The Toothless Visas Viper

After a series of successful and unsuccessful jihad attacks across this great nation, on Christmas Day, the crotch-bomber attempted to explode a bomb hidden in his underwear while landing in Detroit on Northwest Flight 253. And so after months of ignoring the jihad against America and pretending that nothing was happening, Barack Obama sprang into action -- with useless, toothless reform.

In the wake of the Christmas Day bomber's attempted attack, the U.S. Visas Viper terrorist reporting program criteria have been broadened.

The Visas Viper program is used by the Department of State and other national agencies to place on "watch lists" known or suspected international terrorists in both unclassified and classified government lookout systems such as CLASS (Consular Lookout and Support Systems).

So it's a good thing that Obama is broadening the criteria for reporting terrorists in this program, isn't it? Actually, no. Make no mistake: It is not going to help in any way whatsoever. Obama's "tough" new criteria don't let us filter out potential terrorists using minimal profiling criteria.

The vast number of bureaucracies involved already render the "watch list" process a tangled inter-agency web. And it is simply ridiculous how Visas Viper, the main system that we use to try to prevent terrorists from obtaining visas, uses such vague and toothless criteria -- even after Obama's "reform." How vague? How toothless? Under the present system, people who express anti-American sentiments can fly. People who contribute money to identified terror organizations can fly, no problem. People who associate with known terrorists, but have done nothing further to support terrorism, can also fly. Even people who claim to be members of a terrorist organization but have done nothing to further support terrorism can fly.

This is insane. Isn't membership in a terror organization support of terror?

All of this is consistent for Barack Obama. He has blamed Gitmo for Islamic expansionism, appearing to believe that if we bow to our mortal enemy, he will become a friend. Don't upset the Nazis, and they will love us!

Obama has long ignored the onslaught of jihad attacks in America. Close to 40% of the planned and actual Islamic attacks on America post-9/11 took place in Obama's first year.

Back in September, in a breathtaking act of audacity, Obama stood at the podium of the U.N. in New York City, talking about what he thought was the greatest threat to Americans and to future generations: global warming. As he spoke, bomb-sniffing dogs were out in force in New York City. Ray Kelly, the New York City police commissioner, was giving a press conference on the situation. A cell of Islamic jihadis targeting New York City was planning to blow up the transit system, as well as sports stadiums and the sites used for Fashion Week. Self-storage lockers in Queens were being searched for bomb-making materials.

The president spoke of the global warming hoax like a snake oil salesman. He said that "we understand the gravity" of the threat. "We are determined to act. And we will meet our responsibility to future generations." He said that a failure to address the threat could lead to an "irreversible catastrophe." Time, he said, is "running out," but "we can reverse" the problem. "If things go business-as-usual, we will not live, we will die," he said. "Our country will not exist." He told us that it wouldn't be easy, but "I am here today to say that difficulty is no excuse for complacency. Unease is no excuse for inaction." Imagine: He said this while the city was in the throes of jihad terror -- what would have been the worst attack on New York since 9/11.

Yet when Senator Jack Reed said on FOX News Sunday that the Obama administration was better on terrorism than the Bush administration, he wasn't joking.

Only the left can massacre and rape language, render words meaningless, and have their egregious actions left unchallenged.

But they will not forever go unchallenged. The jihad will only get worse. And I predict that when a Muslim gets one off in a mall or an airport, and limbs are flying and babies are dying, that Tea Partiers and Town Hallers will be joined by counter-jihad protests.

They will be protesting the Obama administration's hopeless inaction and impotence in the face of the jihad against our nation.

Pamela Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs website and is former associate publisher of the New York Observer. She is the author (with Robert Spencer) of the forthcoming book The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America (Simon & Schuster).
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