Obama's Orders Requireth Haste

The truth, as they say, is out there. It's just a matter of doing a little research.

But we don't always have a lot of spare time for research. Especially when it comes to things like the massive Health Care bill the Obama administration has been trying to ram through Congress the past few weeks.

Given enough time, the public would eventually become privy to some of the more questionable measures that are lurking in this bill, and give Obama a vote of no confidence, despite the fact that he may already have the votes to subject an uneasy populace to his grand scheme of so called "reform". This is probably the reason why Obama is in such a rush.

A country that prides itself on its virtuous tendency to reserve judgment until all the facts are in is probably now wondering, if Obama's Healthcare plan is so wonderful, why does he appear reluctant to allow more time to have people carefully delve into it, and is instead engaged in a frenzied public relations campaign which chief goal is to achieve a political victory?

To put it another way, if more time were allowed to review the details of what in some circles is being lauded as a transformative bill, would not a better informed public be more inclined to recognize the wonderful qualities of such a matchless piece of legislation, and thus arm Obama, a man of the people, with a more convincing argument when he presents it before an ambivalent Congress?

One would think so, but the opposite appears to be the case.

In fact the more the bill is scrutinized, the more that major flaws emerge, and the more resistance Obama encounters, even from some of his own constituents. This makes all the insistence to muscle it through Congress as quickly as possible all the more suspicious. Especially when reports continue to surface that real crises are being visited upon other countries that have for some time operated under one form of socialized medicine or another, bearing some rather sobering accounts of their own experiences which are nothing short of horrific.

Now Obama and his administration find themselves once again in a race against time, just as they did when they rushed the previous, gargantuan stimulus bills through Congress that, if anything, have  yielded some rather disappointing results. And he is calling upon the same crisis solving strategists, whose methods of choice are to spread fear and create a false sense of urgency. Ergo the foreboding -mostly manufactured - specter of a looming crisis over this country's current - and by no means perfect - Health Care System, that simply does not warrant such haste from the President.

All this while reports from Britain, France, and Canada's own engagement with socialized medicine yield a track record as promising as that which intelligence agencies have in trying to negotiate with terrorists.

Increasingly Obama behaves like a man who believes that hoping something will work, despite volumes of empirical evidence to the contrary, will magically override the force of fixed historical trends. Presumably the reason why something will work is simply because it sounds like a great idea; hence it must be adopted as soon as possible in order to allow it to unfold in real time.

But Obama is also prisoner to an ancestral commitment to someday actualize the ideal socialist state; he is enraptured with the fantastic notion that true equality can only be achieved through bureaucratic mandates. But the reality is that the socialist paradigm is entrenched in a utilitarian economy that presupposes means will eventually find their justification in what are no more than aspired to ends. Hence the mandatory end of life consultations, i.e. euthanasia, Reproductive Services funding i.e. federally subsidized abortion, and draconian rationing measures; all of which are either artfully implied or clearly outlined in the pages of this massive bill.

One thinks that Obama's steady decline in the polls should serve as proof that most Americans -- including even some liberals -- would not want to live under that kind of albatross. But for him it may just represent all the more reason to move with blinding speed before the rest of the country finds out exactly what it is they are being signed up for.

Against manifest evidence to the contrary, virtually every Obama policy to date has tried to sidestep the fact that the best societies thrive when the doors of free private enterprise are flung open, and that countries that flirt with government enforced parity swiftly devolve into drudging autocracies. The biggest irony of course, is that those who are asking for a little more time to responsibly examine the subtle machinations of Obama's grand designs are the ones being portrayed as enemies of progress.
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