Is Hillary Revolting?

Don't answer that. I should have said: "Is Hillary Rebelling?"

There. That's it.

This is an "exclusive" from the NY Daily News -- a leak from the Clintons' permanent campaign staff. It proclaims that:

"Hillary Clinton's camp is election-ready."

Whaat? I thought we just had one of those.

But no,

"Hillary Clinton says running for office isn't on her "radar," but she still has an eight-person political team and sports two overflowing campaign war chests. ... Clinton's failed presidential bid is now $1 million in the black, and her old Senate campaign committee has $2.1 million in the bank, much of it transferred in from the presidential account."

Hmmm. Does Obama know he has a traitor in his ranks? 

Actually Hillary started her renewed campaign last Sunday. Mark that on your political calendar: July 26, 2009. Before last weekend, she was hard to find in the headlines. But now we know that she is Militantly Against Iranian Nukes.

Translation: All you Jewish Democrats, send your money to Hillary Clinton's war chest to keep Obama from kissing the hem of the Ayatollahs.

Until now Mrs. Clinton was effectively checkmated by Obama and the Gang from Chicago. Hillary Clinton is our SecState in title, but in his Soviet fashion Obama appointed multiple Commissars to keep an eye on her. So we have Dennis Ross for the Middle East (oops! just got fired for being too pro-Israel), George Mitchell, Rahm Emanuel, and one Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama, President of the Politburo and General Savior of Humanity. They all do FoPo, when they have a moment to spare from really important stuff.

And then there's Veep Joe, the official Federal Commissar for Comedy Relief, who makes up his own foreign policy on the spot. Says Joe about Russia, "They're ... clinging to something in the past that is not sustainable" because their economy and population are "withering." Let's see, that would be stupid, unnecessarily provocative, undiplomatic, stepping on painful Russian toes, and going bang against the official policy of our nominal SecState.  

Can you imagine Hillary calling Joe on the phone after that little contretemps?  They should have a Marine Corps drummer following the Vice President, ready to hit a rim-shot whenever he drops a good line:  Ching-Boom! Another laugh line from Joe. What a card.

The only responsible US foreign policy voices are now coming from military sources: Admiral Mullen, the Chairman of JCS, and Robert Gates, the SecDef. They are the only people who seem to take out-of-control nuclear proliferation seriously.

In sum, we have half a dozen SecStates, with Hillary frantically trying to make everybody else sing to her tune. Nobody is actually in charge. But all the cross-talk has a purpose of sorts: It gives Obama the last word.

Mrs. Clinton is far and away the weakest SecState in decades -- which not her fault. She's been hog-tied by the Obamanoids, who have sliced and diced the normal powers of the office.  I suspect she's been wildly frustrated, not being all that good at playing with other kids anyway.

Ever since her defeat by the Chicago Machine, Hillary has been plotting with Bill to seize that moment when Obama's glorious sky-hooting fireworks start to fizzle out. That first critical moment of Obama's weakening is happening right now. Hillary and Bill are looking at Obama's MediCrunch -- a repeat of HillaryCare, the first great failure for the Clinton administration -- which is what happened the last time the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress and the Presidency.

HillaryCare was enough to scare tens of millions of Americans, who promptly voted in the Gingrich Congress in 1994 and ultimate got George W. Bush elected. So Bill and Hillary have seen this flick before, and they are prepared to seize the moment. That's why Hillary is suddenly coming alive again in public.   

It's an open revolt in the ranks.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if ole' Bill and his buds were undercutting Obama in Congress. I mean, how is it that the Democrat-controlled CBO is suddenly telling the truth about the certifiably insane MediCoup that Obama is trying to pull off? The CBO wasn't supposed to do that.

So maybe Bill is pulling strings with his friends, behind the scenes? Just a thought.

As I see it, the Arkansas Mafia is going to the mattresses ‘cause the Mob from Chicago is suddenly looking vulnerable. This could be the shootout we've been waiting for ever since Obi One nailed Slick Willie as a racist -- and the liberal media all went, Yeah! Yeah! Racist! Racist! Imagine that. After selling their souls to The Slick One for almost twenty years, all the liberal mediots suddenly figured out he was really a racist. The first Black President?  The one with his office in Harlem?

It meant the end of Hillary's campaign. It also meant that Slick wouldn't be heading back to the White House any time soon. Or ever. No doubt Slick is still choking with rage when he remembers that moment.

Back in 1979 when Jimmy Carter kept trying Apology Politics with Darth Vader Khomeini,  it was Ted Kennedy who assaulted Jimmy from the Left.  That history may repeat in the next few years, except that Hillary is attacking Obama from the middle. You can't get to Obama's Left. So Hillary's first target is the Jewish vote, which looks ready to walk away from Obi. Hillary is giving them a choice -- without the painful  necessity of having to vote Republican.  And the nice Jewish ladies in New York still love Hillary. They are hopeless.

This is the time Hill and Bill have been waiting for. They've been watching the Obumbler paint himself into one corner after the next, over and over again, and salivating at the chance they knew would come. Comes the looming catastrophe of ObamaScare, and Hillary starts nipping at Obi's ankles like a mad Chihuahua.

All the Democrats in Congress are running scared, caught between the wild-eyed fanatics of Obamaland and tens of millions of voters, who are finally glomming on to the fact that they've been sold a complete bill of goods by the liberal media --- again!!!

Will we see another GOP Congress next year?

Or will the United States just go slurping down that garbage disposal of history?

It's a toss-up. I'm not betting either way.

Go, Hillary!  Go Barry!

Let's hope for a nice long fight -- because they do deserve each other.