than it is to accept personal responsibility for your decisions. Author Erica Jong once said "Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame." 

Next, the Democrats dangle the carrot.  Democrats create government programs to provide the appearance of being compassionate towards some disenfranchised group. A woman or girl gets pregnant, and Democrats want to fund programs that promote or perform abortions. A person wants a mortgage, and Democrats create programs to loan money to people that cannot afford a mortgage payment. A person is unemployed -- extend unemployment "benefits" indefinitely, and if unemployment ends, don't fret. The Democrats don't expect you to find a job; instead, Democrats extend unemployment checks longer and longer. Not to worry -- if anything goes wrong in your life, the Democrats are there to help you. In exchange, a person simply needs to continue to vote for Democrats. And for those special, truly motivated people who want to promote Democratic causes, join a group like ACORN, become a tenured university professor, or join the mainstream media.

Democrats and their lapdog media continue to promote the idea that government-provided "benefits" are a right and that government goodies are free. Why stop there? Where's my health insurance? Presto, the Democrats step up to the plate and create a new entitlement program where everyone has health insurance. "More goodies for free, more goodies for me" is the recipient's siren song. The recipient mistakenly believes that subsistence is freedom and liberty. Instead, the recipient is dependent on the government for the basic life necessities, just as a heroin addict is dependent on a pusher for a fix.

To ensure future success, Democrats create new voters by destroying the public education system. Democrats and union bosses have controlled the education system in America for decades. Increase spending, same results. Increase teacher pay, same results. Increase union control, same results. Implement a successful school voucher program in D.C.; Democrats terminate the school voucher program. Dropout rates for minorities at inner city schools are as bad as or worse than they were forty years ago. If Democrats continue to fail minorities and their children, then why do minorities continue to vote Democrats into office? 

A person relieved of all personal responsibility and willing to submit to the government for basic necessities will never prosper and forever be stuck in mediocrity. No chance at success. No chance at failure. He simply subsists as a ward of the government. 

The trade-off proposed by Democrats requires a person to give up liberty for security, prosperity for subservience, opportunity for mediocrity, and personal responsibility for government benevolence. By all appearances, getting something for nothing is a good deal. But be forewarned: The Democrats are offering a raw deal.