Obama and the CRUddites of Britain

The CRU crew of liars and scientific frauds in the U.K. have been driving the climate fraud campaign for years. They shaped the corrupt and ridiculous IPCC U.N. report, designed to empower the Green corruptocracy as the new international ruling class. Now they have been finally and devastatingly exposed to the world -- including the British media, the BBC (reluctantly), the Guardian, the Times and the Telegraph, and the Daily Mail, the whole thing smells like a huge scandal that will bring down the (socialist) Labour Party. The one thing the Brits still pride themselves on is their world-class science. The CRU crusade shows that science, too, has become pervasively corrupt and sick in New Socialist Britain.

By flying to the rescue in Copenhagen, Obama is actually joining the exposed fraudsters, presumably to rescue his good buds in the Chicago Climate Exchange, which depends for survival on the passage of cap-and-trade legislation. The Chicago Way is going international, and Obama is its Prophet. All Hail Obama!

So Copenhagen, here we come! And the whole world that's been watching this -- which includes all the English speakers on the web, maybe a billion people who can now read the BBC's and the Guardian's own confessions -- can now watch Obama tear off the mask and appear as Obama Capone. Well, it's justice on a grand scale. This is Watergate for the whole world.

The 19th-century Luddites tried to destroy the best technology of their time, the early Industrial Revolution. They took sledgehammers to the new, steam-driven weaving looms in order to destroy an unprecedented blessing for all of humanity. If you're wearing machine-woven socks today, you can thank the early Industrial Revolution and the defeat of the Luddites.

Today we have the CRUddites -- the phony "scientists" at the CRU, the so-called "Climate Research Unit" at East Anglia University in Britain -- who have now been proven by their own e-mails to be doing Luddite pseudoscience. They might as well be taking sledgehammers to the world's prosperity and well-being. Just like the Luddites, the CRUddites are trying to kill the greatest engine of well-being that humans have ever possessed, one which depends totally on safe oil, coal, and natural gas -- to heat our homes,  run our cars, transport our food, and generate our electricity. The destructive spirit of sabotage is alive and well today, and it is living in "climate modeling" and Green Stalinism. These people want to steal, sabotage, and tax all the good things in life. They claim to love humanity, but they hate real people.

Back in Chicago, Obama was closely associated with the people who run the Chicago Climate Exchange, a stock market scheme that depends on artificial, government-created scarcities of carbon-based fuels. Note that except for nuclear and geothermal, all our fuels are carbon-based. It's the whole ball of wax. No sane person is expecting "novel sources of green energy" to actually add anything soon, or even ever. So Obama is in this up to his crew cut. He just sank below the waves.

The British media -- even the Leftocratic Guardian -- are finally writing about the worst scientific scandal in history. The BBC is beating a shamefaced retreat with its tail between its legs. The Australian media are way ahead. Five ruling Members of Parliament have resigned in disgust, in a classic public gesture of "no confidence" in a parliamentary system. It may unravel the whole Aussie governing party, as it is meant to do.

The Anglosphere is beginning to assert itself and speak with real rage at all the Leftist corruption in the world.

Climategate is the biggest worldwide conspiracy since Comrade Jozef Stalin ran all the Communist Parties from the Kremlin. It's actually being carried out by the New Stalinists. With the exception of Fox News and maybe USA Today, the U.S. media are still dragging their butts far behind the blogs and even behind the U.K. media. Still, any English-speaker around the world can read the Anglosphere blogs and the U.K. media on the web. There's no communication barrier anymore. This cat's out of the bag, this chicken has come home to roost -- and there is no way to put the cat or the chicken back to where it was four weeks ago.

The Guardian's George Monbiot, the biggest green journo in Britain, turns out to be an honest man. (Miracle of miracles!)

Writing in the Guardian, Monbiot said,

I have seldom felt so alone. ... Confronted with crisis, most of the environmentalists I know have gone into denial. The emails hacked from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, they say, are a storm in a tea cup, no big deal, exaggerated out of all recognition. ... the emails are very damaging.

