Don't be deceived by the honeyed baritone voice and big smile. Bluffs, bully plays, and head fakes are the means by which President Obama tries to get his way. He learned the technique from Saul Alinsky.

The best answer is to use Alinsky against them. We know their rule book, and we can use their rules just as well as they can. The aggressor sets the rules.

Obama constantly uses Alinsky's principle of head-faking: "Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have."  For Obama, "the enemy" is us, the American people. We have to understand -- that's the way they use the language. Read Alinsky's Rules for Radicals if you don't believe it. We are the enemy.

Obama is head-faking us all the time. He is a big bully. He will use Styrofoam Greek columns, speeches in Berlin, ridiculous Nobel PC Prizes, whatever piece of political opera he thinks he can get away with. You have to remember that Obama always starts out acting a part. Any relationship he has to reality is purely coincidental.

But when he runs into real resistance, as with Putin, Ahmadinejad, or Israel, he backs off. He's running constant bully plays. He's like a third-rate basketball player who is just trying to fake out the other to cover up his lack of athletic talent.

Conservatives are firmly based in reality. Liberals start out from fantasy. This president has learned to play out a bully fantasy to sucker his liberal voters in Chicago -- but then he runs into a brick wall and gets a bloody nose. Like a professional actor he can also drop the act. He'll be very hurt and insulted if we believe him for what he is, but that for the next sucker play.

We have to make him drop all the head fakes. The only way is to do that is to firmly resist his head-fake, and to head-fake him back.

Obama is constantly pretending to have power that he doesn't have.

It's obvious:

Cut salaries 90%.

Does Obama have that power? No. It's a head-fake.

The executives who are getting the supposed 90% salary cut should not resign. That's what Obama wants. So if the threatened executives resign they are just giving in to a head-fake. The Gang from Chicago is like any thugocracy: They do most of their work by fear and intimidation. That way they don't have to take any risks themselves.

So the executives and their firms should just sue the Feds immediately, and appeal any illegal demand they receive, oral or written, to the Supreme Court on an emergency basis. They should run commercials. They should go on the Glenn Beck Show. Conservative radio is there, eager to hear from them. And just go to the highest court in the land that will hear the case, and put all the thug behavior on the public record. If the liberal media don't cover it, the conservative media will. It'll get out there, and Obama will retreat as fast as he can run.

Take another example of the latest outrageous PR bluff. According to several Obama Faces, everybody has to stop watching Fox News and listening to Rush.

Can Obama enforce that? Not a chance in hell. He isn't even fool enough to think he can. He's just putting the bluff out there to see who is going to get intimidated.

The Soviets did exactly the same thing in the world power game. So does Putin today. So does Ahmadinejad. It's what bullies do. Obama's Alinsky Rules are Bully Rules.

A last example: Obama is pretending he can control all the medical care in this country.

Does he have that power? Not if we resist it. Sixty percent of the voters hate the whole idea of Mob-o-Care. Eighty or ninety percent of us are happy with our medical care. The whole thing is a fraud, a head-fake, a scam, a bully play.

Every sane person who is expecting to get old someday is going to hate Mob-o-Care. Every sick person will hate it, because they will no longer be able to trust their doctor to take decisions that are in their best medical interest. Death Panels are for real, even if they are called the NICE Committee, as the British National Health Service calls its rationing committee. In typical Orwellian fashion, the NICE committee is the extreme opposite of nice. They tell you how long the State will pay for you to live. Just read the daily horror stories about denial of medical treatment in the British press.

As soon as Obama's taxes start to bite, as soon as the voters get scared and feel ignored by those maniacs in DC, the voters will have their revenge. That's what happened after Jimmy Carter's Leftward Lurch. It happened to Walter Mondale before he even got stated. It happened to Bill Clinton with the Gingrich Congress in 1994.

It will happen to Obama, which is why is in such a big panic right now to drive the scam through now, now, now.

Well, the answer is to call their bluff on it, now, now, now.

The Democrats in Congress are running scared, and we should use Alinsky's head-fake against them.  We can legally tell them: They are out of a job. Now. We want them out. We will mobilize the vote against them in 2010, a midterm election when normal people tend to vote a lot more and Leftie victim groups vote a lot less. Let's throw out Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Arlen Spector, and plenty of other Democrats in the House and Senate.

