The Global Warming Matrix

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.
Morpheus (The Matrix)

The public posting of e-mails from among the University of Anglia's Climate Research Unit -- also known by members of the irrepressible  right wing conspiracy contingent as Climategate -- bears some amusing yet somewhat disturbing similarities to the popular Sci-Fi movie The Matrix. The movie's script -- particularly that of a character named Morpheus -- yields an arresting parallel to the largely unanticipated and equally devastating charges of unethical conduct, fraud, manipulation, and plain distortion of the facts leveled at the rather vociferous cadre of so-called scientists originally anointed to preach the gospel of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Welcome to the desert of the real.

In the motion picture, destiny has decreed that a computer hacker named Neo begin the unraveling of a most intricate virtual construct called the Matrix. Morpheus, the pioneer of the insurrection who has learned to successfully bypass the program's complex circuitry, invades its nerve center, as it were, and rescues Neo from the virtual human farm where he lies dormant, cocooned in a shell with myriad other unsuspecting human specimens, while their bodies' energy is being harvested to sustain the very system that enslaves them. Armed with the truth, Neo then begins his mission of opening the minds of the rest of the oblivious human race.

"Many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."

Much like Neo and the agents who are trying to thwart his mission, the nameless miscreant who hacked into the University of East Anglia's e-mail database uncovered the stunning level of deceit in which even the most erudite proponents of AGW routinely engage -- and the great pains they've taken to rationalize that which evidently was meant only to be parsed behind closed doors: the scarcity of reliable data to support their own case.

Some of the more strident communiqués reveal a peculiar code of behavior one would think rather unbecoming of serious men of science. These messages expose a culture that openly sanctions reprisal against those who dared to oppose the official AGW party line, in which more than a few reminders exist to delete any private missives which could expose the Research Unit's unnerving pattern of deception. 

You have to understand: Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.

In the movie, Morpheus reminds Neo that removing the wool from people's eyes can be a precarious ordeal, since most people are simply not ready to be "unplugged." Moreover, this elaborate illusion in which they are held captive is fiercely guarded by the "Agents" assigned to protect the Matrix's intricate network from any foreign intrusion. 

Correspondingly in the real world, if you were to speak to most people who watch the news, you would find that they are largely unaware of a serious breach into the crafty machinations of climate change hucksters. Those who openly peddle this second-rate theory with an air of academic certainty have hurriedly tried to mitigate the damage by presenting the public with a sanitized and better-choreographed version of a much uglier story, which by many accounts ranks as a major embarrassment to the scientific community.

Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague, and we are the cure.
 -Agent Smith, speaking to Morpheus

In a rare moment of weakness, "Agent Smith" confesses to a harbored contempt for the trappings of what he well knows is nothing more than a very elaborate illusion. This makes him a particularly heinous villain, not to mention a rather accomplished hypocrite. This worldview espoused by the movie's ubiquitous villain bears a poignant affinity to that of real-life purveyors of global warming hysteria, as both tend to view humanity as the problem. Consider, for example, the modus operandi of our disingenuous Green Movement delegates, who travel thousands of miles in their own private jets to raise awareness of the negative effects that pollution and a ballooning world population have on the climate. Their intentions presumably justify their austere and genocidal proposals meant to curb this imaginary crisis -- all in the name of making the earth a greener place, at least for those who show a genuine concern for its preservation.

Remember: All I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

The global warming Matrix will endure for possibly an extended season because most of us have a natural inclination to rest our faith upon those with "professional" credentials. We are the necessary bondsmen of these information experts who command our allegiance because of the authority automatically vested in their pronouncements. This is also the reason why they are so annoyed when some of their own peers, who may possess equal or greater authority, challenge their claims of inerrancy. Though "inerrancy" may seem too harsh, such is the immunity they affect when they declare that the debate concerning a matter of emerging scientific inquiry is officially over. Personally, I believe that scientists, of all people, should spearhead efforts to address the unanswered inconsistencies of their allegedly indisputable facts, rather than ignore the discord within their own ranks and allow the rest of their audience to remain ensnared in what has been aptly described as an "invincible ignorance." Of course, that would mean being complicit in the overthrow of the Matrix -- hence the Red Pill, proverbially manifested in what is yet to be proclaimed from the rooftops concerning the University of East Anglia's e-mail hacking revelations.

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill -- the story ends, you wake up in your bed, and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill -- you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

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