From Russia with No Love

A misguided ideology has taken root in America and has brought this nation to the brink of collapse. A battle of two ideals has ensued, both of which have a significant impact on our national security and ultimate fate of the nation. Can America return to conservative values and save itself from the jaws of Marxism, or will it spiral down a path of self destruction guided by none other than the former Soviet Union?

It can be argued that the destabilization of our culture and economy, magnified by policies of the Obama Administration, conform to KGB plans for the collapse of the United States. The only question remains: Is Obama masterminding the current events for economic collapse, or is he just the hapless puppet holding the hot potato? 

Yuri Bezmenov, aka Tomas Schuman, was a Soviet journalist and propaganda specialist for the KGB in 1965. A few years later, disgusted with what he was being asked to do for the KGB in India, he defected to Canada. He began to publically warn about the tactics of Soviet psychological warfare. No one knows for sure what has become of Mr. Schuman; it's rumored that he is now deceased.

Mr. Schuman explained that although Hollywood glorifies Soviet espionage and James Bond-style activity, in actuality only 10 to15% of the KGB's time was devoted to covert activity. The remaining 85 to 90% was spent on a four-step process called "Ideological Subversion."

The four steps in the process are:

1. Demoralization.

2. Destabilization.

3. Crisis.

4. Normalization.

The point of this "Ideological Subversion" was to weaken an enemy country, strip its culture and corrupt their values to a point of complete vulnerability. Mr. Schuman describes it as:

[An] overt...slow process...[to] change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country.

The first step, Demoralization, has already been completed in America and continues to perpetuate itself. The Obama Administration policies are accelerating the second step of Destabilization and rapidly approaching the third phase of Crisis.

Mr. Schuman explains Demoralization as a 10 to 30 year process:

[To] educate a generation to expose them to the ideology of the enemy: Marxism, Leninism...without being challenged by American values.

The goal is six-fold:

1) Destroy the religion of the enemy; mock and discredit it. Promote corrupt alternatives and cults.

2) Insure the disruption of education. Distract from learning constructive and pragmatic subjects and replace them with studies on frivolous topics.

3) Destroy social ties and impede bargaining and conflict resolution. Bring in bureaucracy and dependence on authority.

4) Institute power structuring around unelected bureaucrats and the media.

5) Destroy labor relations by mediating employee /employer interaction. Create friction and oppositional relationships.

6) Warp law, order and morality. Demonize the police and those upholding the law. Make the bad guy look like a victim of society; justify his actions.

The second stage, Destabilization, takes place when the lines of morality are blurred and the fundamentals of society are sufficiently demoralized and dysfunctional. The areas of concentration are the same as in Demoralization but in a more targeted, refined attack. The focus is on radicalization and the complete break down in areas of:

  • Human Relations (no compromise, agitation). Human relations break down when there is an inability to resolve issues; a culture of lawsuits erupts and ideologues seek to divide rather than unite.

We live in a society where people call 911 for conflict resolution rather than emergencies, punitive damages are awarded in millions of dollars and accident lawyers dominate advertising segments. Everything is an opportunity for monetary gain or attention.

Groups are pitted against one another. Conflict is encouraged, and the illegitimate morality of social justice becomes rampant.

It's no wonder the cornerstone of the Obama Administration is social justice  when you consider the controversial teachings that shaped Mr. Obama's perception of religion. For 20 years he was exposed to Reverend Jeremiah Wright's message of Anti-American Marxism under the cult of Black Liberation Theology.

  • Economy/ Labor Relations (unions). Long ago, union activity was inconsequential to the larger economy; now union strikes can halt an entire industry or create chaos in supply chains of necessity goods. Union leaders actively attack capitalism and affect outcomes far beyond their defined role in arbitration and equality in bargaining.

Consider the constant back scratching of unions with the Obama Administration: The main contributors and beneficiaries of Obama's rise to power are the labor unions. UAW now owns 55% of the shares in Chrysler. ACORN appears to be eligible for billions of dollars from the Stimulus Package and SEIU members serve as ‘foot soldiers' against grassroots people at town hall meetings on health care.

  • Media & "Sleeper" Activation. The traditional media is no longer in line with society. They've separated themselves and often lower their role of journalism to propaganda mills. This is being done because of the illusion that some in the media will enter the power circle during the final stage of normalization.

"Sleepers" can be actual people, but are mostly are radical groups of the 60's scrubbed clean and resurfacing to take a leadership role in unelected bureaucracies.

There are currently over 30 Czars (and counting) who are advising Mr. Obama; several of whom are avowed Marxists and anti-capitalists.

Jeff Jones, a member of the domestic terrorist group, Weather Underground, had a hand in writing the Stimulus bill. Another hand in the bill was from the new Green Jobs advisor, Van Jones - a self proclaimed Marxist revolutionary.

Newly appointed FCC Diversity Director, Mark Lloyd in a recent video, appears to support the efforts of Hugo Chavez and holds the American media in contempt for their role in supporting free speech for opposition to Chavez on free market airwaves.

The third stage of subversion is Crisis. We're on the cusp of crisis right now with an impending economic melt down from the monetization of our debt, out of control deficit spending, the possibility of socialized health care and Cap & Trade.

According to Mr. Schuman, the two possible end routes of crisis are: civil war and invasion. With Congress and leftist organizations demanding to run their own agenda against the will of the people, eventual civil war is possible. 

On the other hand, sharks seem to be circling. Do they smell blood in the water with America's over-extended commitments to war and domestic destabilization?

  • elements of the KGB are once again surfacing in Russia under the leadership of Putin/Medvedev.
  • Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is bent on bringing Islamic Armageddon and the destruction of Israel.
  • Kim Jong Il is making threats against America almost daily.
  • Osama Bin Laden is still on the loose.
  • A nuclear Pakistan is destabilizing and Taliban forces are strengthening.
  • Hugo Chavez is traveling the world for photo ops to shake hands with almost every enemy of the United States...

The possibilities for collaboration to exploit American vulnerability are staggering. Consider that any number of these countries could hasten our collapse via an EMP attack. Rather than nuclear war, EMP detonation in America is the most logical, feasible and devastating form of attack available to all of our enemies.

Any way you look at it, a crisis doesn't appear to end well if it's not near an election cycle in which serious leadership change can take place and stabilization can occur.

Normalization is the final phase of "Ideological Subversion". It is the forced stabilization of the nation by communist forces in control. ‘Useful idiots' the true believers of Marxism, according the KGB, would be executed to end the undermining of government. This means all activists, propagandists, Marxist revolutionaries, progressives / liberals...everyone on the "left" whose political ideology hangs on the tenets of socialism (communism) would be removed from influence.

Why would "Marxists" get rid of their own? Because ‘true believers' in the ideology would become bitter enemies of the state upon finding out they were deceived in their utopian ideals. According to Mr. Schuman, they would soon find there is no equality in communism but the:

Equality of living in dirt.

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