Mad and Madder

The left is behaving insanely. It's madness. This is well-established. But then there is this:

The chair of the GOP has announced that his party will not win back the House in 2010. Nor is he convinced the GOP is ready to lead. Michael Steele has issued a "call to arms for grassroots America." However, per a CBS News report, there is no listing for Sarah Palin in the index of Steele's new book.

Like the Dems', Steele's grasp of reality appears to be a strange one.

We also know that the major media outlets (save some of the reporting on FOX News) have been propping up the left for a long time. Over the past couple of years, they have eagerly lined up to strip any remaining shred of professional integrity in order to paint Barack Obama as the Savior-in-Chief.

Meanwhile, the enemy is lapping at our shores and infiltrating the fiber of our country.

So where does all this leave us? I mean, besides angry. You know, mad. Very, very mad.

We must turn our outrage into action. We must take our country back from the ground up and the top on down. We must be determined and courageous. We must find ways each day to make an impact. It is no longer enough to raise our children well. It is no longer enough to vote on election day. It will take more than that to save this great nation.

So what can we do?

I offer some humble suggestions to my fellow AT readers and invite everyone to post their own ideas.

  • Create a flier, a letter, or even a simple list that contains key talking points along with a few links to great sites like AT. It doesn't have to be fancy, and it shouldn't be too text-heavy. Have a bunch with you at all times. Keep some in your car. Carry them with you on the train to work. Be prepared to give them out to people you talk to. Help light a fire under them to become more informed and involved.
  • Get involved with tea parties.
  • Consider running for office, including your local school board, city council, and so on.
  • Support good candidates with your money and/or your time.
  • Vote in all primaries to help ensure that we have strong candidates on every ballot.
  • Be a poll worker (works at the polling place) or a poll watcher (helps get out the vote for the party) on Election Day.
  • Write to the media, whether to offer an opposing view or to thank them for coverage you find excellent.
  • Write not only to your elected officials, but to any and all senators about major issues of concern, such as national security. Demand that GOP leaders speak out strongly and loudly on this.
  • Get involved with your local RNC and be an agent of change in the culture.
  • Be a leader in any groups you are a member of. Speak out and help inspire and organize others to do the same.
  • Speak out in your local community, with neighbors and shopkeepers. Our silence does not serve our interests. We cannot allow the left to dictate the conversation -- who gets to speak and what is allowed to be said.
  • Educate those in your place of worship who do not understand what threatens us.
  • Think strategically. In liberal parts of the country, a "RINO" will still be better than a Democrat. And if that's the only choice, support the Republican, even if he or she is not your ideal candidate. A GOP win in a traditionally Democratic district or state is still a step forward, even if not the largest step we wish for.
  • Check out your local bookstore. If they're missing certain books, talk with the manager. If they have talks and readings with authors, check out the list. Make suggestions to fill important gaps. If you're a member of a book club, take a similar approach. Suggest books that members may not typically read.
  • Support sites like AT.

Share your ideas, and let's take action every day. The madness of the left is heading straight for our outrage. As patriots, let's make sure we are prepared.
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