Hello, My Name Is...

You should've seen it! If you could have been there, you would have been amazed.  It is surreal to see the crowd below you, at your feet, swooning at the hysteria of your very voice.  They shout, "I love you," and women scream as I enter the arena. Cheering turns to adulation, and I offered them promises of hope and change. Our nation is in dire straits. Our constitution needs to be clarified, and policies need to be changed to remake this great nation to something the world will be proud of. I will be the revolutionary leader that the people so desperately crave! 

How far have I come from my roots? My father was poor boy born in a foreign village. He was noticed and got a job as a government employee. He didn't have any interest in my upbringing and had other children by other women. I was raised by my mother. More often than not, I felt alienated from my father. The last time I saw him I was in my teens. Many people have questioned my origins and particularly my birthplace but I have overcome the roots of my family tree. 

Look at me now. My people see me as a gifted man, and I am hailed as the savior of my country. I am admired throughout the world. Masses of people flock to see me -- particularly the working class and women -- and I inspire them to action. People shed tears when I speak. Children sing about me in classrooms. I have restored our country's national pride. I will deliver change to my people!

Writing was the catalyst for my career. I wrote my first book in my mid-thirties. It is an autobiography with insights into my childhood years and growth into political thought. My second book was released shortly thereafter, and it provides a deeper understanding of my political ideas. Meanwhile, I was working as a community organizer and politician. My books, accompanied by my speeches, caught the attention of a nation. I was hailed as an excellent orator, a powerful organizer, and an agent of change for my country. 

Before I was elected as the leader of my country, we were in grave peril. My country has a bad reputation in the eyes of the world. The actions of my government were seen as dishonest, treacherous, and verging on war crimes. I will correct this going forward. I will make my nation a nation among many. I am calling for a new world order -- change that everyone in the world can believe in. 

My country is experiencing one of the largest economic crises in its history. I will offer solutions. I will clamp down on big business and provide government options to take over the industry. Our current system rewards those that are greedy and exploits those that are economically weak. I will offer healthcare for every man, woman, and child in the nation.  I will remove the greedy from their positions of power and cut their salaries, and the government will take control to ensure that everyone in our nation will have a job. I will eliminate this atrocious debt, correct our position in current wars, and restore our nation to greatness.

My term has just begun, but I have plans for our future as a nation. I invite you into history to watch as it unfolds. I call you back, not towards better politics, but to your higher selves -- to a place where our country exists as a glittering ideal...an ideal that we, its honored inhabitants, are capable of achieving.

Hello, my name is Adolf Hitler. 

I'm sorry, were you thinking I was someone else?

When millions of people surrender their hearts and minds to one person, the result can be catastrophic. This is what happened in Germany with Hitler, in China with Mao, in the Soviet Union with Stalin, in Cuba with Castro, in Iran with Khomeini, and so on and so forth. Today, we think these men were monsters, but that was not what their millions of worshipers thought. Those people loved them. Dictators can't dictate unless people are willing to submit. 

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