Is Stalinism Back?

Most conspiracies exist only in somebody's overactive imagination. Stalinism was one of those rare cases of a genuine, centralized, worldwide power conspiracy. It was extremely dangerous. Marxist histories boast about it. Stalinism came close to defeating the civilized world...perilously close.

Yet the same kinds of people who brought you Stalinism 1.0 are now trotting out Version 2.0 -- but it's being exposed only because the world is beginning to catch on. Version 2.0 does not advertise itself except by slick fronts, like Copenhagen, the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Obama PR machine. It's just like Obama's big, friendly smile; what's really behind that smile is the Fickle Finger of Fate that he displayed to Hillary during their debate, and recently to a Hillary-supporter. Those photos show us the real Obama, the man who can smile while he is behaving in the most hostile and contemptible way of any president in U.S. history. Can you imagine Abe Lincoln doing that to Robert E. Lee? 

The Left is now furious to finally grasp that Obama tells a constant stream of lies, just like the Chicago hustler he really is. Conservatives have known that from day one. It wasn't hard to see, but I suppose it's just as well that the Left now gets it, too. Reality hurts, but it also educates. Indeed, Nat Hentoff, who spent a career writing for the Village Voice, now believes that "Obama may be the most dangerous and destructive president in U.S. history." Hear, hear.

Green Stalinism is what we are seeing today, but the color is purely decorative. It has nothing to do with real environmentalism; after all, eco-icon Rachel Carson got DDT outlawed on totally phony evidence, thereby saving hundreds of millions of tsetse flies in Africa at the cost of millions of African children. How is that for really evil racism? How many deadly flies would you trade for the life of a child? Maybe that's what environmentalism really comes down to, but in that case, how do you tell eco-freaks from Stalinists or Hitlerites? You shall know them by their deeds, and their deeds show no difference. The whole intention behind Fraudenhagen was to impoverish the West and to hold back the developing world from creating prosperity for its people. Even Stalin destroyed Soviet agriculture only inadvertently. These folks want to do it.

Before Green Stalinism, we had other colors -- Soviet Red and Nazi Black. We forget at our peril how close those imperialistic conspiracies came to dominating the world. If the Allied Invasion of Europe had failed in 1945 -- as Eisenhower was afraid it might -- if we had lost the Battle of the Bulge -- if Hitler and Tojo had developed the atom bomb before America did -- all of our coins would have Adolf Hitler's profile embossed on them, not Abe Lincoln's. "Aryan" racism would be celebrated, and millions more Jews would be dead -- along with blacks, Gypsies, the handicapped, Chicanos, Chinese, a great many Russians, and all the other "inferior peoples." We came within a head-breadth of that reality -- a random toss of history's coin. Human history only looks inevitable in retrospect. When you live it forward, there is no inevitability at all. Just because we lucked out in the past does not mean we will in the future.

What makes Green Stalinism more than a mob fad, and more than Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, is that it shows every sign of international collusion in fraud, data manipulation, and hundreds of billions of dollars of carbon credit bribes and payoffs. The media have been mired hopelessly in this cesspit for a long, long time. To their eternal shame, so have the scientific establishment, including the great science journals -- like Nature, which was founded by Isaac Newton, and Science, established to rival Nature in publishing first-class science. Scientific American used to be a fine, credible journal, but now it is disgusting. National Geographic used to be wonderful, but it has become poisoned beyond retrieval. Need we say anything about the unspeakable BBC, the mafia-like New York Times, and the macaca-dropping Washington Post? This is all corruption -- the deepest betrayal of the role of independent media in a democratic land.

The penalty for failure in a free market is bankruptcy, and we need a genuine market purge of the corrupt Yellow Press -- a long series of richly deserved bankruptcies to wipe out the toxic lies that have poisoned our body politic. It is a sign of our times that it was a Russian daily that first exposed the distortion of Siberian temperatures manipulated by the Fraudocrats of the CRU. It was China's Premier at Fraudenhagen who asserted his national sovereignty to protect his people from the Green fanatics. Maybe the Chinese aren't looking for another Mao Zedong, and even Putin doesn't want another Stalin. They've been there, done that, and seen the dead bodies. Thanks, but no thanks.

The British Meteorological Office now looks equally complicit in fraudulent pseudoscience, but all the lines of power lead to the Labour Government of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown over the last dozen years. NASA Goddard climastrology has been run by the dreadful James Hansen, the Trofim Lysenko of Stalinism 2.0. Even the NOAA is in over their heads, because they are the ones who were responsible for the worldwide database of surface temperatures -- and have never released the raw data to the public. It is this astonishing degree of corruption, connivance, intimidation, and collusion that turns this whole business from high farce into deadly tragedy. The halls of science are now awash in corruption. The only way to clean up the mess is via mass resignations of those responsible, and that will never happen in an Obama administration. It is another reason why we must throw the bums out and hope they hit a fire hydrant as they land.

Then there are the money-makers in this extraordinary conspiracy, including Adnan Pauchari, who is a representative at the U.N. for India's gigantic Tata interests. He is just as clean as Kofi Annan was in the Oil for Food scam. And of course there are Fattocrats Al Gore, George Soros, and Maurice Strong, who have been working to make this mess for a long, long time. Al Gore's "reorganization of government" during the Clinton years apparently planted a lot of crooks in positions of power. There is now a compelling case for selling off NASA to the private sector and letting it sink or swim. NASA has forfeited its privileged status. We can use the money to repair the damage the Democrats are inflicting on the federal budget.

The media are still what Justice Thomas famously called a "high-tech lynch mob." They operate by collusion and by destroying the lives of their critics. That is another running sore in Stalinism 2.0. It is yet another reason why the media must be purged by the free market -- the judgment of millions of consumers, who should just turn away from the professional liars. The New Media are the only ones who can do the job.

For the Fraudocrats, things can only go down from here, because tens of millions of technically savvy people around the world now have access to the CRU emails and computer files -- 162 megabytes of them. They have only begun to work through the computer code. If the crooks responsible are prosecuted, as Lord Monckton has demanded, the evidence for fraud, theft of government property, and conspiracy to defraud hundreds of billions of dollars worth of carbon credits will be right in front of the public. The scientific community often boasts about its ability to detect and punish frauds. Well, here is a real chance to prove it.

As for decent scientists -- if there are any left to rescue a once-honorable profession -- they must take the lead in assuring the public who pay for their salaries and research that they have purged themselves of fraud, and that they will police themselves in the same way we expect banks to keep their books open and honest.

Nothing less will save their reputations.
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