Will the Left Try a Kamikaze Rush?

Dick Morris thinks Mob-O-Care is dead after the Democrat electoral fiascos in the last week. I sincerely hope that Morris is right, but I'm not so sure.

The trouble is that Obama and the Democrats have no other game plan -- their other ideas, like the suicidal Carbon Tax, are even more likely to get them tossed out of office. Obama's power has peaked -- and judging by the Clinton backlash of 1994, when the GOP won the  House for the first time in forty years, it's downhill from here on out. Nothing in politics is certain, and Obama will certainly try to recover power, as Bill Clinton did in the '90s. But Obama and his dead-enders have to reckon with the likelihood that they will never have more power than right now.

So it's not out of the question that the Democrats in the House and Senate will go for a kamikaze rush to push MediCoup through Congress as quickly as possible. It would not be difficult. Normal Americans think we can defeat the "Blue Dog Democrats" at the polls, and that is true. But Obama just has to pick up the phone and tell the Dogs he will guarantee them jobs even if they are defeated. How about Ambassador to Upper Slobbovia? How about a nice job in the Soros Empire? Or in the case of Leon Panetta, how about a university center named after you, and funded by the Feds to study, umm...the art of politics? For the real high flyers like Rahm Emanuel, there's always a part-time job on the Board of Freddie Mac for several million bucks.    

Everything we know about these people suggests that they are single-minded fanatics with basically only one game plan, which is to consolidate as much power as possible as quickly as possible. Everything flows from that. In Europe, the socialists have insulated themselves from elections. That's how they can do outrageous things time and time again and still stay in power.

Right now the analogy to the Japanese at the end of WWII is strikingly apt. The Japanese Empire was at dead end. Emperor-worship was still the public face of Japan; everybody had to pretend they agreed, even if they privately thought it mad. Japanese defeat was therefore unthinkable, and rather than let the Emperor be defeated, thousands of young men were trained and indoctrinated into the logic of banzai charges and suicide dive-bombing on U.S. Navy ships. Those kamikazes were last-ditch warriors, but they took a bloody toll.

The Blue Dogs don't even have to suicide electorally. All they have to do is vote for Mob-O-Care as soon as possible, knowing they will be defeated, but also knowing that the Machine always takes care of its own. Just ask Hizzoner da Mare. Or look at Rev. Jeremiah Wright's nice retirement home.

That's what's got me worried right now.

Mob-O-Care is still the big banana. The Democrats can still carry it over the top and then take their losses in elections to come with the faith that no Republican Congress will dare to infuriate all the Victim Groups of the Left by repealing free medical care for forty percent of the population. Or whatever they settle on. Remember that the actual dollar figures have never been believable, and Medicare and Social Security are operating as accounting fictions even now. So this has all been media drivel from top to bottom. All they have to do is pass a shell of a bill, set up the bureaucracies, and expand them in future Democrat-dominated Congresses.

The socialist parties in Europe have done it by taking over the medical sectors of their economies. Once they control medical care for all, every political argument comes down to who makes bigger promises to buy more for the voters. The actual pie might shrink because of rationing, but that doesn't matter. Most people don't think long-term, but socialists do. In Britain, a Labourite just confessed what many of us have suspected for years: that the socialists deliberately imported hundreds of thousands of Third World people, including unnumbered Islamist radicals from the Northwest Territories of Pakistan with nothing but a tribal warrior culture. Using their control of the BBC and the media, the socialists accused every British critic of this practice of racism. That's how they nailed the Conservative Party.

That is also why Britain today is covered with CCTV cameras wherever people live, and why the schools are sending in mandatory reports on racist remarks by children from the earliest years onward. It's madness, and the only so-called solution, is for Britain to become the Western Province of the new European Union of Socialist Republics. That has been the goal all along for the Leftist radicals, and nobody knows how to stop them now.

Obama is the same. He is a third-world socialist, which is no different from all the other kinds. His real identification is not with this country, but with "transnationalism" -- the corrupt and conscienceless elite of the U.N., the EU, and a Vast Left-Wing Corruptocracy around the world. Saul Alinsky was a big fan of the Chicago Mob, and the de facto alliance we see at the United Nations combines an awful lot of Islamists with Leftists with corruptocrats. Witness the Oil for Food Scam, run right out of the Secretary-General's office at the U.N. during the Saddam years. Witness the criminal cases in France today against Dominique de Villepin and Jacques Chirac.

Don't believe the Democrats don't see that as a model. If it worked in Chicago, in Europe, and at the U.N., they figure it will work in Washington, D.C.
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