The Self-Censorship of Liberals: It's Too Scary to Look

When the BBC finally ‘fessed up last week to the Global Warming Fraud  -- without admitting how much they aided and abetted the scam over ten years or more --  a liberal gent I know was shocked. He had sort of gritted his teeth and tolerated my skepticism over the years, but he never wanted to judge the whole fraudulent business for himself, although he had plenty of qualifications to do so. But this fraud was obvious. You had to want to close your eyes not to see it. I say that with all appreciation to the scientists and bloggers like Anthony Watt, who doggedly did the hard work of double-checking the fraud.

The global warming fraud is a lesson in the self-censorship of liberals, their fear of finding out the truth. It's even worse when you see that same self-inflicted blindness over and over again. Millions of liberals didn't want to know about Obama before the election. They sleepwalked into that voting booth, like an old Disney cartoon with Donald Duck holding his arms out in front and with his eyes firmly shut. But they do that a lot, just shutting out sizable parts of the world and not exercising basic adult intelligence in the minefield of politics. They are sucker-bait, user-car-salesman-bait, and I assume that somewhere in Nigeria a whole sweatshop of con artists with PCs is sending out thousands of emails to American liberals, and just raking in the dough. I mean, liberalism is a guarantee of gullibility, and how else do con artists earn a living? You gotta go where the suckers are. Maybe they just go for Sierra Club members, on the theory that people who are willing to believe in cute little polar bears that are desperately stuck on a melting ice floe will fall for anything.

If the Left had the simple integrity to open their minds they would have found out exactly what you and I knew a long time ago about Mr. Obama -- and the country would have averted a real risk of a catastrophe. It wasn't hard to find out. Even Obama Himself said he wasn't ready to run for Prez a couple of years ago.  A lot of smart people did real journalism on Obama's background -- but none of them work in the media, of course.

Obama Himself is not to blame for his gargantuan ego. Chances are that he's been flattered outrageously by all his mentors from toddlerhood onward, most of them being whacky white liberals. That might be why he surrounds himself with all those Leftocrats: They are the best sources of ego fodder. They share his fantasy life, where he's always the Hero. He doesn't need any achievements. Obama is Nobel Prize material just by being Himself. By accepting the Big Prize without a blush he made his endless self-love obvious to the whole world. All the political jackals are laughing up their sleeves, because now they know the key to this White House. Watch ‘em operate on this guy in years to come.

This is not new. Courtiers used to surround little child princes and princesses with years of flattery, resulting in Roman Emperors like Caligula and Nero, and French Queens like Marie Antoinette and Dominique de Villepin. Human beings drift out of touch with reality when they are constantly poodle-licked with flattery. They become easy to manipulate, which is why all the cynical courtiers constantly polish the egos of their little princes. They still do.

Those five Norwegians on the Nobel PC committee acted perfectly in character. They wanted to shower love and glory on Our Guy, and by gum, they sure did, and made themselves look like priceless fools in the process. With any luck they may have destroyed whatever credibility the PC Prize had left, after Planet Gore flamed out. Obama's preemptive Nobel Prize made even the New York Times a tad defensive -- I've never seen that happen in the whole Glorious Reign of Pinch.

It all goes back to psychological denial. In psychiatric lingo "denial" -- blocking out big chunks of reality -- is considered to be a "regressive" defense. People in denial are childlike, and have a hard time telling the difference between truth and lies, especially when the lies are delivered by a black man with an Obamanesque baritone.  When adults in positions of power and responsibility regress so profoundly, this country is in real danger. And it all happened because millions of liberal voters were just not willing even to Google "Obama." They took him at face value, and swooned. Nine months later some of them woke up. It's those voters who deserve the blame, and all the teachers and professors who taught them to be as blind as they are.

Now the Nobel PC Committee finally jumped the shark, and a real sense of shock seems to ripple through the Left. Even the pundits were baffled, and for once in their lives they didn't all say exactly the same thing in perfect harmony. They were shocked by a momentary bump into that ole' brick wall of reality, but  it will be a long time before they admit it. Remember how long it took for the Left to dump Bill Clinton? They needed a "transitional object," in psychiatric lingo, a new comfort blanket -- Obama -- before they could junk their previous one. Bill Clinton with his voice cracking with maudlin emotion and saying "I Caaayyyr For You" was good enough to keep them hooked for a couple of presidential terms. But then he got white hair (for real, not a tint job) and they had to find another blankey. Obama is It. He's the One.

That's what you get when race, gender and LGBT status become your sole standards for judging people. Simple honesty, competence and integrity are left behind. It happens wherever PC is spoken. Obama wasn't the only fraud running on the Democrat side. John Edwards and Hillary couldn't stand the light of day either. Dennis Kucinich was the only one with integrity, and he was disqualified for other reasons.

I'm sorry to say that millions of otherwise normal people, mostly on the Left, seem to be badly regressed. Don't ever let them cross the street without a trustworthy adult to hold their hand. Don't give ‘em a credit card, or too many lollypops, and for heaven's sake, don't ever let ‘em vote.

Who knows what might happen if they elect a nut job?
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