PC Prize for PC Prez

Surprise: Some liberals have a sense of shame. It showed up with the farcical award of a Nobel "PC" Prize for the first real PC president in American history: A black guy who tells daily lies with real grace and artistry. Mr. Obama is the very incarnation of PC: He played on his race in beating Hillary Clinton, and at any other time it's been convenient.

When his popularity plunges, as it will soon, the American people will be accused of racism again.

Obama owes his power to PC, just as Hillary does.  He has scapegoated the rich, the insurance companies, medical doctors, and other standard enemies of the PC power establishment. The Norwegian PC Committee apparently made its decision in February, when Obama had been in office for a whole two weeks. Norwegian politicians are big on this sort of thing; Scandinavia is rigidly entombed in Political Correctness. It's like Lutheranism for atheists.

But Political Correctness is just an endless series of Leftist lies, of course, and it has turned everything in public life into a lie. It's not just the Nobel Peace Prize that's been trashed. The Pulitzer is now just another PC Prize, along with all the other summits of power the Left has cynically conquered. Larry Summers was fired from Harvard a few years ago for being insufficiently PC. Last week Science magazine had a perfect PC editorial, courtesy of Nobel Laureate Steven Chu; Dr. Chu proclaimed his undying and unscientific faith in global warming, even as real scientists are turning red with embarrassment. Man-made global warming is such an obvious fraud; almost as obvious as the PC Prize for Obama. But NASA, for example, can never bring itself to fire the fraud-peddler in chief, James Hansen. Still, they know, they know what he is.

Last week Saturday Night Life finally found the courage to laugh at the obvious fact that Obama has achieved nothing. He was elected with that understanding. Every liberal pundit knew it. Every American who bothered to search the web could find out the extent of Obama's inexperience, his huge Leftist blind spots, and his general incompetence. Obama was elected because he is the earthly incarnation of PC, and that's why the Nobel Committee did what it did.

Some liberal pundits can no longer deny the obvious. Even Richard Cohen of the Washington Post made an unwonted
foray into sanity. But the Left has so much to be ashamed about, they really cannot afford to start questioning themselves now. Liberal pundits would lose their jobs. So they will try to rationalize this super-fraud as soon as they can think of an excuse, and then go back to trashing Sarah Palin's grandson.

But even a brief moment of decency and shame on the Left is unprecedented. They are not very good at honesty and shame, especially when it is justified.

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, a man who has accomplished many real and constructive things in his life, said it well at the United Nations two weeks ago. He was talking about the UN's invitation to Ahmadinejad to address the General Assembly. But his
words apply perfectly to the entire transnational political class, which just awarded Obama the PC Prize. 

"To those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people. ... Have you no shame? Have you no decency?"

The answer came from Obama as he kowtowed to the tyrants again.

No, they don't.