Spc. Flores couldn't make it to Fiesta Latina

What a thrill to be invited to Latin Music night at the White House. Every Latino who mattered was there from J.Lo, to Eva Longoria-Parker, to Sonia Sotomayor. Unfortunately, Spc. Jesus O. Flores Jr. of La Mirada, California was not in attendance -- he was busy dodging the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Though irresolute on some issues Barack Obama has been right on schedule when it comes to supporting music and culture. According to one
account, amidst the sober reality of wartime, "The Obama's are demonstrating a commitment to use the White House to promote the arts in a huge way."

Since day one, Obama hasn't missed a beat when it comes to drawing all kinds of celebrities and music groups to his monthly installments of music night. For Noche Latina, "Michelle and Barack Obama sat one table over from J.Lo and Marc Anthony, and all four of them were rocking in their seats as Sheila E. shook the house."

And while Shelia E. was "shaking the house" with that Latino beat, four soldiers in Kandahar province Afghanistan were being shaken on all sides by mortar fire as they patiently waited for the President to make a decision about sending troop reinforcements, which to date he has failed to do. Obama might as well be playing
3 on 3 with the guys, while a toddler stands in the street in the wake of an on-coming bus. His behavior is on par with swooshing a few more shots into the hoop before removing an endangered child from the path of a bus.

In an interview, Latino performer Romeo Santos averred that the President's support is a powerful tool in giving Latino music "mainstream respect." Obama has such a busy schedule garnering public support for Latino music he can't squeeze in time to meet with his Secretary of Defense and war commander General Stanley McChrystal?

According to
Robert Gates, "It's just a matter now of getting the time with the president, when we can sort through these options and then tee them up for him to make a decision."

Twenty-eight soldiers from Fort Carson have died in the last two weeks alone. Generals in Afghanistan continue to lose soldiers as Obama drags his Mexican
nortego dancing feet trying to make a decision about troop reinforcement. One can't help but wonder why gaining respect for Latino music is even on the President's roster.
Adventura lead singer Santo, scheduled to perform at Fiesta Latina, ecstatically said, "A lot of times minorities get treated like second-class citizens...it doesn't feel that way today." No need to worry Romeo, Spc. Jesus O. Flores Jr., and the rest of those serving in Afghanistan have been unofficially awarded the title of "second-class citizen" from the Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama.

One has to wonder, if Obama was as indecisive about picking finger foods and dessert options for Fiesta night as he is about accepting the recommendation to send
40,000 troops from his commanding Generals in the field? American soldiers' lives hang in the balance while Obama, in an effort to foster culture and diversity at the White House, munches on Fresh Corn Polenta with Roasted Bacon in a Guajilio-Ancho Adobo with Jose Feliciano.

Regardless of his ethnicity, Flores likely would have preferred Obama spend his night concentrating on making a quick decision about a troop surge. Instead, the President chose to spend precious time delighting guests while making sure to not step on
Thalia's toes "...who lured him onto the dance floor."

Latin music night, Obama, extolling the virtues of diversity said, "...it is the same thing that's always made America great: the unique ability to celebrate our differences, while creating something new; to realize that although we may come from different backgrounds and different cultures, what unites us will always be stronger that what divides us." Obviously, Obama is so busy enjoying himself he failed to notice the diverse makeup of the US Military.
The U.S. Armed Forces are a reflection of America -- virtually every possible ethnic and religious group is represented. The military is a team of men and women from all over the United States working together with a single purpose: to protect our Nation and fight for freedom...where each service member is judged by his or her performance -- never by race, color, religion or gender. It has been said that if society as a whole were more like the military in this regard, the U.S. would be a better place.

Barack Obama could learn a thing or two from our Armed Forces.

The day after Fiesta Latina, Obama cooled his tired Salsa-heels, while the tents were disassembled, the white folding chairs were collapsed and the candied cacao swept from beneath the tables. At the same time, thousands of miles from the White House, Flores, part of diverse band of brothers, was fatally wounded when a Taliban planted bomb struck the vehicle he rode in.

According to deputy social secretary in charge of the White House music series, the President and First Lady, "...made it clear early on that they wanted to use their new home as a platform for the
best and the brightest that America has to offer." It appears as if that elite group consists of people like Los Lobos, Tito "El Bambino" and Latino guest chef Maricel Presilla. Nowhere on the guest list were the names of Staff Sgt. Glen H. Stivison Jr., Spc. Daniel C. Lawson, and Pfc. Brandon M. Styer, all of whom died alongside, Jesus O. Flores Jr. waiting for Obama to send reinforcements.

If all goes well for the Obama's cultural music series, hopefully the four flag draped coffins arrive home before their deaths hamper the party atmosphere of Classical Music Night.

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