We will give them a another real Gingrich Congress with a vengeance. (A peaceful, legal, political vengeance, but a very painful one for the politicians who get crushed in the process. No more fat jobs for them. We can fire them, and discredit them.  Elections are opportunities to rebel against the abuse of power, and that's what we are now seeing every day. Tell them this is going to hurt them just as much as it hurts us.)

And we will fire the Leftie media in the process. Turn off all those alphabet channels. You don't need them. Turn on Fox News, and Rush and Beck. Put your money where your vote is. Stop using Google and start using Scroogle.org (not .com, which is a porn site).

And we will pass State laws to stop tenured radicals from politically indoctrinating innocent kids into Marxism. If they indoctrinate their tenure gets stopped.  Get all politics out of the classroom. And that includes LGBT propaganda.

Tell them we are going to elect Sarah Palin President -- because she scares the pants off those people. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's that big moose gun she has. Maybe it's her cheerleader personality. Maybe it's her good looks. Maybe it's her Reaganite sense of moral conviction. She just scares them silly. 

So tell them their worst nightmare is going to come true, and then make it so.

Use the Alinsky headfake on the enemy. (They started with that word "enemy," and that's what they have made themselves. We are only echoing them. The aggressor sets the rules.)

So our first rule is that our power is not only what we have, but what "the enemy" thinks we have. Use what "the enemy" thinks we have. It's safe, legal, fun, and educational. It's the best lesson in civics your kids are ever going to get.

There's no rule in American politics that says voters have to be nice. That we can't get tough on the Democrats. It's been done. It will be done again. All it takes is guts and conviction and street smarts. You've got it. Use it.

Alinsky's answer: Laugh at the SOBs!

Point out how silly they look. How nuts do you have to be to appoint a con artist like Van Jones to your White House? Or that guy Kevin Jennings? Or Sotomayor? Never, never let the Left tell you that you cannot laugh at them. They are fools, and deep down they know it.

These people are way, way out of the mainstream of sane America. You know it, I know it, and believe me, they know it, too. That's why they are so desperate to seize all the power they can get right now, before the American people rise up against them in the next election.

What they are doing is a gigantic head trip, a gigantic bluff, but they don't hold the aces. They're a bunch of zeroes, and deep down they know that, too. They are the Wizard of Oz -- which was originally written as a political satire, too. They will crumble to pressure, and pressure is what Americans can bring to bear under the United States Constitution.

Yes, peaceful, verbal pressure, demonstrations, Tea Parties, logic, reason, and real evidence. You can do it.

Convince the world that these scammers don't have the superhuman powers they claim to have. Laugh at the Nobel BS Prize. Laugh at the hula-hoops at the White House. Laugh at the absurdities of their cocksure pretensions. It will drive them nuts. And laugh at the media while you're at it. They have been running a gigantic scam, too, and deep down, they know it.

The Obamanoids look scary, but the way an Inuit shaman looks scary --- by going around deliberately spooking the rest of the clan.  Shamans used to dress the part, and act it, too. If you can imagine the superstitious and credulous victims who were being spooked -- just like ignorant people today -- all you have to do is call their bluff.

These people will yield to firmness, as authoritarians always do. They will dodge and scream to scare us, but then they will yield. If they don't, that's why we have a Supreme Court, and that's why we already have the Democrats running scared about next year's elections. You tell your Democrats exactly how you're going to vote, and the newspapers, and the TV stations, and anybody else.

It's Tea Party Time for the Whole US of A.

So the Obamanoids are out to intimidate the American people, and they figure the way to do that is to claim superhuman and supra-Constitutional powers, that the Supremes will just have to slap down as soon as possible. That's what happened when FDR tried to do the same thing in the Depression. There has been pushback  when liberals overreach. (That includes Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman in some ways, LBJ and Jimmy). Every liberal zig has been followed by a vigorous conservative zag. Plan for the zag to come.

The old trial lawyer rule was: If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you don't have the law on your side, pound the table.

Obama is just pounding the table. It's like a gorilla threat display, where the big guy just roars and tears off leaves and branches. If the threat works nobody has to fight, so it's an easy win. Gorillas are lazy.

But we can pound the table, too.

Americans can be tough. Now go and show it. Pick up that phone, send that email, walk down to your Congress critter's office. Be polite but firm. Let them know you care.

A lot.