Fighting Back

I have watched engineers code, test, recode, and re-test avionics software associated with jet fighter aircraft. The competency and experience of each engineer varied, but a single, undisputable accountability bound all of them, i.e. either their code worked or it didn't. Regardless of their age, appearance, humor, or affability, the engineers had no way to spin their results or "speak truth" to their results.

I have determined to never to cease to be amazed that, from a dirt parking lot in Arizona, I can talk to my son who is visiting London.  Some smart person with a vision and the smarts to realize his vision started a chain reaction that involved a bunch of other smart people who eventually made this luxury available to me.

I have survived brain cancer thanks to the spirited individuals who have advanced the technology of the MRI, the discipline of neurosurgery, the precision of radiation therapy and the mystery of the chemotherapy that saved my body by burning it.

America thrives and shines as a beacon through the heft of a freedom that unleashes the individual human spirit to create goods and services of equity, refreshment, and wonder.

So, why is it that we, the American beneficiaries of freedom and the equity that comes of it, have turned the keys over to a cabal of slick, unaccountable, loose thinking masters of vaguery who cater to the free lunch crowd while condemning individuals who design, develop, and deliver the products that we so much enjoy?

How do we prevent a bloodless coup by nitwit socialists bent on a hunger for policies that would neuter the majesty of a freedom that unleashes the human spirit to succeed by diligence and imagination?

Something healthy and non-violent yet bold and unyielding must happen as soon as and as often as possible.

It must be "unyielding" because the advocates of socialism are unyielding and Marques of Queensbury rules are only appropriate when observed by both sides.

But who will do this something?  Who will answer the call? 

I have never forgotten that, while in the Marines Corps, my oath of office charged me to "protect the constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.  The Office of the President of the United States is constitutional, so I will be sure to defend both the President and the Office of the President.  Policies that intrude on or coercively restrain Americans from the freedom to make their own decisions seem to threaten our Constitution.  I should do my part to defend against that kind of policy.

I think that I should do something, and I know I should do something, but it ticks me off.  As one with a mortgage, a Princess wife, a hormone explosive pre-teen, a score of employees, several customers and the ever evolving what-not of life, I am angered to have to step away from my critical duties to battle the boobery of sophist agendas that would shred the fabric of our Constitution.

So, I send faxes, I contribute money, and I speak with congressional interns who promise to pass along my message to my congressman.  This is rock star insulation. Protests worked against the Harriet Miers thing and they worked against the John McCain Border Surrender thing.  Yet, on this the far worse ObamaCare, protests don't seem to work.  The shadow of ObamaCare only looms longer.

So, I search high and low for information about my Congressional Representative's local office and his next appearance. I take off of work to get there.  Our congressman is a former trial lawyer that crushed his predecessor in the November 2006 election.  At great length he opens his mouth and does that voodoo that he does so well.  When we had finally moved on to the class participation phase, I never actually got a chance to speak.  But my fellow voters did.  That's when I got angrier.  Not at my fellow voters, but at the counter slant double reverse option Hail Mary wish bone jive that was my congressman's response to their questions.  It made me angry.  He was condescended and aggravating.  The Jedi Mind Trick is only cool when it works.

So, I go home, back home to my Princess wife, my son, and my life in general.  And, I turn on the wide world of news.

I turn on the news and I hear on the news that the problem is people like me ... me the "mob."  I hear that the GOP sent me-the-mob to disrupt what would otherwise have been an exciting demonstration of democracy.  I hear that Rush Limbaugh is the problem because he riled up and misinformed me-the-mob.  I hear that Colin Powell of the GOP who sent me-the-mob doesn't like Rush Limbaugh, who riled up and misinformed me-the-mob.  I understand that I-the-mob, who was sent by the GOP, have been duped by Glenn Beck, who fooled me-the-mob, into outrageous Nazi-like behavior.  I hear that a congressman from the GOP who sent me-the-mob, told his constituents to not listen to Glenn Beck who duped me-the-mob into ruining the credibility of those smarter than me-the-mob who are also opposed ObamaCare.

My head is spinning.  Let's get this straight.  Exactly who was it that told me-the-mob where to go, what to think, and how best to elaborate my misinformed misbehavior?

Here is one thing that I am not confused about.  The threat to freedoms that have made great the life, opportunity, and spirit of America are on the cusp on sliding out from underneath us like the tablecloth in that cheap magic trick where the guy yanks it out before the dishes even move.

Here is what else I know.  Everyone who likes America's American Health Care better get off each other's back, and unite to defeat Obama's American Care.  We need the "fiscal-conservative-only" Conservatives, the "NPR-Moderate" Conservatives, and the "bible study / social" Conservatives to stop fighting each other and to fight the nitwit socialists instead.

Else we will surely reap the swirly.  Not the wind, but the swirly (as in toilet swirly).

Winds can blow us in many directions, but a swirly can only flush us one way, i.e., down the toilet.
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