'We want you to eat it. Just eat it!'

The word "fair" conjures up images of merry-go-rounds, fluffy, pink cones of spun sugar, candy apples and popcorn.  Not if you are invited to the White House. Excited Washington DC school children, disembarking from yellow school buses on the South Lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue were in for a big shock! The Obamas' idea of a kid's fair included sermons extolling the benefits of replacing cake and French fries with vegetables.

Imagine finding out you have the afternoon off and are going to the White House for a "fair."  When you get there you realize the festivities include Michelle doing a hula-hoop demonstration followed by lectures about the advantages of eating foods you hate?

Could this be how America feels a year into the Obama administration?  We got off the hope and change bus expecting a party and instead we find ourselves at a work camp where the lecturer drones on and on force-feeding America an unending list of mandatory directives.

For example, at the fair there was an event where; the hula-hoop champ instructed children that, "...it's OK to eat fun stuff sometimes -- as long as you usually eat right." [Emphasis mine.] Mimicking, the consummate whiner, Michelle did a "...spot-on imitation of kids whining about eating vegetables."  With words that had a familiar ring, Michelle squinched up her face and recited a message her husband issues to America daily, "...we don't want to hear the whining. We want you to eat it. Just eat it!" 

Liberals are appalled that the Obama Administration, which supposedly opposes torture, continues to support force-feeding Gitmo prisoners on hunger strikes.  Gavage is considered cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.   Let's face it: strapping detainees to a seat, "Velcroing heads to metal restraints, tethering tubes into stomachs through noses to pump in liquid nourishment twice a day" would be considered torture by most. 

What liberals fail to recognize is that this is a technique that the President heartily approves of as he threads a feeding tube into the nation's stomach cavity. If he outlaws the method for terrorists, it might prevent him from using it on us. But then again everything is relative.  Obama doesn't seem to have a problem with the torment people have to endure when Michelle shuts down traffic in Washington DC to shop for organic Tuscan kale.  Neither does he recognize the equally torturous qualities of high taxes, rationed health care and limited democracy.

Barack Obama has been force-feeding America policies we would otherwise reject, because like broccoli over burgers, the vicar of the public option projects an aura that he alone knows what is best for us. American skepticism on health care "reform" grows, while large majorities reject the government option outright.  Regardless, we are forced to endure never ending pep rallies and sermonettes about sacrificing what we want as the President compels us to open wide for socialist-style string beans.

Shoring up his argument and disregarding the public's negative response to what he's cooking up the President's rhetoric forges ahead.  Recently, he demanded Congress "...act now on health reform" and included dire warnings that, "more Americans will die if Washington does nothing to expand care and cut the costs of insurance."

Obama's unwavering determination to get Americans to ingest his health care proposal has revealed doggedness on par with having a political nasogastric feeding tube jammed down our collective esophagus. The President argues that he is, "acting out of a need to preserve life." However his motivation defies logic, because in the end many believe the policy will cost lives.  So in response, America clenches her jaw, purses her lips and turns her head, refusing to accept what Obama insists on ladling out.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the force-feeding fun fair continued as the chefs "demonstrated how to make healthy-but-yummy snacks." Things like, baked apples instead of double dunked caramel.  The administration that believes spending money saves money and economic problems work out by increasing the national debt hosted a day full of practical lessons designed to convince future voters that vegetables taste better than cake.

In a sense, we too have been reduced to children being fed Obama approved food when what we want is the freedom to choose a hot dog and a sugar infused Arizona Kiwi Strawberry. The majority of Americans gag on policies being force-fed to us by a President whose persistence is reminiscent of Michelle chiding the children by saying, "...we don't want to hear the whining. We want you to eat it. Just eat it!"

In response, Obama may decide it may be necessary to pack up the health care campaign bus with silicone stomach tubes and powdered nutrients. More determined than ever, and based on his unwavering resolve thus far, it is highly unlikely that the administrator of gavage will be caught unprepared if a headstrong America continues to refuse to swallow the rancid baked egg he insists on shoving down our throat.

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