Did Obama swing his own Nobel?

Napoleon famously crowned himself Emperor of France and its conquered European empire, which he was trying to spread to Russia, Britain and Egypt, in its brief moment of grandeur. I'm wondering if Obama also crowned himself Nobel Laureate right after the US election. That would fit his vainglorious persona and his famished ego, always hungry for more and more applause.  Just wait till we see his Nobel PC Address being televised around the world. America is too little for Zero.

Obama obviously thinks of himself as a Man of Destiny, like Napoleon and quite a few other Saviors on Horseback. Men of Destiny don't wait for the world to recognize their superhuman virtues. They know it from the start, and by gum, the rest of the world better catch up quick. As Nicolas Sarkozy has said, Obama is "utterly immature... arrogant ... empty of all content." This is the Prez of France, who lives in a Heavenly Palace near the Avenue of the Heavenly Fields -- the Champs-Élysées. He's an expert on the swelled head, since every president of France is required to have one.

The latest rumor is that three of the five Norwegian political hacks on the PC Committee were against giving the golden bauble to Our Messiah (Peace Be Upon Him!) -- until something made them change their minds. The two members of the ruling party apparently talked the other three into making it "unanimous." Now they're all getting big flak and scurrying for cover.

According to Alexander Downer, former Foreign Minister of Australia, "Electing President Barack Obama for the Peace Prize was a political decision of gross stupidity."

Writes Mr. Downer,

"There are five Norwegian MPs on the committee, three from the left and two from the right. There is a woman called Sissel Ronbeck, who is a Labour MP. In her earlier years she was the chairman of the Norwegian Workers Youth League. Then there is Ms. Agot Valle, of the Socialist Left Party. There is a Conservative and a member of the libertarian Progress Party. And then there's the chairman, the most important of all the members of the committee. He is a man called Thorbjorn Jagland.

... He is a member of the Norwegian Labour Party."

So three socialists, one Libertarian, and one Conservative (by Norwegian standards) were finally talked into giving the first International Prize for Trying Really Hard.

Norway has only 4.5 million people -- fewer than Cook County, IL --  and it's hard to keep a secret. This is an international embarrassment, and half of Norway must be asking questions behind the scenes. How the hell did this happen? It's the biggest embarrassment since Vidkund Quisling.

So my question is: How did Rahm Emanuel talk the Oslo Labour Party into arm-twisting the three No votes on the Committee? You can bet that Hillary wasn't handling it. Hillary could never be trusted to swing a Nobel for the Big O. It had to be the White House, and they could promise favors or threaten punishment for the ruling party in Norway. That's how Rahm usually gets it done, as he made clear during his infamous table-stabbing speech in the Clinton years.

Remember, this sleazy award made the whole Nobel PC Prize look idiotic, even to the brainwashed masses. They sacrificed whatever credibility they had left after the Al Gore fiasco. But even the BBC just confessed that global warming doesn't exist, and John Tierney, the Only Honest Man at the New York Times, is even beginning to bring a smidgen of sanity to that madhouse.  The Nobel establishment must be wondering whether Algore is going down in flames -- which he will very soon. When that becomes obvious, they can kiss their Nobel PC Prize goodbye. It'll be a global farce, just like the UN "Human Rights" Commission, which gladly welcomes genociders to its ranks.

So the three skeptical committee members might have realized that their credibility was on the line. After the Obama Preemptive PC Prize no sane person will ever believe that it has any integrity, that it hasn't been utterly politicized -- the way the Left politicizes everything.

After all, the Feminist Left even politicized motherhood. All the traditional loyalties are just shotgun targets for Leftist takedown: Free speech, academic freedom, a genuinely free press, God, scientific integrity, the individual, the sanctity of life, private contracts, private property, the U.S. Constitution, the free web, hard work and sacrifice, love of country, family loyalty, marriage, babies, fatherhood, motherhood -- and now with Obama's "Safe Schools" Commissar Kevin Jennings, even childhood is no longer sacred.

That's why Jennings wrote his piece for Queering Elementary Education -- Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling (Curriculum, Schooling, and (Homo) Sexualities. That must be why he is now the de facto Gay Commissar in Obama's Education Department. He came to power in the LGBT world for Queering the Elementary School. It's on the public record, and his heroic stance on expanding the sexuality of little kids obviously didn't hurt his political career in LGBT -- which is why he is now in charge of "safe schools" for Obama. 

Jennings built a political career out of his publicly stated ambition to meddle with the sexual development of elementary school kids, and ended up gracing Obama's White House. Look it up on Amazon if you doubt it. 

I used to wonder why Dante needed so many circles in his Hell to punish evildoers. I thought he was some kind of madman. Now I think Dante was right. There really are degrees of more and more evil. Where do you think Dante would have put Kevin Jennings? Or all those who enable the Jenningses in politics? Beat poet Allen Ginsburg, another celebrated sexual predator of the Left, is quoted as yelling "We will get you through your children." Well, Obama seems determined to fulfill that promise.

We used to throw childhood predators in jail, but now we give them big jobs in the White House. On top of that Obama just promised to allow Gay politics to be publicly celebrated in the military. We have seen where that leads. This is not a matter of Gay rights but Gay aggression --- unless somebody would like to put on an annual Heterosexual Parade in the military just for balance. But no, that would be persecution of a designated victim group. It's heads I win, tails you lose.

Compared to all those swamps of corruption the Nobel Peace Prize means nothing. The world can live without it. Saving just a single kid from the clutches of Kevin Jennings' Brave New Elementary School is worth all the Nobels in the world.  The Nobel PC Prizes have sometimes been pretty dubious, and over time they have become a mark of Cain. It's like the Imperial Deutschmark. Or the dollar. Even the most valued symbols can turn sour.

For the Left there is no integrity, no honesty, no truth and no morality outside of its lust for power. Three of the five Committee members apparently understood the big gamble they were taking. But they still gave in to the two pols from the Labour Party.


I don't know the answer.

But it's important to pay attention, because this is another indication that we are slipping toward a corruptocracy to rival Chicago in the days of Al Capone's Mob.

It looks like Obama is Hizzoner Da Mare and da Dems are da Machine.