Science Proves: Maureen Dowd Is A Racist.

Now dig this, friends.

Maureen Dowd infamously read a whole frothing mud bath of race hatred into the mind of Rep. Joe Wilson, after he got up on his hind legs and yelled "You Lie!" in a moment of honest anger -- because President O lied a bunch of times to a Joint Session of Congress the other week. Rep. Joe got fed up about being lied to over and over again from the well of the House. His bad.

The Democrats were appalled, m'Dear, simply appalled. They would never do such a thing. No, they always run their high-tech Media Lynch Mobs with careful malice aforethought. Nothing is ever spontaneous, like Joe Wilson's outburst on the floor of the House. That's why they always say exactly the same thing on exactly the same day, an old Stalinist tactic from the Popular Front days. A dozen people yelling out exactly the same Party Line creates the illusion of real consensus, a mob trick that probably goes back through the French Revolution and the Peasant Rebellions in the Roman Empire.

But it's only a centrally dictated script.

Maureen, poor ol' gal, just writes what she's told to write. She's not a free agent. She can't even phone it in. It all just comes down from the Politburo. All the shabby ink-stained wretches over at the NYT are on autopilot. That's why they never have an original thought. Never, ever. It's not allowed.

We now know that Rahm Emanuel, Paul Begala and George Stephanopoulos get on the phone every night to coordinate the media script for the next day. They've boasted about it in public. Stephie is the Chief Talking Head at ABC, playing the role of a real journalist. Rahm is a leading Demagogue and madman, and Chief of Staff for O. Begala runs the polling and focus groups. Every night they have the "longest ongoing phone call" in the world, starting in the Nineties and going on every day like clockwork.

Read about it and weep for freedom.

We also know that the NYT and the WaPo actually coordinate the next day's headlines. They have boasted about it to Editor and Publisher, the professional rag for the professional rags. 

When the Word Comes on Down from on High, the alphabet TV channels copy their headlines from the NYT, and you can see how they all miraculously end up aping the same words in unison every single day. It's like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. You can have a cast of thousands, but you need a single conductor to be in charge.

Jozef Visaryonovich Stalin only wished he had it so easy. We don't have a free American news industry; we just have Marching Media Robots, the Mediots. All they do is repeat the script. The Soviet Union was a lot more honest about it. Our copycat media pretend they aren't lying, they just magically happen to run the same headlines every day.

The old Soviet folk saying was, "There is no Pravda (Truth) in Istzvestiya (News), and there is no Istvestiya (News) in Pravda (Truth)." That was a well-worn joke. The Russian people knew exactly what was going on. It's only a declining number of normal Americans who are suckered every single day by our Mediots.

So Rep. Joe yelled out "You Lie" in a moment of righteous indignation, and the very next day Maureen Dowd wrote in her NYT column what Rep. Joe was really thinking, deep in his Racist Soul.

This is humanly impossible, but NYT columnists are granted superhuman abilities to read minds. They know the secret.

So what was Joe Wilson really thinking, as channeled by Spiritual Mind Reader Molly Dowd? He was thinking You Lie, Boy!  

It was just his Innate White Racism. Molly can tell this with near-Papal Infallibility, just like President Jimmah and all the other race-baiting Leftie thugs who harass our people in this desperate hour. These are wicked, wicked people, our Mediots and Leftocrats. Their Lynch Mob mentality has spread far beyond Washington DC to all the schools and colleges in the nation, to all the unions and local TV channels, to all the Leftie pressure groups that constantly feed  propaganda lines to our bungling Mediots.

There is a cloud of fear throughout the land, an atmosphere of intimidation. That is the key to their power. Don't think Justice Clarence Thomas was the only one who had a High-Tech Lynch Mob after him. Clarence Thomas was just the first to use those words, after his scandalous Senate hearings in 1990: High-Tech Lynch Mob. That Leftie Lynch Mob mentality is now all over the nation. Or -- don't you care if somebody calls you "a racist" at work? It's the kiss of death, and you know it. We now have regular Stalinist Purges at our schools and work places. It is a national horror.

That's why we are now cursed with a Monopoly Media. With real free speech there would be a genuine diversity of opinion.  If everybody is aping the same Party Line that's not Diversity. It's Monopoly. The Left has just flipped the meaning of Diversity upside-down. "Gotta have more Diversity!" they all shout, in perfect unison. Like robots.

