It's Time for Obama to Get a Clue

If the Obama administration took as much time to focus on the issues of the day as it does to attack its critics, this country might actually be headed in a different direction - the right direction. It is becoming tiresome to open a newspaper, sign onto the internet, or turn on the television and read or hear about the most recent inane attacks by Obama, Gibbs, Emmanuel, or any of the other radical administration spokesmen who have an implausible theory on what they perceive as their adversaries' contributions to the downfall of the country.

If Obama and his Chicago thugs simply focused on the country's real enemies rather than American citizens and institutions which provide constructive criticism and honest discourse on the policies emanating from the White House, effective policy might be put in place which would advance an agenda supported by a true majority of citizens. But rather, we see an administration so focused on what, in its paranoid state, it perceives as enemies, that all of its energies are centered on discrediting Bush and Cheney, Fox News, talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, town hall attendees, tea party organizers, health insurance companies, Wall Street executives, and a sundry other groups not yet in their pockets.

I don't know about the rest of the American citizens, but I'm getting pretty sick of watching the Obamas spend our tax dollars going out on date nights, hosting gala affairs at the White House, dancing a jig to whatever latest ethnic music group fills their politically correct agenda, traveling the world caving to the country's true enemies, and perpetually campaigning while the country is going to pot. Enough of blaming Bush for every wrong in the world. What was the point of taking on the presidency if they didn't have a plan to turn the country in the right direction and help American citizens better their lives? Did they think it was going to be easy?

These guys remind me of the school boy who continually comes home from school blaming his poor performance on his teachers.

"The test wasn't fair. Professor Plum didn't tell us that we needed to be knowledgeable in matters of world history.  I had no idea there were bad people in the world."

"I couldn't finish the assignment because Colonel Mustard didn't give me enough time to analyze the problems and come up with a viable solution.  I'm sorry if our troops are dying in the meantime but really, I inherited this mess."

"I swear it was Miss Scarlett that told me there were 57 states in the union and Austrian was a language."

"Mr. Green made me print all those greenbacks!  He never taught me that I can't just print, tax, and spend money on all of my friends so that they can live the high life."

"It's not my fault that when you borrow ten dollars from China, they want you to repay twenty-five, Mrs. Peacock said that they would provide or save jobs for millions of people - even green jobs. But at least the Chinese kids like me because they hated the kids that graduated last year."

"Mrs. White's the science teacher so when she told me that the polar bears are dying and the ice caps are melting, I believed her. It's her fault that we're throwing all that money away on saving a planet that's not really dying. But don't worry, I'm really the Messiah so I pushed a reset button and voila, it's now cold and snowy all the time so I'll just get an A on the next test."

The "Clueless" President Obama deserves about the same deference for his blame game as a teenager shirking his responsibilities and blaming someone else for the cigarettes found in his school backpack. At some point, the buck stops here and that means no more enemies lists, no more blaming Bush, grow up, take responsibility, and perform the job you were elected to fulfill.

Stop partying like there's no tomorrow, like you just won the lottery, and like happy days are here again. Happy days are not here for a great many Americans who have lost their jobs or who are lucky enough to still have jobs but have a White House czar dictating what they can earn. Americans are getting sick and tired of the laziness and whining they hear from the White House while they watch the liberal elites in power buy $8000 pocketbooks and cost taxpayers $250,000 for a Broadway show and dinner or a cheap flyover stunt just for a photo-op. Americans expect their leaders to roll up their shirtsleeves, get their hands dirty (and that does not mean in the Chicago way), pull all nighters, and begin to solve problems.

Someone in the White House needs to tell Barack Obama and all of his other holier than thou advisors sitting in their Ivory Towers that the economy is not on the wrong track just because of George W. Bush. Any student of Economics 101 should understand that when you spend more than you take in, you will owe and that debt is not a good thing. A student of Economics 101 would understand the significance of the Laffer curve -- that borrowing money, printing money, and taxing the citizens will only result in a devastated economy and a ruined nation.

Someone needs to tell Robert Gibbs that Dick Cheney did not fail our troops. Commander in Chief Obama needs an advisor that explains to him that Commander in Chief Bush took his job extremely seriously, conferred with his troops on the ground on a regular basis, and shed tears for each and every single soldier fallen on the battlefield. Someone should fill Joe "Surrender" Biden in on the fact that had anyone followed his foreign policy advice over the past 30 years, disaster would have struck in various places across the globe. And someone needs to explain to these liberal "Constitutional scholars" that the free speech offered by talk radio hosts and FoxNews analysts furthers the Framers' intent by advancing the principles of freedom of speech and liberty on which the country was founded.

When the Obama administration accuses the Bush team of having advanced policy and made decisions based on their financial interests in big oil and big business, it is high time for them to take a look at their reflection in the mirror of the images of the tort bar, union organizers, and other special interests who are the driving force and only recipients of the "stimulus funds" and other monies spent during the Democrats' never-ending spending sprees. Obama should opt to spend his next date night on a flight to the Murtha airport in Pennsylvania - no one else is flying there and perhaps that will be the locale where he will find the clues to solve the mystery of how to govern a country once known as a superpower.

History will judge this presidency and it will not do so kindly. While Nixon compiled his enemies list, his presidency failed due to his paranoid fantasies of those out to get him. But he did accomplish certain successes before his psychological shortcomings got the better of him. Barack Obama is headed in a different direction. He has absolutely no accomplishments to date. In fact, what he has is a list of dreadful failures both in foreign policy and his domestic agenda. Ramming through Congress a 1500 page bill otherwise known as the healthcare entitlement that will bankrupt the country will not alter the destructive path on which he has taken this country; it will simply expedite it.

Instead of hiding behind the Bush/Cheney "I haven't got a clue" blame game, and whining about the fact that existing problems in the country are not his fault, Obama should hire a new czar - someone with the title of Psychiatric Czar would be fitting. Maybe after a few months of conferring with that individual he would be able to pick himself up off the couch, make some decisions, and actually step into the shoes of the Commander in Chief and the President of the United States of America. But until then, I think we've all had enough of the attacks and the missives which make these people sound like playground bullies instead of heads of state and leaders of the free world.
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