Journalists who don't kiss Obama's feet

The London newsies of Fleet Street have no respect -- for very much at all, including the Queen, PM Gordon Brown or -- shock! -- not even for His Utterliness Barack Hussein Obama, He Who Must Not Be Laughed At. This lèse majesté will no doubt upset the ranks of the American media, which has transformed the fine art of butt-kissing into a veritable mob frenzy at any appearance of the One.

The White House press corps is now completely supine, utterly shameless in its groveling cowardice. Stalin himself couldn't have wished for a more slobbering press corps. Rather than mailing them nice little Lipton tea bags, millions of sane Americans might consider sending air sickness bags to our Reigning Media. 

But not, thank haven, across the broad Atlantic. There free speech and even laughter are still alive, among the well-lubricated scribblers of Fleet Street. The journos of Britain show little respect for American Presidents regardless of race, creed or color. They laugh hysterically at all of them. Not that it takes much imagination.

The Telegraph has done the awesome, and called Michelle's wardrobe "frumpy." 

Gerald Warner pitches in by announcing "Barack Obama: all the bad guys are giving President Pantywaist the finger" which says it all, really. 

And "Barack Obama and the CIA: why does President Pantywaist hate America so badly?"

And how about "Barack Obama preaches the gospel of abortion at Notre Shame" 

Now admittedly these are Telegraph blog entries, the modern equivalent to a pub conversation over a beer. But it shows healthy skepticism, and the WaPo and NYT would rather foul their nice clean undies than get the White House Press Office upset with them. Robert Gibbs, warned to the press to "be very careful" in how they talk about the latest affirmative action nomination to the Supremes. Translation: We will lynch you as a racist if you dare to criticize. How's that for unblushing Stalinism?

Of course the Telegraph's Christopher Brooker, the Last Sane Man on earth, is conducting a vigorous campaign against global frauding and all its little sister frauds. Daniel Hannan manfully hold his finger in the dike against the rising waters of the EU, which will drown  Britain decades before global warming kills just one UN warmeaucrat.

George W. Bush was unanimously howled at by the mad-dog media of the world, led by the New York Times, but joined by Der Spiegel, Al Jazeera and the Guardian. No Bush-hating smear was bad enough to satisfy the Left and its brotherly Islamofascist allies. The New York Times routinely tortured conservatives with its daily mendacities. Al Jazeera, which is fielded by the desert billionaires of Qatar, professed to be shocked by the scandalous videos of Al Qaida killers being forced to watch nubile female prison guards parading in the nude at Abu Ghraib, or subjecting three of the biggest throat-slitters to water dripping down their noses --- with a medical doctor and a lawyer in attendance to protect their legal rights.

A few weeks ago in Abu Dhabi a sheikh of the Royal House showed how desert Arabs do it, by flaying the skin off an Afghan acquaintance who had incurred his displeasure, and then repeatedly driving his car over his prone body. Unfortunately he was videotaped doing it, and the video went viral on the web, a source of some embarrassment to his tribal brethren. After watching the video the government of Abu Dabi promised an official investigation. We continue to await any results with bated breath.

The American media were appalled, m'dear, just appalled by the barbarism of the Bush CIA -- except for Nancy Pelosi, who did not, I repeat not, know anything about waterboarding from 2002 onward, seven years when Democrats were shamelessly demagoguing the War on Terror. Ms. Pelosi just fled to China to avoid being asked any questions about waterboarding. The media has kissed the floor in its usual fashion by stopping any more questions to Nancy. Can't ask her about waterboarding on her trip to China, right? Wouldn't be polite. And we know how much they care about good manners.

For our Media Class such things as torture are only permitted in sado-masochistic sex play, as practiced every night in Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco --  the kind of stuff that just got a WABC TV newsman in New York City killed by a teenage sex partner. Apparently our Ruling Media know a lot about such things, but only when it is done among consenting adults. At least in Britain the Telegraph and the Sunday Times have kept an iron grip on their teetering sanity.  Even since the Incarnation of the One.

With the American newspaper industry imploding, maybe it's time to outsource the news to a free country?