America, You've Been Punk'd

It's okay to admit it: you thought you were voting for a more benevolent and wiser version of Tiger Woods when all you got was a smoother version of Chicago-style, brass knuckle politics.  It isn't so much that you voted for the wrong guy; you were lied to by the media. 

But you should have known better.  Chicago has a long and storied run of thoroughly corrupt political bosses giving envy to any third-world dictator.  Barack Obama also ran around with loony-tune communists and wild-eyed radicals including his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who makes the loosest of cannons seem laser-guided.  Then he tells us absolutely nothing about himself other than what is in his -- not one but two -- autobiographies. 

If you scratch below the surface -- not too hard since there isn't much there -- you find a different human being, one entirely at variance with what you find in the media or his autobiographies.  It is a man driven not to overcoming obstacles but stuck on them, still living in his past.  The case of Barack Obama is one of a deep, deep inferiority complex from his childhood and he just seems unable to rise from it. 

Looking at BHO from another angle shows the real man.  He was conceived out of wedlock while his mother was in college.  His childhood consisted of a father who abandoned him as an infant -- unwanted -- and he was raised by another man in another country through many of his formative childhood years.  He didn't look like his Indonesian adopted father or his white mother in an Asian culture.  As he grows up, he is introduced to marijuana and cocaine.  The people he hangs around with are avowed communists and radicals --strange, hateful people and the ideologues on whom Barack Obama cuts his philosophical teeth.

Just out of college, he writes his first autobiography that is filled with errors at best, lies at worst.  He wants the world to see him differently than what he really is.  There is no attachment in his life, and just like Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon before him, the crowd takes the place of a physically or emotionally absent father. 

Obama is different, though.  The hate is still brewing inside him.  His only foundation consists of communists who turn his inferiority into narcissism, a common result of an inferiority complex.  He wants to change America and reflect his image.  Now, as president, he can do so with a stroke of the pen or the whim of his will.  He can mete out his vision for America on an unsuspecting public. 

Nobody thought in years past a man such as Barack Obama, almost completely inexperienced and un-vetted,  would ever occupy the White House. Surely, the head of the Executive Branch would never abuse the office as he has.  It is all about Barack Obama and his fellow-travelling media. 

You were lied to and straight-faced from the beginning.  He was supposed to be the One, but what you got was politics as usual, this time with no inhibitions toward power, a shrewd and crooked power grab. American wanted to believe in a dream of racial reconciliation, so they believed the media-generated images and blocked out warnings from conservatives about Obama's troubling and troubled past.

No wonder BHO apologizes for America.  He is out for revenge, thanks to an inculcation of other self-loathers that surrounded him since he was a boy.  This is a deeply wounded man who will stop at nothing to seek vengeance on a way of life here in America.

It's time to admit it: you were played for a fool.  Surprise, surprise, America, you are waking up to find you've been punk'd.
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