Who Wants War with Iran?

When the West first learned of Iran's nuclear intentions in 2002, Iran knew it would be bombed.  Like Iraq before it in 1982, Israel will take action if nobody else does.  How Iran milked seven years defies logic.

What the West may not understand is Iran wants war, also.  They know the Islamic Revolution will not last forever.  In light of increased sanctions, covert funding for opposition forces, and the lure of Western life, their days are numbered.  Even the grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini is said to drive a BMW and be quite the lady's man.  But they will not hand over the keys to the mosque willingly. 

Take away Iran, and the world - or at least the Mideast - is a different place.  It is the nexus of most terror in the Mideast.  Hamas and Hezbollah lose their direct funding and inspiration.  Iraq can thrive without fear of another crippling war.  Even Al Queda needs Iran for synergistic effect.  Israel can live in relative calm. 

A crescendo of sorts is occurring in the Mideast.  Iran is essentially isolated in the Mideast except for Syria, an odd marriage of sorts that shares only a common hatred of Israel.  It is an all-or-nothing struggle and time is not on Iran's side.  Even if they start to lose their grip on power, they will simply take the rest of the world with them. 

If they gain enough time and take advantage of weak Western leadership, they will have a nuclear weapon to hold all of the Mideast hostage.  If they lose, the process of the Islamic Apocalypse starts.  To Iran, it is a win-win situation, so foreign to the West. 

War serves all sides well.  Israel needs war to knock out Iran's nuclear capabilities and Iran wants war to usher in the Mahdi.  But there is a good likelihood another actor wants war: Barack Obama.  And it is not an implausible scenario, either. 

Obama's Hegelian approach to government and diplomacy is to keep everybody in conflict.  In Chicago, they call it "squeeze everybody" and it works for labor unions, the Mafia, the Democrat Party, Jessie Jackson, ACORN and assorted other parasites.  There are no friends or enemies, only squeeze those you can, leech from the rest, and keep everybody on their heels. The politicians are the only ones with an end game. 

Every right-thinking person had to uncross their eyes after reading Zbigniew Brzezinski saying the U.S. will serve as Iran's first line of defense against Israel.  But this is probably not a warning, just applying the squeeze.  When the time comes, the US turns a blind eye to Israel's bombing of Iran and Obama gets a Palestinian state and a supposed feather in his Nobel-for-nothing cap, no matter that he will see to the destruction of the United States as we know it.  Unfortunately, there is bad precedent. 

In our current political and economic environment, the policies of BHO are doomed to utter failure and he knows it.  He will lose Congress in 2010 if things remain static and then the White House in 2012 in total disgrace.  His utopian policies will not only have gone to waste, but it will be plainly obvious the lunatic fringe, aka Obama Czars, and their mindless power obsessions. 

It is hard to believe World War II only lasted 3 ½ years for America.  Those 3 ½ years cost a lot, not only in lives but in the future of America.  Before the war, Americans were overwhelmingly against entry into the war.  Afterwards, America became mother-in-law to the world, and New Deal policies became entrenched and then steadily advanced.  For this reason, the Great Depression and World War II are considered necessary evils to liberal elites. 

So it will probably go with Iran.  The world economy will probably collapse in the wake of an oil embargo and the closing of the Strait of Hormuz; Hezbollah will most likely go on a terror campaign within America; and the already threadbare social fabric of this country will be irretrievably torn.  And Obama thinks from these ruins will rise a better country than before, while also rescuing the Islamic world at the same time.  Combining naiveté and power brings utter destruction. 

Every generation or so in the 20th and 21st centuries, Americans elect a "neat idea."  And with each one America takes a step back because we are in over our heads.  This time might bring the entire nation down to Obama's level.