Chris Matthews and the Jews


Everywhere, there are Jews. They have penetrated the highest ranks of government, control vast swaths of the economy, and bend nations to their demonic will. But not to worry: Chris Matthews is on the case.

The host of "Hardball with Chris Matthews" on radical-left MSNBC has become a modern-day Paul Revere. But instead of the British, he gallops each weekday into a few (very few, with first-quarter ratings down 46% compared to last year) homes and warns the nation of the threat of this international circumcision cult that wants to serve up a heaping helping of world domination along with its bagels and lox.

One if by land, Jew if by sea. Welcome to the world of Chris Matthews. Oy.

As one writer for the radical Nation approvingly put it, Matthews demonstrates "nearly every night" his understanding of the threat posed by "socially- and politically-empowered hawkish Jews" to the United States. Matthews is a protégé of former president Jimmy Carter (notorious for blaming the Jews for everything from his failed presidency to elder abuse) and friend of MSNBC commentator Pat Buchanan, who blames "U.S. Jewry" for such varied perversions as Hillary Clinton and anal sex in Hollywood.

Both are good friends and frequent guests on his show, as is Rep. Jim Moran, the Virginia Democrat who is not shy about sharing his nuanced view of the cause of America's ills: The Jews did it, the Jews are doing it, and the Jews will continue to do it until stopped. In a public letter in the Beliefnet website owned by the Washington Post, former New York City mayor Ed Koch accused this "good friend" Chris Matthews of peddling "anti-Semitic blood libels."

Matthews has long used his television platform to spotlight the danger to the United States posed by Israel and American Jews who actively conspire against the country. Call it "The Protocols of Chris Matthews," or, perhaps, "The Protocols of the Elders of MSNBC." Rid us of Israel, rid us of Jews, and Pandora will return to its pre-kosher bliss.

He plays the same role on behalf of the Democratic Party that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion played more than a century ago for the Russian empire. This set of anti-Semitic documents was put together by a Russian government that hoped to blame Jews for the growing unrest it faced at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The problem, of course, was not Jews; rather, it was a Russian elite that acquired power and wealth by stealing from its citizens. In other words, we're talking early-day versions of Obama and Pelosi, in fur-lined hats and Coronation Herald boots, squeezing the rubles out of every Tom, Dick, and Ivan.

And now, a century later, Chris Matthews does the same thing for Democratic and media elites, attacking those with Jewish-sounding names who are behind Republican opposition, Tea Parties, and Sarah Palin. Especially Sarah Palin, she of the Israeli flag in her office and the Israel lapel pin that shouts "dual loyalty," a theme of Matthews.

Matthews hates Palin with a passion aroused, in part, by her admiration of the pluck, character, and accomplishments of Israel. Jews, she puts Jews first, he screams...but only because she is ignorant and illiterate, an "empty" head filled by Jewish conservatives with pro-Israel poison on those policy cruises hosted by conservative media.

Why, all those "neocons" with Jewish names, doing the bidding of the Israel Lobby and conservative media. You can't fool Matthews: He knows -- knows, I tell you -- that the Palins are always there with their nets when the gefilte fish are running in Bristol Bay off the coast of Alaska.

For Matthews, Jews are behind the growing dissatisfaction with Democratic leadership. This is never more evident than during the frequent appearances on "Hardball" by his former boss, Jimmy Carter. They are not so much interviews as dances, two longtime friends secure in the knowledge that there is no such thing as failure -- only more or less Jewish influence.

The Washington Post has described Jimmy Carter as a failed former president who "trivializes the murder of Israelis" and speaks in "anti-Semitic stereotypes." An American Thinker commentator described Carter as a "Jew-hater" who often expresses "that ugly old [a]nti-Semitic stereotype that the Jews control the media, Congress, and the U.S. Foreign policy." 

But for Matthews, Jimmy Carter is a hero who got a "raw deal" largely because he spoke truth to power -- Jewish power. And so the Jews and Israel went after him, destroying his presidency and reputation. Now, Matthews says, Israel is doing the same to Obama, going after him because he is trying to break its stranglehold on the world and "because he is black."

National Review's Jonah Goldberg has described Matthews's obsession with Jews as the "staple trope" of someone "who talks about Jews in the [Bush] administration the way Tailgunner Joe talked about Communists in the State Department." Thomas Lifson, publisher of American Thinker, is more to the point, calling the Matthews description of Israel "nauseating."

 Jews are everywhere, into everything. A LexisNexis search of MSNBC transcripts shows, as far back as 2002, Matthews was complaining to Pat Buchanan about a Bush White House speechwriting office "infested with neo-conservatives" (i.e., Jews) who were doing the bidding of the Israeli government. And, just as they put words in the mouth of Bush, Israel is now forcing Iran to arm itself while disloyal American Jews make it impossible for President Obama to pursue the interests of real Americans.

Yes, Matthews's "good friend" Jim Moran is right: The Jews are "extraordinarily powerful" and use their wealth to "control [American] policy." This nation needs more legislators like the Virginia congressman, which is why Matthews has donated to his campaign and enthusiastically praises him as a "regular guy" standing up to the Star of David.  

And so it goes -- Matthews blithely spouting his inside-the-beltway refinement of the anti-Semitism that riddled the British aristocracy of the 1930s, emboldened Hitler in his slaughter of European Jews, and plunged the world into a brutal war with Nazi Germany.  

He laughs uproariously at the notion that Iran wants to exterminate Israel and the Jews. No, this wonderful nation, this awesome culture, is a victim...of the Jews. Give the ayatollahs what they want -- rid them of the Jewish threat, and the world will be a wonderful place.

It is not too hard to envision Chris Matthews on the "Hardball" set the day Iran launches its first nuclear weapon. He faces the camera, forehead red against his blond mop, and screams out the words of the Duke of Wellington on the first day of the Second World War:

"It's all the fault of the anti-appeasers and the f---ing Jews!"

Stuart Schwartz is on the faculty of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.