Fatal Thinking

The conventional thinking around the Beltway and its perimeter is that we still have time to address Iran's nukes. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, however, said Wednesday that "the Zionist regime and its backers" (that means the U.S. -- apparently he hasn't been keeping up with Obama's harassment of Israel) "cannot do a damn thing" to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

Obama is too busy stealing from working people, from the private sector, and from our children in order to fund his socialist revolution to be concerned with national security. National security is just so last century. The individual built; the collectivist dismantles.

The idea of watered-down sanctions is completely useless. Obama is saying something, anything, simply for the sake of saying something, anything. Obama is prepared to live with a nuclear Iran. Would Obama have accepted a nuclear Nazi Germany?

Back in 2007, George W. Bush was for all intents and purposes cut off at the knees. Whatever plan he may have had for de-nuking the brutal jihadist regime in Iran was all but scuttled when the National Intelligence Estimate issued a fallacious report on Iran's cessation of their nuclear program. It was a thinly veiled attempt to change the direction on how we were going to handle Iran's nukes. And it clearly succeeded.

That was an end-run around the Bush administration, and it easily provided the much-needed excuse to everyone on the security council, the EU3 (France, Germany, and the U.K.), the Democrats, and everyone who had been loath to take any action on the development of Iran's nuclear weapons. And of course, the New York Times and the left-wing media hungrily devoured the bait.

It was treachery at the highest levels of government -- an attempt that had stalled until their man seized power. Back in January 2008, I warned of this treachery and predicted that Obama, if elected, would betray our ally Israel. And now here we are.

The people of this great nation did not elect the foreign officers at the Office of the Director on National Intelligence -- un-American, disloyal, and seditious as they are -- but these officers have imposed their foreign policy agenda on this country. It was, in fact, a coup on the White House. There should be no permanent diplomatic institution, even at the federal level. They're too readily converted into bastions for America's enemies.

And now we have the CIA finally admitting Iran's nuclear capacity. The CIA's annual report to Congress says, "Iran continues to develop a range of capabilities that could be applied to producing nuclear weapons, if a decision is made to do so."

Most people know this and shrug. The left loves to repeat the mantra that we can't be sure -- that after all, we got the intel wrong in Iraq. But I say, so what? Saddam Hussein was removed. The threat of his despotic regime was destroyed.

And now we are taking the opposite approach. Inaction based on bad intel is a deadly formula.

Iran's nukes are not just Israel's problem. They are the non-Muslim world's problem. It is the world's complicity with Islamic barbarism that catapults the Jewish issue to the fore because of the fierce Jew-hatred that is commanded in Islam. But the hate and the prescribed conquest that Islam mandates is against all infidels and non-believers -- and these teachings are devoutly followed by the mullahcracy in Iran, which promises to attain that conquest.

Even the godless cannot escape this religious war declared on the world by Islam. The fact is, this is a values issue. Right and wrong. Good and evil. And what side you are on in the war between the civilized man and the savage speaks volumes about your character, your credibility, and your morality. The well-developed obfuscations used by the haters of good -- words like nuanced, gray area, complicated -- are tools to confuse and confound lazy thinkers. On this issue, the opposing sides could not be more clear. Yes, there is a very definite good and a very definite evil. If national self-interest converges with what is good, so much the better. But at the end of the day, if your national self-interest aligns itself with evil, then your country is on a one-way trip to nowhere. History is proof of that.

Americans know this. Time and time again they have demonstrated their support for Israel (invariably, Americans support free men), even if their political leaders have not.

The clock is ticking on Iran's nuclear program. Must we wait for the catastrophe?
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