In every generation

Not one alone has arisen against us to destroy the Jews. Rather in each generation, there are those that rise up against us to destroy us.

These chilling and prophetic words have been told and retold for untold generations as Jews celebrate the great festival of freedom -- the Passover.

During the epic story of their freedom from Egyptian slavery - the Exodus - and their epic trek to the Promised Land, those words have become a generational reminder of the relentless efforts by tyrants to destroy the Jews and their ancestral and now reconstituted biblical homeland.

It would be easy today to point the finger at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the would-be   destroyer of the Jewish state just one generation after the Holocaust. After all, the hate filled Iranian leader works feverishly to develop a nuclear weapon and calls for Israel's destruction -.all the while tormenting the ghosts of the six million Jewish souls, murdered by Nazi Germany and her European allies - by claiming they never existed.

But it would be a very different world if the president of the United States of America would lead the nations by example in rejecting utterly, morally and forcefully the genocidal ambitions of the twisted and evil Iranian gangster.

It would also be a different world if the leader of America rejected the fevered rants of the world's thugs and tyrants who have come to the Disunited Nations to spew such venom as makes the very angels in heaven weep.

But we do not have such a president in America today. Instead we have a man who would be king of the world; a world such as the one that oozes moral equivalency from that Temple of Hypocrisy known as the United Nations. 

Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, was right to cry out to the assembled nations: Have you no shame? Have you no decency? He was speaking to those who sat and applauded the odious rants of first one dictator, then another tyrant and all the evil Islamists.

Tragically, many of those who sat and listened while the Iranian beast spewed his Holocaust denial were from Europe -- a continent whose very soil is saturated with Jewish blood and covered in the ashes of Jews done to death over countless generations.

But what of President Obama's own words when he went to the podium and addressed the General Assembly? Our President, our Commander in Chief, who America voted into office, demanded that the Jews, in their very own homeland, their biblical heartland of Judea and Shomron (Samaria) must stop building homes for their families and children.

He called those Jewish villages and towns by the pejorative term, settlements, as if they are an alien presence within their own native homeland. Then, America's president, Barack Hussein Obama, implied that he will work for the removal of all Jews from their land of antiquity in order that a new Arab state, called Palestine, be created upon its ruins.

What is not understood by many fair minded people is that the Arab and Muslim world demands that this new Arab state must be ethnically cleansed of its Jews. For the Arabs cannot abide the native Jews remaining in a new Arab state of Palestine -- the first time such a state has ever existed in all of recorded history - although they demand that Muslim Arabs must remain within what's left of the Jewish state.

In other words, our American president will effectively work on behalf of the corrupt, terror machine known as the Palestinian Authority and, in essence, repeat what the German Nazis first did when they came to power: make the land Judenrein -- free of Jews. Axelrod and Emmanuel, do you know what you do? Have you no shame?

President Obama demands that Israel retreat from its homeland in Judea and Samaria to the nine miles wide armistice lines it endured before the defensive Six Day War it was forced to  fight - the very lines that Abba Eban, Israel's late foreign minister, described as the Auschwitz borders.

It is not hard to see how a new Arab and Islamist terror state called Palestine would easily overcome a reduced and indefensible Jewish state forced to survive within such insanely narrow borders. All who call for Israel to leave Judea and Samaria - the so-called West Bank - wittingly, or unwittingly, sow the seeds of Israel's destruction and its people's genocide.

So here we have the same President Obama who refuses to exert the moral force of the United States to once and for all force the Iranian mullahs and Ahmadinejad to cancel their nuclear weapons program, end their genocidal ambitions against Israel, and cease exporting terror around the globe.

But this president will not do that. Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, the man who shone a laser beam of moral light into the darkest recesses of the United Nations before the Left forced him out, has said that under Obama, Israel is on the chopping block.

Perhaps there are many millions of American voters who are now expressing deep remorse at voting this man into power. Perhaps even within the Democrat party, some are now fearful as to where the Obama Administration is taking America.

Some now say that he is a clear and present danger to the survival of the United States as we have known it.  But it is America itself, which now lies prostrate before this administration with its army of unelected czars and its relentless attempts at dismantling the Constitution, even as it expands the reach of government into areas within which it was never before permitted to meddle.

Perhaps, because of President Obama's love of moral equivalency, flirtation with the thugs of the world, and his growing betrayal of America's democratic allies around the world, it is not without reason to believe that he maybe the one the Passover story warns us about. Let us pray that this is not so.

It is said that when President Obama was a boy, he attended a Muslim school in Indonesia. Sadly, he may well have learned hateful passages from the Koran. It would have been far better for him to have learned the ancient Jewish wisdom and warning enshrined in the Ethics of the Fathers:

Whoever is merciful to the cruel ends by being cruel to the merciful.

Victor Sharpe is the author of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.