When America's Enemies Experience Domestic Unrest

In 1980, following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, a joke circulated in Warsaw:  "What's the difference between Afghanistan and Poland?  Answer:  Afghanistan begins with an "A" and Poland with a "P".  In other words, Poland might be Western and more prosperous but, in the end, it was just as vulnerable as Afghanistan to Soviet coercion.That joke, however, has resonance today.  The summer of 1980 saw the birth of Solidarity, a unique worker's movement within and against the "worker's paradise" of the People's Republic of Poland.  The philosophical and psychological impact of a working class rebellion was tremendous; it was in fact fundamental to the subsequent demise of the Soviet Union.Now, in Tehran, protesters are shouting "God is Great!" instead of "Death to America!"  The latter slogan has been for over a generation the standard response of crowds.  As Amir Taheri points out in The...(Read Full Article)