Obama's Suckers

Obama's formula for suckering white folks: Don't make any sudden moves. 

This was usually an effective tactic, because (white) people were satisfied as long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied; they were relieved -- such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn't seem angry all the time.

Bill Clinton often used the actor's trick of suddenly dropping his voice low on TV so you had to listen carefully. This way, you felt  drawn into his voice. It's like those kissing-distance close-ups the TV people like to do for the big rock stars of the Left. On television, Bill's seductive act worked magic with millions of women and gays -- that sudden, lip-biting, voice-cracking Arkansas drawl: "I kay foh yuh, bayyby." If you've been watching Obama this week, you've seen him imitating Clinton imitating Elvis chasing Ann-Margaret.

I had a friend who shook hands with Clinton for about ten seconds at a big airport in 1992. It was a mystical apotheosis for my friend, but probably not for The Great Pretender himself. When I told my friend that Clinton was a cheat and a liar and a scammer, his answer was, "But he loved me." Yes, another teenybopper for Elvis. 

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was attacked as the ugliest politician in the country. It didn't matter. He had a shrill, high-pitched voice, like an old-fashioned country preacher who used to speak in a high wind to a hundred farmers around a horse-drawn wagon. It didn't matter, because the country was tearing itself apart and it needed a leader. People could still tell the difference then.

Lincoln told a lot of painful truths about the evil of slavery and the need to keep the nation whole. Americans followed him through the toughest times, not because he acted seductively to all the suckers watching TV, but because they actually understood what he said. His message vinegar, not honey, but the people knew that he was telling the truth. Americans at that time were adults. They were reluctantly persuaded to vote Republican for the first time in history, knowing that it might lead to civil war. They needed a real leader to bring the country through such a living hell. Six hundred thousand men had died from it by the time Lincoln was shot. Today, we still see bitterness among millions of blacks and some whites from the pus-filled boil that Lincoln was called upon to lance.

So who was a greater president: B. Clinton or A. Lincoln? 

And is Obama really "another Abe Lincoln"?

Give me a break.

Obama is basically Bill Clinton before his hair got gray and he had a heart attack. If you were paying attention in 1992, Bill Clinton was turned into a superhuman rock idol by the floozies of the media, just like Obama. Clinton grew up in Hot Springs, AR, where the Chicago wise guys used to go to play the horses. Clinton's daddy was AWOL, just like Obama's, and Mom liked to play poker and drink. He grew up as a talented con-artist and serial seducer -- the perfect training for a politician who can't bear close examination.

Bill's political mentor was J. William Fulbright (Dixiecrat, AR). Fulbright showed him how to make the Great Identity Change between being a segregationist demagogue and a liberal demagogue. If you hear "Fulbright" today, you think "Fulbright Scholarships," a shining light in the firmament of liberalism. Fulbright was able to remake his image with a lot of help from the media. Clinton learned those tricks, and he showed how to flip the demagogy the other way, to tar white folks in general as racists -- except for the white Democrats who pay off the Black Caucus.

Who says you can't buy divine forgiveness anymore? Harry Reid isn't a racist in the liberal media because he pays the piper. Republicans are racists because they don't. It's the money, honey.

That's the modern Democratic Party: the Dixiecrats of the Left. That's why they keep playing the race card, and now, with the solid support of the media, they also get to play the Gender Card, the Class Card, and the Way-Out Sex Card. The Dixiecrats scapegoated all the blacks, and today the Democrats scapegoat the whites (and the Christians, the conservatives, the heterosexuals, the men, and people who work for a living). A demagogue is still a demagogue. This is called "progress" by the Left. It's exactly the same as the games being played by the Leftists in Europe.

Under Bill and Hillary, the White House became a favor-selling machine, with organized crime and other dubious figures from Macao, Indonesia, and China paying to get into the game. Obama received an amazing amount of untraceable money through his campaign website, and a lot of that could have come from Saudi oilionnaires. If you wonder how NASA could ever be corrupted to the extent that climate-faker James Hansen has become the official ideologue for global warming, all you need to do is look at Bill Clinton's Veep Algore, who helped to "reorganize government" during the Clinton decade. Algore raked in his own Nobel Peace Prize, just like the Bamster did.

Bill = Hillary = Algore = Barack. Arkansas and Tennessee have Southern mobs. Chicago has the biggest mob ever. The Red Corruptocrats have become Green Corruptocrats. Between Bill and Barry, Hillary and Al, we know all we need to know about the Democrats today.

What's the difference between Obama and Clinton? Not much. Obama is better in the soaring rhetoric department because he can make himself believe he is Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. But both men go into seduce-the-suckers mode when they get into trouble.

Right now, Obama knows he's in big trouble, so this week he made a switch from Lenin to Elvis. Obama has described this act as "don't make any sudden moves to scare the white folks." 

We've learned to spot Obama's Comrade Lenin act. Now we need to spot Obama as Elvis. If we can learn that he has two acting styles, we may save the country yet. But don't fall for Obama's new act that yes,"we've made mistakes." Maybe we tried too hard.

Don't count these characters out. They don't change in one week. Obama is just playing a different card. 

Next time you see the Bamster on TV, just think Elvis and Ann-Margaret.