Teaching monsters

I've always believed in the existence of monsters. During my 20 years as a cop in NYC, I met quite a few of them, many of whom may still be doing time in prisons around the country. However, they were the garden-variety type of monsters; murderers, rapists, armed robbers and other assorted thugs. But there's another, even lower, level of criminal that exists in communities all across America, even in some of our churches. The creature I'm referring to is the pedophile.  A few years ago, I received a 6-page letter in the mail from a woman in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, who related the tragic story of her son's murder at the hands of 2 such creatures. Jeffrey Curley, 10-year old son of Robert and Barbara Curley, was influenced by a neighbor and another man into joining them for what became a fatal ride in their car. The seduction had begun earlier when the neighbor befriended the young boy by treating him like an adult; taking him to a local restaurant and making him feel important. The parents were never aware that their son was being targeted for sex.

What happened to that child is too grisly to relate in this column. All I will say is that the boy refused their advances in the car and was killed before he was raped by one of them. His body was sealed in a container and dropped off a bridge into a river. The following morning, as neighbors and friends handed out fliers for the missing child, the "friendly neighborhood pedophile" came over, offering to help. When his behavior appeared suspicious he was taken in for questioning and ultimately confessed, also giving up the name of his confederate.

When the police investigated the car where the murder took place, they found literature from NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, including nude photos of little boys. This repulsive organization was founded about 30 years ago in Boston and has a website in which it calls itself a political organization that, among other things, calls for the repeal of age of consent laws. However, Bob Hamer, a former FBI agent who recently appeared on the Sean Hannity Show, infiltrated the group a few years ago and discovered that age of consent was not the topic most often discussed. Instead, NAMBLA members talked about how to entice little boys into having sex with adult men. During the interview, Hannity pointed to Kevin Jennings, Obama's Safe Schools Czar, who was reputedly "inspired" by Harry Hay, an icon of NAMBLA. (You can't make this stuff up.) To characterize this group as sick would put them on the same level as people who suffer from schizophrenia, paranoia, or kleptomania. No, we must not give these people a built in defense for more courtroom carnivals when they get nabbed.

These people swim in the most polluted waters of sexual aberration. Their Internet location teaches pedophiles how to make themselves interesting to little boys and induce them to engage in sex. Euphemistically referring to their loathsome pursuit as "intergenerational sex," they provide a step-by-step guide for the twisted minds to follow as they stalk their victims. Yes, like me, you're probably shouting, "How can this be legal?" Well, as Ronald Reagan used to say, here we go again.

The ACLU is once again shaking the Bill of Rights in the faces of all decent Americans and trying to tell us that this is what the founders of our democracy intended. I disagree! Does anyone think that pedophiles would have been allowed to advertise their malignant behavior in the public square of Jefferson's time? Does the term, burned at the stake ring a bell? ACLU lawyers have made a career of distorting the intent of the Constitution and stretching its provisions like salt water taffy in order to cover every conceivable, and some of the most inconceivable, behavior known to the species of man.

If we think back to a saner time in our history, could we have ever imagined the day would come that men could legally advertise and promote their intention to have sex with little boys? How could we have envisioned that a perversion academy would exist for the sole purpose of teaching grown men how to entice young boys into sexual unions? Here's how the Massachusetts ACLU Executive Director put it: "NAMBLA publishes erotic stories, poetry, and pictures of nude boys, but there's nothing on the website that constitutes a criminal act." Really? How about pornography? How about teaching grown men how to stalk children with the purpose of becoming intimate with them? Ms. Curley, in the opening of her letter, wrote: "It could easily have been your own child, or grandchild. But it was my little boy, Jeffrey, only 10 years old."

I don't know about you, but that strikes a very responsive chord in my heart. The trouble with most people is they think it can never happen to them. When it does, they wish they had done something before it was too late. Now that you know about NAMBLA, what are you going to do about it? Take a look at your children or grandchildren and imagine that some freaks from the NAMBLA group may be plotting right now to get to them. You know how to write a letter to elected officials, don't you? If you need help, let me know.     

Bob Weir is a former detective sergeant in the New York City Police Department. He is the executive editor of The News Connection in Highland Village, Texas.  Email Bob.