Our First Female President?

In the same sense that Toni Morrison claimed Bill Clinton was our first black president, Barack Obama could be thought of as another groundbreaker: our first female president. He displays every trope of femininity more than any female "who could ever be elected in our children's lifetime" (to borrow Morrison's phrase about Clinton).

Obama's feminine side may have developed in tandem with our cultural shift from an industrial to a knowledge economy as suggested by BizzyWomen.com :

"Men are less suited than women to the knowledge economy, which rewards supposedly female traits such as sensitivity, intuition, and a willingness to collaborate," reports Peter Coy in Business Week. "Men have tended to do better in the hierarchies, following orders and relying on positional power."

Obama is filled with sensitivity (one might even say, empathy), he would rather talk than fight, is highly (yet selectively) compassionate and to top it all off, he has a finely tuned sense of fashion.  B.O. attempts to collaborate with Europeans, South Americans, Muslims and nearly everyone except the citizens of red state America.  Oh, and his position onMs cover abortion and women's rights is nearly identical to that of the Choicers at NARAL and NOWMs. Magazine felt so simpatico with B.O. that he was featured on their special Inaugural issue cover, ripping open his shirt to expose his "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" T-shirt.   While the cover was somewhat controversial for the magazine, the editor pointed out that (Obama) purportedly told them: "I am a feminist." According to Ms., Obama "ran on the strongest platform for women's rights of any major party in American history." 

In addition, Obama has surrounded himself with women in most important security and foreign policy positions in his administration.  While some might choose to describe BO as our first metrosexual President, the clincher is that, consistent with all outward appearances, the Obama administration fights like a girl.

The Axis of Evil has certainly picked up on this.  Not a week goes by without Kim Jong-Il or Iran's Ahmadinejad or  some other pipsqueak tin-pot wannabe figuratively bitch-slapping   the POTUS.  Every week another news story features another fascist thug playing the role of Moe from the Three Stooges to Obama's Shemp .

Last week Little Kim East and the Mighty Mahmoud were like tag-team midget wrestlers ganging up on the sputtering Obie One.  First Korea's Crackpot in Chief set off a nuclear   fireworks display smack dab in the middle of our Memorial Day Weekend.  Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad  continued demanding apologies from Obama for imagined American offenses against the Iranians while announcing that the Persian nuclear program is a fait accompli. Yesterday in Cairo, Obama compliantly apologized to Iran for thew ovcerthrow of Mossadegh. Then the 12th-Imam-stepper challenged Obama to a debate at the U.N.  Inquiring minds want to know:  would a  teleprompter be allowed at the debate?

Down South, Raul and Fidel Castro played their own brand of good cop/bad cop   on our Dear Sensitive Leader, while their fellow Latin-American banana-republicans took turns exhorting President BO to join the Great Marxist Books Club and channeling Dennis Miller's rants of yore with mucho hammering of America. 

Obama's response to all the extra-curricular Axis of Evil activity and Gringo-Go-Homerism?  "Just words".  With the arsenal of the world's sole remaining superpower  available to him, Obama sounds more like the U.N. Secretary General scrambling for the best euphemism to downplay each situation than a serious statesman with the greatest military and economic might on the planet to back him up. No matter what other qualities our belligerent enemies might have, they are definitely men of action.  And regardless of our neophyte President's desire to chat and make friends, the leaders of North Korea, Syria, Iran and Cuba remain our enemies.  No matter how many "stern warnings" and U.N. resolutions you can cook up with the gals down at the U.N. coffee klatch, these busy thugs will keep upping the ante precisely until action is taken against them.

Unfortunately, any meaningful action by this administration is highly unlikely, as Obama understands that many Democratic and independent voters, especially women, were eager to move from hard-power locker-room tactics to a soft-power sewing circle approach. Less towel-snapping and more towel color coordinating, less steroids and more sensitivity. 

Maureen Dowd was nearly giddy here as she noticed that, in a debate with Hillary Clinton:

Obama tapped into his inner chick and turned the other cheek. (Ibid)

Don't hold your breath waiting for our Apologist-in-Chief to do anything more than talk nice and try to make friends with the dark forces on our planet that wish us only harm.

I'm just grateful that Obama had the good sense to bow to the Saudi King   at the G20 summit in London. At least he didn't curtsey.

Ralph Alter blogs at Right on Target 
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