Another word for today's "Diversity" is "Mental Slavery."  Normal people don't march in lockstep. So when you see the politically correct word "Diversity," just substitute "Mental Slavery" and you'll know what's really going on.  From Black Slavery before the Civil War we have "progressed" to Mental Slavery for All. That's what our Progressives are doing to us. This they call Progress.

When human beings march in lockstep we can be sure there is somebody calling out orders, like some Obersturmbahnfuehrer marching people to their doom.  Some Wicked Witch of the West is pulling the strings. Even if the Witch is just a nightly conference call between Rahm and Stephie. It doesn't matter. It's scripted. The Left has a Mediot Monopoly, and if we had a Sherman Anti-Trust Act for the national media they would be prosecutable under the law.

So that's why Ole Lyin' Jimmah had the same amazing insight  at the very same instant Molly O'Dowd had her moment of Mind Reading. Great minds think alike. And they all get on TV on the same day, too. It's just amazing when that happens.

Aren't they despicable?


Well, to go on.

How can we find out if Maureen Mind-Reader was right about Rep. Joe?

There is supposed to be a scientific test for unconscious racism, believe it or not, and it's on the web at Harvard University. It's called the Implicit Association Test (IAT), and it's the product of a couple of professors who think it shows unconscious racist word associations.    So innocent little college students all over the country are logging on to this website to find out if they are Unconscious Racists. Honest. The whole bizarre set-up constitutes a kind of offense against free thought, but that's what they're doing.

The IAT is a word association test, same as Jung and Freud made up a hundred years ago. But these people tell us that if you hear a black name like "Condoleezza" and you take a tenth of a second longer to hit the button to classify the word, you've got to be an unconscious racist.

Your tax dollars at work, folks.  That "research" stinks to high heaven, because every child in the country is indoctrinated by TV and by the schools with endless race-based propaganda from the Left. Everybody in this country is guilt-tripped, even the blacks, if they have too much money or are too successful. What do you suppose would have happened in Nazi Germany if you asked innocent people to push a button for the word "Juede"? Yes, exactly. They would have hesitated, to think about whether to push that button. The IAT doesn't show "unconscious racism" --- it just shows that intensive indoctrination makes people very self-conscious and scared. That's why IAT responders hesitate --- they are trying to decide whether they should push a button about a racially charged name. "Condoleezza" is racially charged because wall-to-wall media have made it racially charged.  It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, just like the old Stalinist show trial "confessions." It's all designed to prove to the world, and to the "offenders," that they are filled with unconscious sin. See, when it's unconscious you can't possibly know what evil is in your heart. So they've got you coming and going. It's a mind-trap.

That's what happens to you after being indoctrinated 24/7 by the "anti-racist" media -- which teaches us all to be pathologically obsessed about race. An obsession is not a peaceful state of mind. It is not a solution, but a very painful problem. Obsessive thoughts are filled with fear. That's what the Mediots and the Leftocrats are constantly drumming into our children's minds. No wonder they end up voting for Obama. People have been guilt-tripped all their lives, and now they're getting a chance to prove to the world that they are not racists just by voting for O!  Of course they are going to pull that lever for the most dangerous president in history.

Guilt tripping white middle class people is the road to power for the Left. It is the key to all their thuggery, and it works best with well-meaning liberal suckers, who just can't figure out why there are so many evil racists in the country. I mean, the New York Times says so. It's got to be true, right? Would the NYT tell a lie?

OK, back to Molly Dowd.

Using the logic of the Implicit Association Test we can prove "scientifically" that Dowd is a real, honest-to-God, objective racist.

Why? Because her first reflex association to "You Lie!" from Rep. Joe on the floor of the House was "Boy!".  She told us so in her NYT column. So poor Molly Dowd's first automatic association for "You Lie" is "Obama is a Black Boy." She said it.

Speaking purely scientifically, the NYT's star calumniator Ms. Dowd, Feminist Extraordinaire, Harridan of the Left, Official Cat-caller for All True Believers, Stalinoid Propagandist for Our Time, is ... an obsessional racist. As proven by the fact that her first mental association to a perfectly innocent couple of words ("You" and "Lie") was "Boy!"

In Obama's America only Jimmah Carter is allowed to call Obama a "Boy" and not be called a racist.

Well, ok, maybe old Kleagle Kleptocrat Senator Robert Byrd could get away with it.

But not Joe Wilson.

Or Maureen Dowd.

Hoisted on her own petard!

Now, for my next trick I will balance three beach balls on my nose.

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