Oh, but Mr. Monbiot, this is just the beginning of a worldwide unraveling of that wool sock. In New Zealand, the raw data has been released, and by re-analyzing the raw data, the whole climate scam has been definitively shown to be a fraud over there. It will happen with the CRUddites in the U.K.: Even destroying their raw data won't save them.

In science, raw data is like the original records of bank transactions: It shows the ground truth. Skeptics and auditors can always analyze raw data to find out what's been lied about. Scientists destroying raw data gathered at immense taxpayer expense, data which is supposed to be "proof positive" of climate change, is like the banks destroying their account records and then asking the world to just take their word for it. We now know about the CRU's cheating, lying, and intimidation from their own words in their own e-mails, and destruction of evidence for fraud compounds the criminal case for fraud. Only fraudsters need to destroy their raw data. The IRS would not allow any of us to destroy our credit card records. Neither should the scientific world allow its own politically powerful liars, frauds, and thugs to get away with destroying the ground truth of their work. 

After the exposure of CRUddites Michael Mann and Phil Jones, only suckers and total dummies will fall for so-called "climate science" because the CRUddites have just explained that -- oopsie! -- they wiped their original data. Just to save space, dontchaknow. Well, bank auditors wouldn't accept that, and neither should the taxpayers who have supported these fat cats their whole lives.

Climate fraud may be centered in the CRU, but it exists all over the world. John Holdren in the White House has probably been helping it along, as has James Hansen at NASA. They are both Leftist fanatics who falsely lay claim to the honorable characterization of "scientist." And of course, Al Gore, during his "reorganizing government" shenanigans as V.P. during the Clinton years, was helping to spread and fund the humongous, worldwide, neo-Stalinist fraud. Al Gore's daddy was funded by KGB paymaster Armand Hammer, Jr., who made the Gores rich with oil and coal shares. Al, Jr. just carried on Daddy's modus operandi.

This is just the bare beginning. Science magazine carries regular stories about some scientific fraudster being caught and fired. But Science magazine itself is in the bag for climate fraud. Will they apply the same standards to themselves? Certainly a lot of powerful science politicians will have to resign, or else commit hara-kiri in the garden. Many of them may be criminally liable, and all of them are knowing enablers of massive fraud. They do not deserve honorable positions in universities and famous science journals, which they infiltrated with malice aforethought. The bloodletting has only begun, and you can be sure the phone lines are humming as a thousand fraudsters around the world desperately try to save their hides. That is presumably why Obama went to Copenhagen -- to squeeze the last little bits of political power and safety out of the crumbling fraud.

We know -- because Robert Reich has told us outright -- that Mob-O-Care is going to end up killing people just as the NHS does in Britain. Said Reich of medical care for the elderly, "It's too expensive, so we're going to let you die." Are the liberals compassionate? Well, they are letting people die already -- by cutting half a trillion dollars from Medicare, and ultimately by rationing all medical care by artificially forcing prices down below cost. The CATO Institute has just determined that Obama's Medi-Scam will cost not just one trillion dollars over ten years, but six trillion.

Meanwhile, Obama's cap-and-trade will create artificial scarcities by putting an arbitrary lid on energy usage and taxing whatever energy you do use -- meaning everything you do

These are truly malevolent people -- destructive saboteurs, corruptocrats who gain money and power by destroying both good science and the hugely beneficial technology based on it. Without credibility, science dies, just as the Big Lie Media are dying. Don't think they didn't know all that, and that the media's own malevolent plots were not intended to wreak real damage on the lives of millions of innocent people. These people are Stalinists, and as Stalin said, "One man's death is a tragedy, a million a statistic." That is how these people think and act. Comrade Stalin personally went in for statistics big time.

Now the fraudocrats will fall out with each other. It is best for them to destroy each other, as Gorbachev destroyed the Communist Party of the USSR by trying to save it from its own worst excesses. That house of cards fell apart. So will this one, and it may well take the Obama administration with it. Obama's flight to Copenhagen is just the first step.