Lies, Damned Lies, and Sadistics

If everybody told the truth tomorrow, car buying would be a good experience and there would be no more Democratic Party. 

We have become desensitized to lies these days.  A study a few years ago said that presidential candidates only keep 40% of their promises.  Bill Clinton performed better at 50% because he managed to take both sides of every issue.  He never bothered to fact-check and didn't need to: the mainstream media doesn't bother, either.   

What Bill Clinton told were lies.  Everybody knew he was lying to save his political skin during the Monica Lewinsky debacle.  What is the definition of is?  Or what about Hillary Clinton being shot at in Bosnia? Or that she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary even though she was born before he climbed Mt. Everest.  What came out of their mouths was strictly for convenience. 

Further, Al Gore should be given a genius prize for inventing the Internet.  If Michelle Obama is to be believed, she watched Carl Lewis in the Olympics on her daddy's lap...when she was 20 years old.  I won't touch that one. 

Lies are convenient these days in today's culture.  Resumes are "embellished," prisons are full of innocent men, the dog ate my homework, blame it on the guy who ain't there, the nightly news.  We've come to expect it.  Worse, Americans have started shrugging at the lies from politicians bordering on treason. 

Things have worsened in the last two years.  Over the horizon came the Damned Lie, as perfected by Barack Obama.  What sets him apart is the audacity of the lie.   

Earlier this year, he told the CIA he was their biggest fan when all along he wanted to gut it and demoralize it.  He says he has no reason to look back and prosecute those responsible for the Iraq War but has his lieutenant do that for him.  He bloats the federal budget for trillions of dollars and then claims to have found a few billion dollars to pare off the budget while lecturing the American people on fiscal austerity. 

What makes them Damned Lies is they hide his real intentions; that he wants to gut the United States and weaken it to just one country among many.  And these Damned Lies get a pass from a compliant mainstream media.  And he will lie about anything at any time if it suits his needs. 

It should be plainly obvious now that BHO has no intention on "governing" and wanting what is best for the American people.  No, like most of the liberal elites, he knows what is best for America.  He wants to tear down the foundations to the most successful political experiment in the world and replace it with a historically uniformly failing model.  And the method used is the Damned Lie. 

Joseph Goebbels was right: if you continue the lie long enough, people will believe it, especially when you have the mainstream media in your pocket. 

It is amazing that people go back to the same dealers they bought their last car even though they complain how they were ripped off and received poor service afterwards.  The American people seem to be sadistic in this manner. 

Most Americans seem to be even more so with modern politics.  They give no care to the truth or history and vote for what looks good on television.  They expect that all politicians lie even though they seem to be almost exclusively the domain of the Democrat Party.  It appears that elections aren't for selecting our representatives anymore but for people they want to see win. 

Children will lie until they know better.  But the Damned Lie is the most important part of BHO's arsenal and he doesn't care.  Regardless, it is time to send the adults back to Washington.  The hard part is getting through these next three years.