Obama reads Pushkin

Two weeks ago it was the Urdu poets. This week it's Obama's love for Pushkin's poetry. The week before it was probably the Bhadavad-Gita in Sanskrit. If it's Tuesday this must be Zorba the Greek --- in Greek.

It's all in a day's light reading for our Obama. Whaddaguy! He lifts weights two hours a day and has pecs like Arnie. Then he spends the rest of the day reading Urdu, Russian, and classical Arabic. Then he runs the three-trillion dollar US economy down the tubes all by himself, takes over the banks, passes Health Care for All (and saves money in the bargain!) and has just enough time left to read his daughters to sleep. Urdu poems, natch. Gotta get those kids started early.


We have an intellectual fraud in the White House. How do I know? Because poetry doesn't translate. Ever try translating Shakespeare into American English? Or ebonics? Ever try translating "You ain't nuthin' but a hound dog" into the Queen's English?

This is not news. The Italians have a proverb, "Traditore, Traduttore!" --- translator, traitor.      It probably sounds better in Italian, but then I don't speak Italian. Or Urdu. Or Russian. I don't actually speak a distressing number of the world's languages. I'll bet you don't, either.

But I'll get to it any day now. Promise.

What's different about Our Zero is that:

(a) he even bothers to boast in public about his love for Pushkin and the Urdu poets; and

(b) he expects millions of suckers to believe it.

No, scratch that. Obama wants people to believe in his amazing intellectual brilliance so badly that he's willing to risk making a fool of himself, even on Mission Impossible to Moscow. Because do you really think that Vladimir Putin "The Poisoner" is going to think that the Big O goes to bed reading Pushkin in Cyrillic? Obama couldn't even figure out that Medvedev is just Putin's string puppet over there. He started off before the trip by insulting Putin, the Czar, and praising his pet poodle, the Prime Minister.

Gimme a break.

What guys like Putin get out of this unbelievable fakery is that we have another Jimmy Carter in the White House -- but with a much better fantasy life. He'll probably try to drink Obama under the table, because how can O say no? He has to be perfect at everything, and Putin likes ego games. He brought along his big black Dalmatians to scare the daylights out of Angela Merkel. It was straight intimidation, just like A'jad likes to do. Put a KGB poisoner against a slick Chicago hustler, and guess who wins?

One of the biggest liberal delusions is that intellectuals make good presidents. Woodrow Wilson was the last one, and he died in office after the US Senate turned down the League of Nations. Wilson was also an "idealist" who wanted to fix the world, right along with  Georges Clemenceau, known to his enemies as "the Fox." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Clemenceau   The Germans and French have fond memories of Woodrow Wilson at Versailles, because he brought Lasting Peace to Europe in 1919. The Versailles Treaty made the Germans pay through the nose, and boy, did that ever work like a charm. 

Woodrow Wilson was our most highly educated,  highly intellectual president. Until the polyglot we now have in the White House. He had a real PhD, was president of Princeton and a Progressive. He was a great idealist. He was also a segregationist Democrat, but then what's a little racism between idealists? 

Much better to have a vulgarian like LBJ in the White House. Lyndon Johnson chatted about himself to his young female biographer while sitting on the Throne. For hours. He showed his surgical scar to the world's photographers. He lifted his beagle by the ears for the delectation of the American public. But he wasn't a fraud. He was a lot of things, but he didn't pretend to be something he wasn't. 

Well, maybe it's just Obama's little human foible. I mean, who's perfect? Such a good guy, basically? Nope. This is Obama's modus vivendi (to fake some Latin), part of the self-deluded fantasy life of a man with a fragile ego, and his finger hovering over the nuclear button.

Feel any better now?

It's a lifelong pattern.

It's the Styrofoam Greek columns for the victory speech.

It's the People of the World! speech in Berlin, even before he got elected, with thousands of puzzled nude bathers trying to figure out whether to applaud or whistle.

It's "I'll stop the oceans rising!" Or for Moscow this week, the fragile permafrost is going to melt! Hell, the Russians would love to see some permafrost melting. They've got more permafrost than they want over there. In Siberia global warming sounds like paradise on earth. How do we speed it up? How come it's so slow?

It's the petty insult of giving an ipod to the Queen of England and a Walmart Special of DVD's to Gordon Brown.

It's the Epistle to the Muslims a few weeks ago, broadcast from the minarets of Al Azhar University in Cairo.

It's Gimme Five, Dude! to Hugo Chavez.

It's the Air Force One photo op over the Statue of Liberty, freaking out all the little people on the ground in Manhattan.

It's the ABC ObamaCare commercial in prime time -- free, compliments of the ghastly Untermenschen of our suck-up media.

It's ten trillions dollars down the gazoo on a phony stimulus package to pay off the Democrat machines. 

It's Obama taking over General Motors and the banks.

--- Are you beginning to see a pattern yet?

Don't worry.

If you don't see it ... you will, you will.