The Left Will Try to Split the Conservative Vote

When Bill Clinton was facing a risky 1992 election for president, Ross Perot appeared from nowhere to split the GOP vote, and Clinton got elected. Was there funny business behind the scenes? We may never know. We do know by now that Clinton and Perot apparently had long telephone conversations that were not revealed at the time. We also know that Ross Perot had huge federal contracts for his basic business and that Clinton learned the political game in Arkansas. Clinton won with a minority of the popular vote. We don't know for sure, but we do know the outcome: Bonnie and Clyde running the White House. I believe that Clinton's neglect and foreign policy masochism led straight to 9/11 (just like similar stories with Obama and Jimmy Carter).

When Obama ran against Hillary in 2008, it seems that ACORN and Obama's union activists swamped the caucus states -- easy enough, since caucuses are tiny meetings that can swing a whole state. A few hundred buses from Chicago filled with ACORN and SEIU thugs could have made all the difference. Certainly Hillary-supporters have said that the caucuses were kidnapped by Chicago activists.

When John McCain ran for the GOP nomination last time, he was opposed by younger, more attractive, and much more vigorous candidates who would have made a stronger run against Obama. Romney might have won the televised debates against Obama, for example, because Obama is miserably ill-informed. He is completely superficial, and Romney's substance might have beaten his slick hustler act. Obama might have made one of his famous bloopers right on TV.

But the liberal media have always supported John McCain, and they went all-out to discredit Mitt Romney, using completely indecent attacks on his Mormon religion. So they split the GOP vote as much as possible, knowing that McCain was getting very old, that he loved to play to the liberals, and that he is surrounded by liberals in his life and in his campaign. Supporting McCain was a win-win for the Left: If Obama got in, they would have the most radical Leftist in office in American history. If he didn't, they would have McCain the pushover as president.

It's hard to imagine that McCain and his people didn't know all that, and that they deliberately, if tacitly, worked with the New York Times and the Washington Post to beat out other GOP candidates.

See a pattern? If they can't win honestly, the Left is happy to split the conservative vote by hook or by crook. They do it all the time.

The election of 2012 is bound to see exactly the same shenanigans. Maybe we are seeing them already. I'll bet that we are.

The CPAC conference ended with a straw vote for Ron Paul, who has no mainstream GOP or conservative support, but whose followers were well-organized. Paul, a man of the fringe, suddenly became a subject of attention on the MSM as a serious man.

Ross Perot, anybody?

Look for the dinosaur media to play up third-party talk for any possible leader of an effort to splinter the GOP vote.

Warning: We are bound to see shenanigans as the Desperate Democrats try to cling to power in November of 2010 and 2012. It will happen. All the big liberal media will be in on it, and they will lie and smear GOP candidates, starting with the ones who look the most like Ronald Reagan.

We will not find out for sure when it's happening. It will be hidden and covered up. The New Media have to keep a sharp eye on people trying to infiltrate conservative groups.

Bottom line: You will have to use your smarts to figure out what might be happening. The key is always the liberal media trashing and trying to split the conservative majority in this country. If you see that, you can bet there's a splitting plot afoot. If you see any big, "popular," media-driven movement for Ron Paul or another no-win candidate, follow your intuition. If a Ross Perot pops up, don't fall for the scammer with the gigantic federal contracts.

The Left will try and try and try to split conservative and GOP voters.

Stay alert. Expect it to happen, because it always does.

Reagan's Eleventh Commandment was "Never speak ill of a fellow Republican." Reagan met exactly the same power play, with the liberal media supporting Rockefeller Republicans. But Reagan did not think that an open fight would help conservatism, because it was bound to be exploited by the Left. Reagan was willing to let the people decide.

Don't believe anything the liberal media tell you during the election. They will try to drive a stake through your heart.

They are one hundred percent bound to try. Watch out for it, and don't fall into their sucker trap.