Obama's Stone Age

Another radical step for Obama, another giant step backward for mankind.

Obama is ending a NASA project to return astronauts to the moon. The White House's proposed budget ends funding for the Constellation program, which would have put a man on the moon again by 2020. CBS News reported: "On its Web site, the White House Budget Office says the program to send astronauts to the moon is behind schedule, over budget and overall less important than other space investments."

Less important than what?

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden gave the answer Tuesday, when he revealed that Obama had asked him to "find ways to reach out to dominantly Muslim countries."

"We really like Indonesia," explained Bolden, "because the State Department, the Department of Education [and] other agencies in the U.S. are reaching out to Indonesia as the largest Muslim nation in the world. We would love to establish partners there."

Trillions are being spent, and no one is sure what exactly we are getting for it. The global warming junk science hoax is one of the big winners of government largess, despite the daily revelations that reinforce that it is all a hoax, the largest fraud in human history. Despite the increasing evidence and public awareness of this hoax, Barack Obama is working full speed ahead in snowbound Washington, D.C. with his plan to redistribute the West's wealth to third-world nations in an attempt to halt this chimerical "global warming."

Billions for graft and corruption and fraud, but nothing for the future discovery and the progress of mankind.

Meanwhile, the advancement of true science, as represented by NASA's space program, is being shuttered -- and now NASA itself is being redirected to serve Muslim countries.

The observer cannot help survey current events with a mix of shock and awe and terror. The government continues to place an unfathomable debt on the already broken back of a middle-class nation, a debt so immense on its face that it is impossible to pay back.

And for what? American leadership, elected by the people but no longer for the people, has given us over to our enemies under the clever cover of "internationalism." While Obama seeks America's nuclear disarmament, our enemies are building whole nuclear weapons programs. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently announced that Iran is now a "nuclear state," and the mullahs said that they are going to start building ten new nuclear plants. And Obama in response threatens more sanctions, when the existing sanctions are doing nothing to stop or even slow down the Iranians. Even in bizarro-world, does that make any sense? And even if we have nukes to spare, why take such a weakling posture in such a brutal world?

All this while we watch Iran's seventh-century savages, adhering to a bloodthirsty, totalitarian ideology, roll out what even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now admits is a nuclear weapons program. And they do so while threatening to wipe Israel off the map.

Meanwhile, we intend to spend trillions on foreign aid to third-world nations that are led by cruel despots and are no better off despite the billions we have already sent. And nations that received nary a cent but embraced economic freedom (though not political freedom), like China, have taken giant leaps forward.

Have we learned nothing? Are we incapable of advancing a different policy instead of trillions for more of the same policy? Are we not humane? Perhaps exporting the idea of political freedom would do more for oppressed peoples than paying off their dictators?

We ought to heal ourselves before vainly attempting to heal the world.

The left in America has stalled growth, innovation, productivity, and the protection of individual rights at the expense of whatever political fraud they were selling. Big government has been encroaching on our lives for decades now, and with Obama as president, the bottom is falling out. We must act to halt the rapid deterioration, because of government taxation and regulation, of the conditions in which free men produce, invent, and prosper.

Is America irretrievably broken? Perhaps. Perhaps the whole damn thing has to come crashing down about our heads for there to begin a return of the real America.

Pamela Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs website and is former associate publisher of the New York Observer. She is the author (with Robert Spencer) of the forthcoming book The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America (Simon & Schuster).
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