Will America's bucking bronco finally be broken?

You don't break a young bronco just by beating it. You break it by making it feel helpless -- confining it in a small corral, isolating it from the herd, running it around and around on a short rope, feeding it only when it follows commands, making friends with it, whipping it as needed, and making sure that it knows who's boss every second of the day. In the end the colt knows there's just no way out.

That's the real motivation behind "Universal Healthcare"  Obama is trying to sell us Euro-socialism, which means bribing and intimidating people with their own tax money and corralling everyone with an endless sea of laws and regulations, until they know they can never fight City Hall. The crux of ObamaCare is centralizing power; everybody is made helpless except the politically connected.

Eurosocialism is the power of the elites to break the will power of ordinary people by any means. You can kill with kindness, and if that doesn't work, with overwhelming control.  It means controlling the supply of life-saving medical care, and punishing people for tiny infractions of Political Correctness, as defined by the power class.  Ordinary people end up wading in a swamp of threats, rewards and propaganda that keeps them intimidated and cowed. Nobody wants to be accused of being a racist, a smoker, or a hater -- or whatever the target of the moment happens to be. Using media, indoctrination, taxes, doctors and cops, you corral people like a young bronco by making them helpless. 

In Europe the Political Class is now impossible to throw out. Elections make no difference. The Ruling Classes are locked into permanent power just like Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi. It's just the old European aristocracy under a new label. The permanent Ruling Class sends out an endless stream of commands, and the only appeal is to the bureaucracy itself. Franz Kafka had it right.

In European countries that used to stand for exemplary honesty and decency, corruption has now become pervasive, and it is never punished. In the UK, Gordon Brown's ruling Labour Party was just exposed for routinely double-billing the taxpayers for second houses and a hundred other little extras. The newspapers were filled with genuine outrage from ordinary people. With what result? Nothing happened. Nobody got fired or demoted. Gordon Brown just decided not to have general elections until things looked better for the Labour mafia.

That's not democracy. It is just another locked-in class system. That's how you break a bronco, and how you can break people as well.

What Marx called the Organs of Propaganda are the big stick of social control. The BBC is a great example. The Beeb has only one mission: To propagandize the little people on behalf of the Socialist Ruling Class. The Beeb will lie every minute of the day, stamp out the truth, and above all control everything people see and hear, day in and out. No human mind can resist the polluted river of propaganda. The Corporation has panel trucks going up and down every residential street in the UK, triangulating all the home TV antennas to see if they have paid their Broadcast License Fee. If not, they get hit with a hefty fine. Result: You can't have a radio or TV turned on without being spotted and paying the tax. It doesn't matter if you actually listen to the Beeb. (They are doing the same thing with internet connections even now. Look for it in your neighborhood.)

Just look at the decline of Britain's armed forces. In Europe the armies are welfare programs. The Socialists are ball-and-chaining soldiers. The need to buy votes for the National Health Service drains off all the money.  That is why they still need America to defend them, sixty years after World War Two, and twenty years after the Cold War.

That's Obama's model. Obama is a hierarch: He lives for power, and feels natural only when he arrogates total control to himself. Socialized medicine is the key, because control over your health means the power over life and death. Once the Democrats control one-sixth of the US economy they can hang on to power for good.

We face a stark choice. The Left thinks it is winning. They want total control, but they will accept a foot in the door.

I hope we don't give them even a foot in the door, because our house will never be safe again.