Wright is right

I never thought I would say this, but in when I heard the coverage of the most recent interview with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, I thought that the virulently anti-Semitic pastor got some things right. He just got the verb tense wrong. He said, "Ethnic cleansing is going on in Gaza. Ethnic cleansing [by] the Zionist is a sin against humanity."

Ethic cleansing surely is a sin. The Nazis employed this nefarious technique to rid the world street by street, town by town of all the Jews. Surely Gaza and ethnic cleansing belong in the same sentence. However, ethnic cleansing is not going on in Gaza. It went on, and it is over. In August 2005, every single Jew was forcibly removed from his/her home, and today not a single Jewish person can be found in the entire area. It has been converted into a launching pad for rockets to destroy the the very people who had just lived there.

It appears that this policy of ethnic cleansing of Jews is part of President Obama's Middle East strategy, which demands a complete freeze of "settlements" and a complete halt to any Jewish population growth in those areas.  The U.S. insists that it is necessary for all lands that may one day fall under Palestinian jurisdiction be Judenrein? (German: clean of Jews and a central step towards the Nazi policy of eliminating all Jews area by area.)

The President would never propose limiting Muslim growth or suggest that as part of final status negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, all Jews move out of Palestinian territory and all Muslims move out of Jewish Israel? Palestinians and Israelis may one day discuss borders.  A settlement freeze is not an issue of sovereignty; it is a morally reprehensible demand for ethnic cleansing.

Reverend Wright, who decries ethnic cleansing, must surely agree that Israelis should be given the homes and businesses they were forced to abandon in Gaza. Too bad the President's Jewish handlers won't let the Reverend contact the White House and give some spiritual and ethical advice to the man whom he calls a "son." I am sure that as Obama's moral compass, Wright would tell him it is a moral outrage to demand that Jews stop growing and prepare for the day when they must give up their homes to enemies who continue to seek their destruction. Wright would inspire President Obama to declase that Palestinians must welcome back the Jews to a multi-cultural Gaza where people of all religions are respected.

Isn't that right?

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