Obama Is Late to the Party

Somewhere deep down inside, The One We Have Been Waiting For must be disappointed to have arrived at the spending party so late. It's just about over; the ice has melted, the keg of taxpayer-supplied funding is floating, and the public coffers are tapped out.

Each year since 1969, Congress has spent more money than its "income." The Treasury Department has to borrow money to meet Congress's appropriations. The national debt currently increases by $3.89 billion per day and stands at over $12.4 trillion. Each American citizen's share of the debt is over $40,000, and this debt is growing.    

It seems almost impossible for The One to believe that America's revulsion over more spending isn't about him. How could we not recognize how sophisticated, intelligent, or just plain cool he is and end the spending party at the very moment he and his enabler friends arrived with so many ideas for more spending party activities?   

By their statements in the media, it appears clear that The One and his enablers believe that America's rejection of continuing the spending party must be about racism, or anti-government radicalism, or perhaps just astroturf orchestrated by the evil Republican establishment who wants to control the spending party itself. The One and his enablers seem stupefied as to why so many Americans are attempting to thwart all the spending partying they wish to inflict on them; it is incomprehensible to them why Americans want to end the spending party now. 

It is not Americans' fault. Unfortunately, The One arrived at the end of the party; it really has little to do with The One personally. The spending party has been going on for decades; politicians of both major political parties have alternately been drunk at the party. The money keg is empty regardless of whether The One and his enablers arrived thirsty.    

To coin a phrase, the first step is admitting you have a problem. To Americans, the problem is clear: It is about an almost insurmountable debt and deteriorated economic conditions that require austere measures. Clearly it is time for America to cut up the credit cards and end the decades-long spending party. To The One and his enablers, they just want one more social program, year to dispense largesse, or term in power. 

Watching The One during his many spending party preparations, stump speeches, policy speeches, and especially during the recent health care summit theater illustrated the fine line between confidence in his spending party prowess and arrogance over the popularity of his spending party ideas. As an example of The One's arrogance, the nationally televised verbal punk-slapping of the grandfatherly, gray-haired American war hero John McCain by The One simply defies sufficient derogatory comment. The One's arrogant verbal assault was beneath any decent human being. These late arrivers are clearly irritated at the notion of ending the spending party so soon.

As further example of The One's and his enablers' displeasure with the spending party coming to an end, missing from much of the news coverage is the real acronym of the TEA parties -- Taxed Enough Already. The One and his enablers seem to have missed the significance of the "taxed enough already" notion as they busied themselves slandering their fellow citizens with various pejoratives unbecoming of thoughtful adults. "Taxed enough already" directly confronts The One and his big-government spending party plans.

Thankfully, it appears that the American citizen adults have arrived to bring the spending party to an end. Regardless of the din raised by The One and his enablers upon their late arrival, it is time to bring the party to an end, clean up the empty social program cups and leftover pork project snacks, and return the money keg to the Chinese distributor. Unfortunately, we Americans will have many days to suffer the headache of the decades-long party excesses.