Jihadi Echoes Obama

If you close your eyes and listen to Zarein Ahmedzay, the jihadist convicted Friday for his role in unleashing a bomb in the New York City subway system on the anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic jihad attacks on America, you would here disturbing echoes of the policy of Barack Obama and his dhimmi administration: "I strongly urge the American people to stop supporting the war against Islam. And this will be in their own interest. ... The real enemy of this country are the ones destroying the country from within ... I believe it's a special group, Zionist Jews, who want a permanent shadow government." Obama hasn't spoken about "Zionist Jews," but the underlying sentiments are similar.

Ahmedzay's narrative reflects Obama's policy on Islamic jihad. He urges America to stop defending herself against the global jihad. Like Obama and his silly Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Obama suggests that fighting jihad will only...create jihad. And as for all the jihadi attacks before Iraq and Afghanistan operations, well...that's irrelevant, an inconvenient truth. The left never lets logic and evidence get in the way of its anti-American narrative.

The day this New York subway jihad bomb plot was foiled, Obama was in New York addressing the United Nations. His speech was about the greatest threat facing mankind today: global warming. I kid you not. He said on that occasion, "We are determined to act. And we will meet our responsibility to future generations." He said that a failure to address the threat could lead to an "irreversible catastrophe." Time, he said, is "running out," but "we can reverse" the problem. "If things go business-as-usual, we will not live; we will die," he said. "Our country will not exist." He told us that it wouldn't be easy, but "I am here today to say that difficulty is no excuse for complacency. Unease is no excuse for inaction."

All that would have been true if he had been referring to the jihad against the United States. But his only response to that is to give the jihadis whatever they want.

Obama's strategy in dealing with Islam is summed up by a single word that is the very definition of Islam -- submission. His cover-up of the Islamic motivation and other aspects of the Fort Hood jihad massacre, the largest attack on a military base on American history, will go down in history as the most blatant act of subversion ever committed by a president of the United States.

And Friday, just as Obama points to Israel as the problem, an Islamic jihadist who wanted to commit mass murder with weapons of mass destruction in New York blamed the "Zionist Jews" as well. No jihadist rant is complete without full-on Islamic Jew-hatred. Ahmedzay  stood up in court and said, "Your Honor, I would like to quote from the Qur'an." Then he quoted the passage of the Qur'an that Muslims use to justify suicide bombing: "Quote, Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their wealth for the price of Paradise, to fight in the way of Allah, to kill and get killed. It is a promise binding on the truth in the Torah, the Gospel and the Qur'an. End of quote."

It isn't really in the Torah or Gospel at all, but it is in the Qur'an: the promise of Paradise to those who "fight in the way of Allah" and "kill and get killed." And Ahmedzay did more projecting, too: When he said that he believed that "Zionist Jews" want to establish "a permanent shadow government within the government of the United States of America," it sounded as if he were describing the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood at the senior levels of all branches of the U.S. government.

Nine years after 9/11, the image of the wrecked Pentagon has become iconic and metaphorical. After the Fort Hood report and the disinvite of Franklin Graham to the Pentagon at the demand of the un-indicted co-conspirator, Hamas-tied hate sponsor CAIR, the unforgettable image of the Pentagon destroyed by Muslims is quite fitting.

As for Zarein Ahmedzay, fifty years ago, this plotter to overthrow the American government would be put to death. And he should be. But he won't be.

Not in Barack Obama's America.

Pamela Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs website and former associate publisher of the New York Observer. She is the author of The Post-American Presidency (coming July 27 from Simon & Schuster).
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