I Have a Dream, Too

Contrary to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream, I am judged harshly by the color of my skin because my opinion is usually not voiced by most voting African-Americans. As a conservative African-American, my views on politics in general, and President Barack Obama in particular, are usually dismissed as an aberration.  

After his first year in office, Obama revealed what many ignored about the content of his character -- even though much of it was evident in his short legislative record and comparatively long community organizing career and radical associations. Obama is all about deception as a disciple of Saul Alinsky rather than a good-faith problem-solver as a disciple of Jesus Christ, despite his profession to be a Christian.

The president favors appeasing Islamic jihadists and apologizing to Muslims worldwide for America's greatness and generosity. He fooled many conservative Evangelicals and Catholics by appearing with Rick Warren. But once in office, he became the "anti-Bush," ironically offering a kinder, gentler approach to Islamic terrorism. He also appointed czars with radical views whose Senate confirmations would have been blocked.  

Obama deserved more scrutiny from the mainstream media than Sarah Palin received since he was running for the most powerful office in the world. And to date, he has provided none of the "hope and change" he promised to the white Americans who wanted to make history and elect an African-American. Nor has Obama kept his promises to the African-American community, who provided him the game-changing South Carolina Democratic primary victory that helped him defeat the formidable Clinton machine.

So how does Obama's election fit with MLK, Jr.'s dream? It's been nightmarish when you review all that's happened in just one year!

Former V.P. Dick Cheney did us all a favor, no matter our political persuasion, by publicly warning that Obama's anti-terrorism policies have made us less safe. His administration renamed the "War on Terror" an "Overseas Contingency Operation," and terrorist acts, "man-caused disasters." The president is adamant about closing Guantánamo Bay prison, calling it a terrorist recruiting tool. But his intention to move prisoners to state penitentiaries has been a nonstarter so far.

The Obama administration initiated reading Miranda rights to enemy combatants on the battlefield and trying foreign-born terrorists in civilian courts. The plan to try Khalid Sheik Muhammad in NY has imploded. 

Obama let stand the omission of Islamic jihadism from the 2009 Homeland Security Council (HSC) report on domestic terrorist threats. Only a few writers have explored the possible connection between this and the fact that Ft. Hood Islamic jihadist shooter Major Hasan played a role on Obama's HSC transition task force.  

Obama wants to criminalize the Bush Administration officials' use of enhanced interrogation tactics, such as waterboarding, and as a consequence, he let our enemies know the extent to which they can train for torture if captured by the U.S. Military. But in exchange for Obama's largess, al-Qaeda took advantage of his "détente" on Christmas Day 2009 and nearly blew to bits almost three hundred Detroit-bound airline passengers.

President Obama's foreign policy positions seem at odds with traditional allies but favorable towards countries and leaders with whom we've had troubled relationships. He reversed course on President Bush's defensive missile shield in Poland on the very day seventy years after the USSR invaded Poland.

He refused to defend the U.S. after Daniel Ortega's anti-American diatribe, and he accepted a book from Hugo Chávez that accused the U.S. of exploiting South America. When Honduran President Zelaya proposed his unconstitutional presidential term-limit extension, Obama supported him instead of the Honduran Supreme Court that rightfully rebuffed him.

When Iranian university students protesting their oppressive government appealed to President Obama for moral support, he belatedly offered them tepid and temporary encouragement. What a stark contrast to John Kennedy's bold declarations in his inauguration speech to support freedom-lovers globally, or Ronald Reagan's ordering Mr. Gorbachev to "tear down this wall" in Berlin.

Domestically, Obama is at odds with African-Americans big time. He allowed D.C.'s successful school voucher program to lapse, which benefited the Teachers' Union but not D.C.'s African-American children. His black voter base in California supported Proposition 8 (which defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman only). Obama, on the other hand, seeks to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Obama's staunch support of Planned Parenthood is baffling since Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist who targeted black neighborhoods, founded that organization.

Claiming to be a Christian, Obama seems to oppose them at every turn. He had the symbols of Jesus for his speech at Georgetown University covered up and opposed the Catholic Church's anti-abortion stance during his speech at Notre Dame.

While the U.S. spent billions to bail out the financial services and auto sectors, Obama ended Bush's prohibition against funding abortions overseas (which, as existing policy, runs counter to Obama's subsequent pledge to Pope Benedict to do all he could to reduce abortions).

Obama's government intrusion into the private sector is unprecedented. He fired GM's CEO and restructured the company to give the UAW, a Democrat ally, a significant ownership stake. Banks were to be government-owned through a plan to convert TARP money into common stock ownership. Now, Obama plans to tax the fifty largest banks to recoup losses anticipated from the bank bailouts. But his ardor for universal health care is most disturbing. Obama was hell-bent on using the Democrats' sixty-vote supermajority in the Senate to ram it down Americans' collective throats. He shut out congressional Republicans from the process of crafting the legislation. But now there are so many versions of the bill that the average American voter doesn't really know if his tax dollars will pay for abortions, or if the government will dictate medical care consultations.

But there is indeed hope.Obama's behavior has produced a powerful backlash, symbolized by the relatively bipartisan Tea Party movement. And there is change. So far, two royal blue states (New Jersey and Massachusetts) replaced Democrats with Republicans as governor and to assume the "Ted Kennedy" Senate seat, respectively. Scott Brown's victory was a godsend because it ended the filibuster-proof Democratic Senate majority and thwarted the Progressive juggernaut that was raging through Congress. Obama lost his cool during his State of the Union address with his unprecedented ambush of the Supreme Court justices in attendance after they struck down portions of the McCain-Feingold Act that previously limited corporations' spending in election campaigns.

So we conservative African-Americans hope that the congressional Republican leadership will become more streetwise when dealing with President Obama. There are too many people who fall prey to smooth talkers like Obama, who charm their way out of trouble. Republican leaders must avoid the "compromises" that would allow Obama's radical policies to become the law of the land and radically alter both the American and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dreams.