The race bullies

When "communist" was the allegation of the day, it lost its sting in due course. Today, in spite of sixty years of immense black progress since Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights laws, the media and Demagogues love to read "racism!" into the minds of ordinary, decent Americans. It is pure a Stalinist tactic to shut up opposition. It is done with malice aforethought as a power play. For Democrats there are no "racists" on the Left, just revered old Ku Klux Klanners like Senator Robert Byrd. So the real demagogues have risen to public notoriety and power. That's what demagogues always try to do. You and I have allowed it to happen, and we cannot allow the "racist" smear any more credibility, or we'll lose the country.

There is good news. The very fact that so many decent and outraged people stormed Washington DC on 9/12 shows that "You're a racist!" is losing its sting. That dog has howled too once often. When Jimmy Carter is trundled on the media stage to back up the "racist!" mind-reading charge, you know the Left is hemorrhaging power. Make it hemorrhage faster. The country is at stake.

The irony is of course that we now have the farthest Left administration in power, simply filled with people far, far to the Left of American voters, from the President on down. But the Lynch Mob Media is in full-throated cry, even as they get the lowest approval levels in history. Along with Congress --- and coming soon, a scape-goating president. Still, Jimmy Carter and Maureen Dowd have infallibly read the mind of Rep. Joe Wilson, who simply told truth to power. It is not an accident when all the Lefties say the same thing on the same day. It is coordinated by Axelrod, Obama and the White House.

The Left hates its domestic enemies -- we, the people -- with exactly the same blind hatred that Dixiecrat lynch mobs used to feel against blacks while on the rampage. The logic of the lynch mob is alive in the land, and it all comes from the ranting Left. Since that is the explicitly stated method of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, the manual of the Left since the 1960s, this should come as no surprise. These are not decent people. They are thugs and bullies, and their sociopathy is designed to intimidate and seize power for themselves. They are old-style Stalinists.

It was Clarence Thomas who first publicly called the Leftie media on this: His maltreatment in his Senate confirmation hearings were a "high-tech lynching" he said, and he was spot on target. Thomas' counter-attack finally shut up the media mob, and allowed a rational Senate vote to take place. That why he is now on the Supreme Court. But he suffered much, as he describes in his account of those horror days. That was twenty years ago but the Lynch Mob Media are still in the saddle, though their audiences are deserting in droves

We should call them on it every single time they yell "racist!" -- because Clarence Thomas wasn't their only victim. Throughout the academic and educational world, utterly false charges of "racist!" happen all the time. I've seen them over and over again.

In politics it is still the kiss of death. At Harvard Larry Summers was fired as president when he made a reasonable remark to which the Harvard feminists took exception. When Harvard throws out its president for speaking a politically incorrect truth, American academia is in deep, deep trouble. So is our whole political and media system, and all the institutions that are borne along on the same mass hysteria.

This is media mob tyranny. It is intolerable. It is what led to the election of Barack Hussein Obama, supported by the Media Lynch Mob, and no, they haven't become post-racial. Even as the Decrepit Old Media are losing market share to the New Media, they are bitterly attacking good and decent Americans. They deserve to go down, and sooner or later, they will. May it be tomorrow.

We can see it in their hysterical reaction to the 9/12 March. The media will never admit how many people there were demonstrating peacefully and passionately against Barack Obey Me.  The Million Man March ten years ago didn't  have a million men. It was just a slogan. A million conservatives is small compared to all the conservatives in America, now a majority in a country of more than 300 million. So I'll call it the Million Conservative March -- or maybe the Million Decent People March of 9/12/09. The latest ACORN and Van Jones scandals, not to mention Barney Frank and the rest of the corruptocrats in Congress, show who has the side of decency, traditional respect and good manners. Joe Wilson had a momentary outburst and immediately apologized. But the opposition is utterly indecent, demagogic, and mobbish. The media are just the lynch-mob cheerleaders. They have no decency, and they deserve no credibility. They are straight out of the days of Jim Crow, and they deserve just as much respect as old Southern Lynch Mobs.

For sixty years the Alinskyite Left has called us "the enemy." That's how Alinsky labeled the American middle class. We have to recognize the war doctrine of the Left -- because that's what it is when you call your domestic opposition "the enemy," and justify personal destruction and scapegoating as the primary tool for political warfare. I've seen it now for forty years, increasingly dominating our culture. It has destroyed any chance at genuine dialogue, and it is continuing to undermine decent relationships among Americans, because Barack Obama is constantly using that Alinskyite tactic from the Bully Pulpit of the White House.

When Theodore Roosevelt called the presidency the "bully pulpit" he meant is as "bully for you!" -- a cheerleading cry. But Obama is using it to bully the car companies, insurance companies, medical doctors (smeared in the most absurd and outrageous way), and all conservatives who become visible. All the bullies are on the Left today.

Well, bullies deserve to be beaten. Americans have always done that peacefully. But a bully is a bully, and deserves to be called that. Political Correctness is an ideology of intimidation, a Bullying Doctrine. Let's treat it as such. When the decent people understand what's going on and become properly outraged, PC will be gone.

Make it happen soon. Each of us has his or her job in returning America to normality and decency