Honest Liberals on Mob-O-Care

Yes, Virginia, there really are honest liberals, though they may go extinct long before the last polar bear slides off that melting ice floe. But they don't look happy, these good warriors of the Left, having voted for The O because he was America's apology for slavery (200,000 dead soldiers in the Civil War just wasn't good enough), and they are now watching Mob-O-Care sink the Federal budget forever...while O Man swears up and down about his solemn commitment to fiscal responsibility. Ho, ho, ho, Virginia! There really is a Santa Claus, and he resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But why is he smiling? Is it because the joke's on us? 

There's Robert J. Samuelson, economist and long-time pundit for the WaPo and Newsweek. His latest Newsweek column is called "Obama's Malpractice: Why the health-care bill isn't reform."

By Gum, he's got it!
The disconnect between what Obama says and what he's doing is so glaring that most people could not abide it. ... reconciling blatantly contradictory objectives requires them to engage in willful self-deception, public dishonesty, or both. The campaign to pass Obama's health-care plan has assumed a false ... cloak of moral superiority. The pretense of moral superiority dissolves before all the expedient deceptions used to sell the health-care agenda. "
Well, ok, it's a roundabout way of saying that O is an inveterate liar. But we knew that, didn't we? He's got the media cheering every word he says. So it doesn't make any difference in the media...only in reality.

Here's a cancer doctor writing in the Contra Costa Times. (8/29/09, but not posted on the web, for some odd reason). Dr Michael Sherman, M.D., Ph.D., writes:
Medicare Cuts will Dismantle Cancer Care.

President Barack Obama has announced a plan to cut hundreds of billions from Medicare ... Community oncology clinics, which treat more than 80 percent of Americans battling cancer, are already struggling to care for Medicare patients. Given that the administration is now discussing an addition $313 billion in cuts to Medicare, in addition to cuts already proposed, cancer care in this country is truly in jeopardy. ...

Medicare has (already) cut reimbursements for cancer treatments to such a low level that it is negatively affecting the quality of care provided to seniors. The Medicare cuts have now reached a point where cancer-care practices cannot stay in business and cancer patients cannot afford necessary treatments. (they) are often reimbursed at less than the ... cost of the expensive drugs used in chemotherapy.
Yo ho ho, Virginia! It's Santa Claus and his merry elves! Just have Hope, and Change will come!

Here's Camille Paglia, the Last Feminist Who Actually Likes Men, writing in Salon:
As for the actual content of the House healthcare bill, horrors! Where to begin? ... this rigid, intrusive and grotesquely expensive bill is a nightmare. Holy Hygeia, why can't my fellow Democrats see that the creation of another huge, inefficient federal bureaucracy would slow and disrupt the delivery of basic healthcare and subject us all to a labyrinthine mass of incompetent, unaccountable petty dictators? Massively expanding the number of healthcare consumers without making due provision for the production of more healthcare providers means that we're hurtling toward a staggering logjam of de facto rationing. Steel yourself for the deafening screams from the careerist professional class of limousine liberals when they get stranded for hours in the jammed, jostling anterooms of doctors' offices. They'll probably try to hire Caribbean nannies as ringers to do the waiting for them.
Right you are, Professor Paglia. But you voted for this flaming fraud in the election last year. Don't say we didn't warn you. If you're getting the shakes now, our boots are beginning to wear thin from the inside out.

And here's the WaPo's Lori Montgomery:
Report: Bill would reduce senior care Medicare cuts approved by House may affect access to providers ...

A plan to slash more than $500 billion from future Medicare spending -- one of the biggest sources of funding for President Obama's proposed overhaul of the nation's health-care system -- would sharply reduce benefits for some senior citizens and could jeopardize access to care for millions of others, according to a government evaluation released Saturday.
Ya think, Lori? But what happened to Santa?

Here's the hyperventilating liberal Atlanta Journal and Constitution, with the headline:
American public: Health insurance isn't government's responsibility.
Kyle Wingfield writes that now only 47% of a Gallup sample says the government should provide your health care, and 53% say "no." The yes answers are getting fewer and fewer. Wingfield notes:
This is a remarkable poll result, given the length of time during which this question has been asked.
What's remarkable? That people are finally getting the scam? But the Atlanta J. & C. has been peddling the Big Lie for years and years and years. So have all the Big Media. A lot of people fell for it. Now they are finally figuring it out. It's not going to work, because in real life, they've finally figured out that it can't work.

There's no free medical care. It's a real shame, but it's called reality. If you believed in free medical care for your whole life, then you've been suckered good. Welcome to the real world.

So -- I'm confused.

Was it
Ho, Ho, Ho,

It's Me, Santa Claus?
Or was it
Yo, Ho, Ho,

It's Me, The Pirate of the Caribbean?
Maybe Obama is Johnny Depp dressed up as Santa...?
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