The Prosecution of Rifqa Bary

There is a war of attrition going on in the Rifqa Bary case. Rifqa is the girl who converted from Islam to Christianity and fled from her family in fear for her life -- and the Islamic machine is attempting to grind her down by constant mental abuse. The persecution is so obvious, and yet so mundane that no one seems to take notice. Behold the banality of evil.

Some sources say that a Muslim psychiatrist was assigned to Rifqa after she fled to Florida from her Ohio home. (She has since been returned to Ohio, where she is in foster care.) How cruel and inhuman. And Omar Tarazi, the CAIR-linked lawyer for Rifqa's parents, asked the court to hold her in contempt to force her to attend counseling sessions with a Muslim counselor. The counselor that her parents were demanding she see also filed an affidavit in support of Rifqa being held in contempt. Psychological abuse, that's what that was.

The Barys' lawyer had also demanded that all the Christmas cards sent to Rifqa in the Christmas card campaign for Rifqa that I originated at my website,, be banned and seized. Rifqa has received hundreds, perhaps thousands of cards -- and the Islamic machine saw every one of them as a threat. They wanted Rifqa isolated from everyone except those who will break down her resistance and run roughshod over her conscience and her religious freedom. The judge ruled against them on that one Tuesday. But the fact that it was even an issue is the real issue.

The Barys, in league with the Islamic machine, are now prosecuting their pious, straight-A honor student daughter on a fallacious charge of "waywardness." Further, they hope to prosecute any friend of Rifqa who helped her. Why? Because she converted out of Islam. The pastor who took Rifqa in and provided her shelter when she fled to Florida is constantly being threatened by CAIR-appointed attorneys with some trumped-up charge. Why? Clearly to discourage anyone from helping apostates escape Islam.

The latest warning is that Brian Williams, a missionary and the pastor in Ohio who baptized Rifqa, may very well be arrested. He was at one time a big brother to her -- unlike her actual brother, Rilvan Bary. Rifqa has made no secret about not wanting to see her brother, and with good reason. Rilvan Bary is a hooligan who in October leaked her whereabouts to a Muslim stalker-blogger. Rilvan gave the address of Rifqa's Florida foster family to San Francisco-based Islamic blogger Davi Barker, who then bragged at his blog that he knew Rifqa's present location and issued this veiled threat: "I'll tell you one thing reader... if she's not safe in Ohio, she's not safe in Florida."

No one involved in Rifqa's case in Florida or Ohio took note of this threat or of Rilvan's role in it. But Brian Williams and the Florida pastor who took Rifqa in may be arrested, as they have been warned. Making this even more ironic is the fact that Rilvan Bary has been arrested -- for underage drinking -- and brags in lurid language about his sexual prowess on his Facebook, MySpace, and Windows Live pages. Typical of Islamic misogyny, misplaced priorities, and encouragement of the worst behavior in males is the fact that Mohamed Bary was enraged by his daughter's conversion to Christianity, but he seems to have nothing to say about his son's sleazy sexual trolling on the internet.

Rifqa was betrayed in Florida, and now she is being betrayed in Ohio. Her hapless legal counsel in Florida was almost slapstick in its ineptitude. Her Ohio counsel is proving to be more of the same, if not worse.

And meanwhile, CAIR, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, is marshaling all of our legal safeguards and laws to stifle this lone voice -- to suffocate Rifqa. Where are the decent elected officials? Why aren't the Feds protecting Rifqa's civil rights? Why is American jurisprudence crumbling before our very eyes? American courts nationwide are bowing to Islam, and it is systemic. Why is the U.S. government coming down decidedly in favor of Islamic Sharia law? Justice is blind, except in the case of Islam. Then it bows. Is that where this leftist Islamic cabal has taken America? How many runaway girls are selling their bodies on the street in full view of law enforcement and yet go unmolested (pardon the pun), unafraid that they will be rounded up, arrested, and sent back to their parents?

Instead of doing something to stop the spread of Sharia in the U.S., the federal government spends millions on corrupt, racketeering organizations like ACORN that aid and abet child traffickers, child prostitutes, and sex rings (and continues to fund them even after they've been busted).

But the courts get tough with Rifqa's Christianity. Why is Rifqa so special, so deserving of this manhunt? Because she converted out of Islam. Across the world, free men and women are going on trial for our unalienable human rights. From obscure trials like that of Rifqa in Ohio to that of Geert Wilders, the world's leading statesman who will soon go on trial for "hate speech" in the Netherlands for speaking the truth about Islam, these are our proxies. They are fighting our fight for our civilization.

Pamela Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs website and is former associate publisher of the New York Observer. She is the author (with Robert Spencer) of the forthcoming book The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America (Simon and Schuster).
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