Obama and the Bohemian Grove

The San Francisco-based Bohemian Club, perhaps the most exclusive men's club in the world, holds its "Summer Encampment" at the Bohemian Grove on the Russian River in mid-July each year. The top 2,000 leaders of business, government and academe gather for two weeks to commune, drink and revile among their peers. This is a note to each of them:

Bohemians all!  Enjoy your summer encampment !

Celebrate your traditional "Cremation of Care" as your country descends into fascism In your idyllic setting at The Grove, enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow 2,000 leaders of business, politics, and academe; as your government and the unions ignore your county's vaulted "rule-of law," stiff bondholders in bankruptcy, and appropriate one seventh of the United States economy. Don't ponder what's to come. For God's sake, don't even think about it!

You've hired lobbyists and contributed, as they advised you, to Democrat politicians, and spoke nary a word against "Card-check" or "The Fairness doctrine," much less the phony trillion dollar "Stimulus Package." They told you it wasn't smart to raise your head above the bunker. Many of you even contributed to the Obama campaign, ignoring his stated promise to "redistribute the wealth of America."

So, enjoy the Lakeside Talks; the enchanting walks up Edwards Road to the Club House; nodding with studied nonchalance to your fellow Bohemians with familiar names and faces, often second and third generation Club members; and enjoy the wonderful food and beverages at your camp. What fun! You've earned it, haven't you?

Some of you have garnered lucrative government contracts and grants all year. Often, you paid dearly for them. That was just "part of the game," you knew. Aren't you proud of your accomplishments?

When you arrive this year, you will notice that there is no gauntlet to run at Bohemian Road. Is it because they now consider you irrelevant, or is it that they know they have won.

You have always prided yourselves on being members of an exclusive club that has upheld the genteel values of America's well-bred elite for over a hundred years. Your world has been as secure as your place in it. You have enjoyed the company of presidents and future presidents at The Grove, as well as your fellow leaders of American industry, media, and academe.

This summer, will you contemplate the recent Pravda article that said, "American decent into Marxism is happening with breathtaking speed"? Will you take note that the Justice Department has dropped the charges against the jackbooted Black Panther thugs, wielding weapons, who blocked polling places and intimidated voters in the last election?

Will you ask yourselves whether you and your fellow Bohemians, with all the power and authority that you possess, bear any responsibility for the current events? Will you ask if your world -- liberty and capitalism -- is so fragile that it could be taken away so easily?

It is breath-taking: Your government now owes a record $63.8 Trillion! And the president promised his supporters just a few weeks ago in Los Angeles, "You haven't seen anything yet." As you watch, your government is stealing the fruits of the next two, or three, generation's labor. Will your posterity curse you, Bohemians?

At the Grove this summer, will you ask yourselves what you will -- must ? -- do to reverse America's decent into a state-directed economy??

Or will you pursue your usual course of non-involvement, at least personally, because politics is such a dirty business, beneath your station?

Will you ask yourselves if there will even be a Bohemian Club for your sons and grandsons to join? General Motors, Lehman Brothers, Circuit City, Countrywide, Bear Stearns, and numerous major banks are no more. Why should the Bohemian Club remain? 

Is this "a time for choosing", as your fellow Bohemian, Ronald Reagan, once said? He, the man who ended forty-four years of Cold War, with his grit, patriotism, determination and belief in America.

What say you, Bohemians?
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