If We Sacrifice Jerusalem, Why Defend London?

It is an interesting exercise to question all the assumptions of American foreign policy for the last sixty years -- that is, for as long as we've provided the defense umbrella for Europe, the free countries of Asia, and for our allies in the Middle East, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

After all, that's the meaning of Pax Americana. We do the work, and they do the bitching.

Obama and the Left don't have the slightest inkling of America's vital peace-keeping role as the cop on the world beat for the last six decades. They hardly understand the idea of peace officers on domestic beats. It just doesn't get through those hard plastic space helmets around their heads.

Let's pretend there is no Pax Americana. Obama sounds like he's ready to shaft Israel, which certainly would be consistent with his whole upbringing and his locked-in Leftist worldview. Jerusalem, according to the administration, is doing the dirty on the Palestinians by adding housing in the city for Jews. Funny thing: Nobody seemed to mind much when Obama sent that message to Benjamin Netanyahu (least of all the Israelis, who just ignored it).

Well, the Left has managed to harbor an inveterate hatred of Israel while not losing many Jewish liberal votes. Shafting Israel is a no-lose proposition for them. And still they keep their liberal Jewish voters. It is a miracle to behold.

No wonder Obama wants to walk away from that troublesome little country that gets all the Arabs so angry. What's he got to lose?

Well, Taiwan, for one thing. There's another troublesome little country right off the coast of mighty China, which owns a lot of U.S. debt and had some mighty suspicious lines into the last two Democrat administrations. Nothing would please China more than having the U.S. Navy withdraw its protection from Taiwan.

See? Obama's making peace already.

Then there's South Korea, another troublesome partner.

Why not have the Kim family take over the South? It's no skin off our noses. The conquest of South Korea could probably feed the hungry people of the North for years and years before the whole peninsula went kaput. And Kim Jong-il could finally get his nukes to work.

We could dump Afghanistan, too. Obama is turning up his nose at Hamid Karzai because his reelection looked dubious...which makes Kabul sound just like Chicago. It takes awesome gall for a Chicago Machine politician to criticize an impoverished and nearly ungovernable third-world country for its electoral imperfections.

Well, let's send Mayor Daley over there to fix Afghan politics. Maybe he can teach them to make the dead rise up on Election Day. That way, Afghanistan will come up to the high Illinois standards of democratic probity.

That solves our biggest foreign policy problems, right?

But that's not all. Why should the United States defend Europe against the Russians? Or protect the free nations of Asia against China and North Korea? Why not let them all go down? And why do we have to defend free trade in the world? Why are we in the Persian Gulf? Just think of all the money we can save -- and we'll need that money if O-Mob-O-Care passes Congress. 

We've subsidized Europe's and Asia's defenses for sixty years. Maybe Uncle Vlad the Poisoner over in Moscow would be willing to protect Europe against militant Islam just the way he did with Chechnya. For a price, of course. 

To be sure, if we walk away from our allies, they will inevitably build up their own nukes and missiles. Japan could have WMDs rather quickly, with South Korea and Taiwan not far behind. The French would be happy to supply nukes to the emerging EU army. Israel and the Saudis both want to stop the mad Twelver Cult in Tehran before it gets nukes. All nations want to survive; they may hate each other, but that has never stopped alliances. Europeans who hated each other still made alliances for a thousand years before the United States became a world power. They can do it again.

Pax Americana has been the most benevolent imperial enterprise in all of human history, bar none. Our good friends in Europe love to rant at us, especially if they can get us to knuckle under on Euro-socialism, which puts them in charge of the United States. After all, that's the dominant goal of the EU and U.N. corruptocracy. That's what the global warming fraud has been all about.

The newly appointed president of the EU just declared that 2009 is the first year of global governance. Guess who gets to do the global governance? It's not us. No, this is Year One of the Belgian Empire.

Americans forget that we've defended the civilized world for almost a hundred years because the Europeans couldn't be trusted to do it.  Europe has been the source of almost every single act of aggressive imperialism in the last two centuries, from Napoleon to Bismarck, Karl Marx, the Kaiser, Lenin, Hitler, and Stalin in the Cold War. Japan is the sole significant imperialist outlier. Our liberal media constantly cover up that inconvenient fact.

But it is true, and we forget it at our peril.

Euro-imperialism is rising again today under the smiling face of EU socialism. That's Obama's creed, as we know. That's why he keeps apologizing for the United States to all the socialists of the world.

Obama's mental blinders come straight from Karl Marx's Prussia in the 19th century and from V.I. Lenin in 1917. Now those were real imperialism, not the Coca-Cola kind that has our European friends crying in their beer.

If we walk away from the world, the Israelis, the Saudis, the Brits, the Czechs and Poles, the Germans, Japanese and South Koreans have to accelerate their own nuke and missile defenses, because in the nuclear age, that's their only chance for survival. China may not really want to see Japan owning nuclear weapons and missiles. They still smart from the pain of Nanking. Obama's deep bow to Emperor Akihito did not buy him any friends in Beijing. 

Tehran already tried to stir up riots in Mecca. Without the United States to control the Gulf, what is to keep the Iranians from overrunning Saudi Arabia? They have the population and the military power to do it. If the U.S. goes home, all the Iranians have to do is bust through the desert (good tank country) and go straight to the Holy Cities of Islam. Think they wouldn't dare, if they owned a nice set of nukes and missiles? Who would stop them? Obama?

For sixty years we've lived with the fantasy that the world has become a safe place at last, and that peace is the natural condition of mankind. Let's see if Barack Obama is fool enough to tinker with that delicately balanced contraption.

The last time a delicate power balance broke apart, the immediate result was World War I, Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution, and Hitler. If Obama walks away from Afghanistan, Israel, and Taiwan, then we will see Europe and Asia switching all their alliances very fast. Pull out that American peg from the big circus tent, and it won't look anything like peace on earth, good will to men, forever and ever, amen.

It might look a lot more like August 1914.
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