Who Lost Iran?

"Who lost China?" was the Republican slogan in the 1950s, after Mao Zedong conquered China and turned it into a Communist tyranny. Jozef Stalin was in power in the Soviet Union at the time and controlled half of Europe. China and Russia were both nuclear-armed tyrannies, and democracy was in retreat all over the world.

The Western Left constantly lied about Communist Imperialism -- to the point where they redefined the very word "imperialism" to exclude any Communist regime. Even today, the Left won't admit that the Soviets and Chinese were running a classic imperialist enterprise. The Western Left enabled Fidel Castro to establish a Communist prison colony in Cuba, and he promptly lobbied Nikita Khrushchev to place nuclear missiles off the coast of Florida.

That slogan"Who lost China?" reminded American voters to elect Ike Eisenhower. As Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, he had unsurpassed experience in national security and international politics. He was a wise and reassuring presence, the right president for the First Nuclear Age.

We are once again threatened by a fast-rising rogue state, run by a totalitarian, suicidal cult soon to be armed with nuclear weapons. The life-or-death question for the coming elections should therefore be: Who lost Iran?

We have to pin that tail on the donkeys who let it happen. The Left is always boasting about their "compassion" and "progressivism" -- and most recently, they are boasting that they are "the educated class," when they have nothing but abysmal ignorance to show. Grandiose boasting and abysmal performance -- whom does that remind you of? It's a shocking sight. But as long as the Left controls the organs of propaganda -- the schools and the media -- it will be an uphill battle to tell the simple truth.

And yet, the Iranian bomb should wake some people up. The only way to stop a nuke is before it goes off, before it's ever made. But "preemption" is a dirty word to the high priests of the media. Pathetic. 

The responsibility of the Left for this looming disaster is undeniable. Who enabled the viciously anti-American Khomeini revolution, right at the height of the Cold War? (Jimmy Carter!) Who allowed the suicide cult of Khomeini to get the biggest weapons of mass destruction ever? (Jimmy! Bill! Barry!) Who radicalized the Democratic Party, so that a once-decent group of mainstream politicians were replaced by radical Lefties? (The Left.) Who constantly sabotaged efforts by sane U.S. presidents -- all Republicans -- to stabilize the Middle East? (Jimmy! Bill! Barry!) Who failed to protect this country against the biggest terror attack ever? (Bill!) And who didn't lift a finger to keep the Khomeini fascists from getting strategic missiles and nukes? (Barry!)

There you have it. Who lost Iran? The Left. The Left has constantly sabotaged U.S. defenses, always agitating to expose the civilized world to nuclear terror. Who blocked anti-missile defenses in Poland and Czechoslovakia? (Yes.) If ever the world has been led by a suicide cult, this is it.

Bush and Cheney were trying to stop the two dangerous powers in the Gulf: Saddam and Iran. As a direct result, George W. Bush was bruised and bloodied for two terms. The Left -- Carter, Clinton and Obama -- go out of their way to surrender to Islamic fascism whenever they can. Obama just appointed a Muslim Brotherhood agitator to be his ambassador to the Organization of Islamic States.

At some point we're no longer looking at stupidity and ignorance on the Left, but rather at real malevolence, a real desire to destroy this country and civilized life. When you see the same people always driving the school bus into the same marsh, over and over again, you have to finally realize they are really acting out of destructive hatred. And that is how they sound on their "progressive" websites: They are filled with rage and hatred. These are just not normally constructive people.

These people destroy real science when they can. It is the Left that undermined and hounded respectable climate scientists to drive through own their mad green agenda by corruption, intimidation, and indeed, by conspiring to sell a Big Lie to the world.  They've done that ever since Stalin and Karl Marx himself, who also pretended to be "scientific" when peddling his millenarian fantasy-world to ignorant and brainwashed people. These people lack simple honesty, ordinary decency, and even good intentions. Why else do you suppose Kevin Jennings was appointed "School Safety Czar" by Obama? It wasn't to make the schools safer. On the contrary. Whatever they think their intentions might be, these people are very perverse. They celebrate perversity.

When -- not if -- Ahmadinejad gets his fingers on the nuclear button, it is our responsibility to pin that tail on the donkeys. The media will scream and Blame Bush for Iranian nukes. We have to tell the truth and ensure that it is never forgotten.

Who allowed the most dangerous suicide cult in the world to get nukes?


Who built up the Khomeini cult in the first place?


Who sabotaged American defenses against terror strikes?


Who are you going to vote for in 2012?

...wait for the answer...

Once that nuke goes off, Americans must come to their senses.

Obama is not the Messiah. He's more like the Prince of Darkness.
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