Massachusetts Earthquake Puts Everything in Play

Scott Brown's stunning electoral victory in Massachusetts yesterday confirms to the world what we have known all along: Patriotism and common sense are alive and well. Real Americans remain a majority in this country, and the massively-funded, corrupt Democrat machine, engorged with our tax dollars, radical billionaire money, and lock-step union support, cannot buy elections even in hardcore Democrat states once the sleeping giant has awoken.

And make no mistake about it: We are wide awake!

The Democrats were certainly hamstrung by choosing an impossibly bad candidate. Martha Coakley made a fool of herself repeatedly, yet through it all carried herself with an astonishing sense of conceited entitlement, seemingly contemptuous of even having to campaign at all. Meanwhile, her campaign took on an air of ugly thuggishness. Two scenes captured on video during this short campaign say it all. Everyone has seen the first one, where a reporter is pushed to the ground by a Coakley supporter while she does nothing to stop it. Remember, she is the Massachusetts attorney general. The second one has received less attention, but is even more telling: a female reporter getting thrown out of a Coakley campaign office with shouts of "Nazi." Someone even used the F-bomb. What class acts!

The real problem is that Coakley's campaign defines what the Democratic Party has become today: arrogant, boorish, incomprehensibly ignorant, and downright thuggish. Former Vermont governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean, for example, reacted to Brown's victory by saying that now Democrats have to get tough and not "deal with Republicans anymore." Stunning. So that's what we've been witnessing all year, with Democrats violating Senate rules, holding closed-door meetings, locking Republicans out of discussions, rejecting outright any Republican proposals, and violating their own promises of "transparency." But they haven't been tough enough. Simply amazing.

Scott Brown's election was certainly about health care. Massachusetts already has its own expensive plan. They don't need or want even more government intrusion. It was also about national security. Brown's own internal polling convinced the campaign that this was true. People feel insecure with this president and his administration, and with good reason.

But it was even more than that. People have had enough. We have had enough of baldfaced lies from Democrats. We have had enough of big spending bills being disingenuously presented as "deficit reducers." We have had enough of massive government programs guaranteed to cripple the economy and lose jobs. We have had enough of an ever more intrusive government attempting to take over every aspect of our daily lives. We have had enough of blatant corruption and the coddling of terrorists. We have had enough of radicals attempting to ram their virulently anti-American agenda down our throats and calling us "domestic terrorists" for objecting.

This election is a game-changer. Make no mistake about it. Not only is the U.S. Senate in play for Republicans in November, but so is the House of Representatives, the state legislatures, and the governors' mansions. Last night, Sarah Palin said to Greta Van Susteren on Fox News that "[w]e just witnessed a wicked political pivot ... This is a tidal wave sweeping the country." She is right.

Now, Republicans have an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. We have seen it time and again, and that is a real danger here. So let me tell you what this victory is not. It is not about getting Republicans a seat at the Democrat table. Let me repeat that.

This election is not about getting Republicans a seat at the Democrat table.

If nothing else has become clear over the past year, Republicans have to have at least realized this: Democrats don't share. Any effort to use this victory to give Republicans a better "negotiating position" on Democrat-sponsored bills will simply make it easier for Democrats to pursue their reckless agenda, except now with "bipartisan" support. Come November, voter contempt for Republicans will be as palpable as it is now for Democrats. Republicans will lose. 

Going along to get along is out. Compromise is out. And if Republicans don't get it, then they will be repeating the mistakes that put them into the minority in the first place.

The reason We the People are in open revolt is because we finally clearly recognize that the entire Democrat agenda is willfully destructive. Republicans need to get this through their heads. We are not merely dealing with a party of "opposing views." We are dealing with an international movement that will destroy our Republic by snatching our freedoms, our wealth, and our independence, with the ultimate goal of, as Barack Obama said, "fundamentally transforming" our constitutional republic into a socialist dictatorship.

Republicans have no excuse to support or even compromise with that agenda. Their job should be preventing Democrats from imposing this nation-wrecking gameplan while convincingly articulating their reasons for doing so and offering superior alternatives.

As for Martha Coakley, good riddance, and don't let the door smack you on the rear on the way out.
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