ObamaCare -- Or Else!

Now swallow your nice ObamaCare... it only tastes yucky for a second. No, don't throw it up! Now look what you did! Mommy will have to clean up after you. Again.

Is there something disquieting about a president who only wants to spread love and compassion to all Americans -- or else? Or else he'll hate us forever? Or else he'll put us in jail? Or else he'll stamp his feet and cry?

That's the feeling I'm getting. He is so intent on doing us all a big favor. ObamaCare is Just and Right and Compassionate --- and it has nothing to do with empowering the Left for the next generation  and turning everybody else into Russian serfs. Nothing at all. There's no self-interest in this man and his benevolent friends from Chicago. They do whatever they do purely out of love for all of humanity. (And even out of love for all animality, according to Green Czar Van Jones. It's not clear whether Mr. Jones's compassion also extends to the plant kingdom, and maybe to bacteria and prion particles, but it could, it could. Seriously. These folks have really really big hearts.).

If some used car salesman keeps ringing  your doorbell and phoning you at  home and spamming your email, and just will not stop trying to sell you the same old lousy clunker -- after a while you might start to think that he's not that interested in serving your needs. You might even think he's after your wallet or your daughter. Or your life savings. Whatever. Something other than trying to do you the favor of a lifetime. Only saints are unselfish, you might think, and the Catholic Church -- which figured out all the angles on sainthood a long time ago  -- just waits for a reputed saint to die for sure before deciding whether to put the official stamp on their saintliness. Living saints are nothing but trouble.

Of course we know Democrats are compassionate --  they keep telling us so, and the media do, too. Those good people cannot tell a lie, so they must be telling the truth. Democrats have this sainthood thing down pat, and Obama even sounds like the Voice of God, with all those cathedral echoes. We used to think it was Charlton Heston, but now we know it's Obama.

Nonetheless, I still get this shivery feeling when I see all the Dems in rowdy pursuit of compassion and saintliness, in between Waitress Sandwiches and secret deals with mortgage bankers. I know it's all for our own good. I know it's going to actually save us money to add those forty seven million people to our free medical care. I know they will never, ever guilt-trip us ever again, once we give in on this one. I just get this weird shivery feeling when I see Obama pushing, pushing, pushing that nice cod liver oil down our unwilling throats.

It's just like being a little kid again and having to swallow that disgusting cod liver oil ... or warm milk with the skin still on top ... or (gulp!) spinach ... and having your little sister make faces at you ... trying to down that big horse pill ... oh, yuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk...

All for our own good.