Taking the hot air out of wind power

The idea of wind generated electric energy is being sold by environmentalists as an overlooked opportunity to reduce greenhouse gasses. Global warming advocates claim that this discounted treasure could be a major part of an effort to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and eliminate the need for some of our nuclear power plants. Is it true that we are passing up on a gold mine of renewable energy in favor of unnecessary and harmful fossil and nuclear fuels?Let's start by looking at what we use to generate the power we use today. Renewables, such as wind, solar, biomass, etc, provide 2.4% of our electricity.  The bulk of our power, 51%, comes from coal, followed by natural gas at 20% and nuclear at 19%.Included below in the category "other renewables", wind energy is currently supplying about 1% of our electricityCan we replace coal and natural gas with renewable energy sources? Let's examine the facts.Wind energy is harnessed by windmills that are similar to the types...(Read Full Article)