Mother Nature's Sucker-Punch

It could not be more ironic that all the efforts of the world's sophisticates to build Obama up have been brought to naught by Mother Nature, who exposed him for the chump he is. For only a chump could advocate economic suicide to stop global warming while the earth is about to enter a historic arctic snap.

Obama tried this in Copenhagen, where he feverishly pressured the assembled dignitaries to adopt measures that would drive their economies into the ground. Not surprisingly, they said, "thanks, but no thanks." They apparently did not think it was such a good idea to drag their people back into the Stone Age for the sake of a scam. On the other hand, they expressed no objections should Obama try this at home in America.

The arctic gust should blast away whatever is left of that bogus know-it-all mantle the doting media have tried to spin around the man. The truth is that the president has no clothes, and the world is not warming, either. The leaders of rising economic powers perceived this in Copenhagen, and they treated Obama accordingly. In a stinging snub, the Chinese prime minister did not show up for the second of two scheduled meetings with the American president, sending a low-level negotiator instead. When a frantic Obama tried to get an appointment with India's prime minister, he was curtly informed that the premier had (Elvis-like) left the building and was on his way to the airport. These were unprecedented humiliations for a sitting U.S. president. The dissing, however, is not all that surprising, given the president's comedic behavior.

The president indeed deserves a Nobel Prize, but for tomfoolery. It should be presented to him by Al Gore, who is often called a "prophet" by his groupies. Some prophet, he. In January of 2006, he was quoted in the Washington Post as claiming that "humans may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan." A third of the way down Gore's apocalyptic timeline, things are still not getting any warmer. Quite to the contrary, if it continues in this way, by the end of the ten years we will have all frozen to death.

Gore's doomsday claims notwithstanding, data for the latest decade appear to indicate that the world is actually cooling. Let us hope that the trend will not continue, because serious scientists tell us that we are due for another ice age. This is not a pleasant prospect, given that the last time this happened, the permanent ice sheet extended all the way down to New York's Central Park.

Gore's failed prophecies did not prevent him from leveraging his fear-mongering into an immense personal fortune. His antics and stunts easily make him the leading candidate for the title of the greatest scam-artist of all time. One cannot, in fact, think of any other man who has fooled so many people and made so much money from his swindle.

It comes complete with brazen hypocrisy, whereby Gore -- who himself likes to live like a king -- would force others into public transport and socialist-era high-rise buildings. When called on his environmental sins, he piously claimed that he does his penance by purchasing carbon credits. What he did not say is that he bought those credits from the company he himself founded and co-owned. Gore obviously believes that the penance money should stay in the family. By this he has proven wrong that old proverb about not being able to eat one's own cake.

Gore's scam has been so successful because so many people today are affected by the scourge of being oblivious to facts. But as John Adams once said, facts are stubborn things, which is why leftists have always been so eager to falsify them. Warmists are no exception, as evidenced by the now infamous e-mails by those unbiased and conscientious scientists from the University of East Anglia. What they say must be true, of course, since we all know that scientists would never lie.

Besides being a crushing fiasco, the East Anglia scandal has considerable educational value because it shows that scientists are inherently no more trustworthy than judges or politicians. Putting too much trust in experts can, in fact, be rather dangerous, because obtaining scientific imprimatur has become the bread-and-butter play of scammers of all kinds. Today it is virtually impossible to come across a public hoaxer -- regardless of how inane his claims may be -- who does not have a bunch of certified scientists in his tow.

But despite their aptitude for spinning their way out of inconvenient facts, even the most die-hard warmists will have a hard time in the fix presented by the present arctic snap. To them, it must feel like a sucker-punch from Mother Nature herself, because it bites with that knockout question: How can the world be catastrophically overheating when much of it is experiencing historic freeze, snow, and ice?

The warmists will, of course, wheel out their phony scientists and experts to explain it all. The most ingenious will argue that the cold is actually due to global warming. But the facts are just too glaring to be rendered ineffectual. In the end, even the most artful prevarications cannot trump the weight of clear-cut evidence and common sense. Most people know that warm weather does not cause cold weather. To argue that it does is as absurd as to claim that rain causes droughts.

It remains to be seen whether the boreal chill will knock some sense into Al Gore and Barack Obama. Can this frost-stricken planet still hope that these poster boys of the mindless fact-defying left will for once look the truth in the eye? In view of the damage their ill-conceived ideas and policies have already inflicted, it would be the decent thing to do.

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