Disposable People

This month reveals how deeply we have descended into an anti-human kind of Dante's Hell.  From Newsweek, which told us a month ago that "We Are All Socialists Now," last week's cover story was: The Case for Pulling the Plug on Granny. , written by Evan Thomas, the grandson of famous socialist  Norman Thomas, a six-time Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. But now that we're all socialists, Evan Thomas can confess that he's just a Democrat.

The fundamental delusion of Socialism is that there's a free lunch, plus free health care, free national defense (by decimating the military), and free welfare. It's a delusion because all those things have to be paid for one way or another, by things like cutting down Granny's medical care. (Because it all belongs to us, you see...)

From Canada:

The rationing of care is implemented through The National Health Care Board, according to the plan.  This Board "will approve or reject treatment for patients based on the cost per treatment divided by the number of years the patient will benefit from the treatment."

Every day you live you're worth less. By the time you're 65, statistically you have maybe fifteen years left, so you are worth only 10% of a child of eight.

Got that? That's the real value of your life, and that's the max the State is going to spend on keeping your worthless hide alive.

Obama is importing the Disposable Mom and Dad. Here's what their lives are worth in cold cash -- a formula that is actually used in the UK.

Life (in dollars) =  the cost of your medical care, divided by the number of years you have left.

As you get older you can expect statistically fewer years, and your life becomes worth less and less. Statistical life expectancy is the mid-seventies for men, and mid-eighties for women. Call it 80 years old on average. If you retire at 65 the last 15 years of your statistical life will be worth less and less, until at the magic number 80 it is worth ... nothing. After that you go into the red, I suppose, and actually have to pay the Feds for any medical care you receive, on top of your taxes that pay for everybody else's medical care. Fair's fair, right?

So let's suppose they find a cure for cancer. Or diabetes. Or heart disease. Certainly we have thousands and thousands of scientists working on those things. But new treatments are expensive. Aspirin becomes cheap only when you get economies of scale. So ... people over 50 or 65 who need new treatments for cancer will be priced out of the ObamaCare monopoly. But then they don't deserve it because they don't score high enough on the value of life index.

My wife's grandparents lived to be over a hundred. But statistically they were supposed to die around 78. If you apply the ObamaCare formula, they were well into minus dollars territory for the last 25 years of their lives.

Obama's view of disposable human identity may reflect his own life. First he was Barry Obama, then Barry Soetoro, brought up as a sort of alienated secular humanist Muslim kid, in Hawaii and Indonesia. (Or wherever.) Then he was Barack H. Obama, mysterious dope-smoking Prince from the East on two different college campuses. For the election last year he became Barack H. Obama --- and don't you dare say "Hussein". Several month ago he morphed into President Hussein in Cairo, or Mr. "I Won" President, well on his way to becoming the First Emperor of the World.

Maybe it's being an orphan all his life and growing up in made-up families. Freud might call Dreams From My Father, even after Bill Ayers got done with it, a "compromise formation" -- a cry from the heart by an orphaned kid, a lifelong complaint of being abandoned by his real father for an endless series of surrogates -- all of them radical Lefties -- until finally Obama's solution for every American is to be orphaned and adopted by the State. Because Obama wrote Dreams from My Father we get nightmares from Obama.

You, too, can get to be as insanely great as Barack Hussein Obama, the Man Without a Country. Or family. So you might as well throw away your real family.

Obama's formula adds up to a determination to abolish the real family. Which is why Obama's first act upon reaching power was to kill Welfare Reform -- in spite of the fact that it had saved black families. Think about that for a minute. Why would The Savior kill the best thing that has happened for black families?

Some Savior.

Welfare Reform was enacted to make the State as Father and Mother less enticing. Starting with LBJ's War on Poverty, Big Welfare made marriage unnecessary, allowed black men to walk away from pregnant women and babies, and thereby destroyed black families that had survived Jim Crow in the Deep South. Welfare was the Pandora's Box that destroyed families, just as the European family has been destroyed and undermined by welfare. Blacks now have a 70% out-of-wedlock birth-rate, massive drug abuse, self-inflicted health abuse, crime and violence. All thanks to the Welfare State.

Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice grew up as strong people in strong families. But Barack Obama was passed from non-family to non-family all his life.

Freud would see a pattern there. Is it true? I don't know, but we know that Obama is continuing his assault on the family in the guise of socialist compassion.

Socialism is about world empire. For the greater good of humanity, of course, but every imperial ideology claims it needs to conquer the world for the good of humanity. Karl Marx came out of Prussia, the home of the German Empire, the Kaiser's Reich founded by Otto Von Bismarck. That's where Marx got his idea of the All-Powerful State with all the little citizens marching in lockstep, and the Communist Party as the new Junker Aristocracy. Marx based his metaphysics on Hegel, the reigning ideologue of Bismarck's Reich. It's still the same story. Hitler was just a third-rate Bismarck.

Obama's wish to preside over the UN Security Council last week fits into his heroic self-image. He is the first US President to do so. His destiny is to rule the world.

But first, he needs ObamaCare.

Just to do us all a big favor. Because he cares about us.